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  • Do you ever watching birds swooping around your car on the highway and think those things are daredevils.

  • Look! They are playing with us.

  • Definitely not doing that though, they are freaking out because they almost died.

  • Hey everyone, thanks for watching Dnews today.

  • I am Trace.

  • As my old buddy Anthony used to say, "Birds are weird."

  • There's nothing worse than sitting in your house and hearing the smack of the bird hitting the window.

  • Last time it happened to me, there was a moment of fear, then a realization of what really happened, and then sadness and pity for the poor little robin that hit the window.

  • There's a lot of feels here.

  • Now I've recovered though, I am kind of angry.

  • Cause, what's up bird? Can't you figure this out?

  • Real talk: Nah, they actually can't figure this out.

  • Each year, as many as 340 million birds smash into cars, and over 10,000 hit airplanes in 2013 alone.

  • Building windows claims another 100 million every year.

  • There's two things afoot here.

  • Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology says scientists believe birds hit windows because they think it's a hole in the building.

  • Birds, like many animals, can't really understand reflections.

  • so when they see trees and sky reflected in a window on a house, they believe it to be a tunnel through which they can see the other side.

  • Birds, especially those attempting to escape from predators, will fly into the glass trying to get to safety.

  • In fact, most animals can't recognize themselves in a mirror.

  • The only known species to be able to do so are humans and some great apes, and perhaps dolphins, elephants and magpies.

  • Cause there's no coincidence that these are also some of the most intelligent species around.

  • When an animal like a cat sees a reflection, they don't smell another animal, so they know somethings up.

  • But reflection in general are pretty confounding for most creatures.

  • For birds though, cars and airplanes are a whole other problem.

  • But the problem is more than just the birds being in the wrong place at the wrong time

  • Birds fly fast, but they're kind of slow in the head.

  • Based on a comprehensive analysis published last year in the Journal of Wildlife Management

  • it appears that the speed of our transportation network is what claims the lives of millions of birds every year.

  • A study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B found that animal-vehicle collisions occur as vehicle speeds increase because of the way birds look for predators and other threats.

  • Note that they only used the brown-headed cowbird.

  • But they found that as the birds flew toward a video of an oncoming car, it initiated escape behavior at a specific distance from the threat.

  • They figured bird brains are calculating the distance to the threat and not necessarily the time before they impact it.

  • Thus, when the car speed increased, the birds couldn't get out of the way.

  • When speed were low, less than 40 miles an hour, birds were mostly fine

  • but once they exceed 74 miles an hour, the birds were pretty much screwed.

  • Thinking about it this way, it's incredible that any bird can dodge an airplane accelerating to 160 or more during the takeoff, like 747 has to.

  • As I mentioned, most birds aren't able to recognize window reflections.

  • In the spring, male birds often swoop in to attack windows because they believe the bird they see in the reflection is encroaching on their breeding grounds.

  • Penn states says this is the most commonly seen in mockingbirds, robins, and cardinals.

  • And usually stops once they find the mate.

  • so if your're annoyed, you should go be that bird's wing man, get it?

  • Have you ever been in a car when the bird hits?

  • Let us know down in the comments, and let us know what you did about it.

  • There are a lot of different ways to handle it, but don't go grabbing the birds. That's usually bad.

  • Make sure you subscribe more Dnews, thanks for watching.

Do you ever watching birds swooping around your car on the highway and think those things are daredevils.


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