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Hi, my name is Jason Cornwell and I’m a User Experience Designer on Gmail.
We’ve been hard at work updating Gmail with a new look
and I’m excited to be able to share with you some of the biggest improvements.
To start with, we’ve completely redesigned the look and feel of Gmail
to make it as clean, simple and intuitive as possible.
Also, the new Gmail automatically adapts to fit in any size window.
If you prefer a specific display density, you can easily set that as well.
Some people use a lot of labels, others chat a lot.
You can now adjust the size of the label and chat areas to suit you.  
Even if you do nothing, Gmail adapts to you.
The new look allows themes to really shine through
and we’ve updated many of them with new high-resolution imagery.
You may want to take a moment to have a look at one of the many new high definition themes.
Conversations in Gmail have been redesigned to improve readability and to feel more like
a real conversation. We’ve also added profile pictures so you can see who said what.
Searching is at the heart of Gmail.
The new search box makes it easy to customise your search and find exactly what you’re looking for.
You can also create a filter from the search box.
We’re excited that we can finally share the new Gmail with you.
We hope you’ll enjoy the new design as much as we do.


Gmailの新しい姿 (Gmail's new look)

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