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  • Picture this, it’s Monday morning, youre at the office, youre settling in for a day at work,

    翻訳: Naoko Fujii 校正: Claire Ghyselen

  • and this guy, that you sort of recognize from down the hall,


  • walks right into your cubicle and he steals your chair!


  • Doesn’t say a word, just rolls away with it.


  • Doesn’t give you any information about why he took your chair out of all the other chairs that around there.

    席につきその日の仕事を 始めようとします

  • Doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you might need your chair to get some work done today.

    すると廊下の先の方にいる 顔見知り程度の男性が

  • You wouldn’t stand for it. You’d make a stand.


  • You’d follow that guy back to his cubicle and you’d sayWhy my chair?”


  • Okay, so now it’s Tuesday morning when youre at the office,


  • and a meeting invitation pops up on your calendar.


  • And it’s from this women that you kind of know from down the hall


  • and the subject line references a project that youve heard a little bit about.

    なぜあなたの椅子なのか 教えてくれません

  • But there’s no agenda.


  • There’s no information about why you were invited to the meeting,

    椅子が必要な事も 見て見ぬふりです

  • and yet you accept the meeting invitation.

    あなたは我慢できないでしょう 文句を言うでしょう

  • And you go.


  • And when this highly unproductive session is over,

    「なんで俺の椅子なんだ?」と 言うでしょう

  • you go back to your desk and you stand at your desk

    OK 火曜日の朝  あなたはオフィスにいます

  • and you sayBoy I wish I had those 2 hours back...

    カレンダーに会議案内が ポップアップします

  • like I wish I had my chair back."


  • Everyday, we allow our coworkers, who are otherwise very, very nice people

    それは廊下の先の方にいる 顔見知り程度の女性からで

  • to steal from us.

    件名は 少し聞いたことがある程度の 企画についてです

  • And I’m talking about something far more valuable than office furniture.


  • I’m talking about time.

    なぜあなたがその会議に 招集されたのかも書かれていません

  • Your time.

    それでもあなたはその案内に応じ 会議に出席します

  • In fact, I believe that we are in the middle of a global epidemic,

    このすこぶる非生産的な セッションが終わり

  • of a terrible new illness, known as MAS,


  • Mindless Accept Syndrome.

    その傍に立ち こう言います

  • The primary symptom of Mindless Accept Syndrome is just accepting a meeting invitation the minute it pops up on your calendar.


  • It’s an involuntary reflex, ding, click, bing, it’s in your calendar. “Gotta go, I’m already late for a meeting


  • Meetings are important, right?


  • And collaboration is the key to success in any enterprise

    毎日 我々は同僚に

  • and a well-run meeting can yield really actionable positive results.


  • But between globalization, and pervasive information technology,


  • the way that we work is really changed dramatically over the last few years.

    そして私は今 オフィス家具よりも遥かに 価値のあるものについてお話ししています

  • And were miserable.

    時間についてです あなたの時間ですよ

  • And were miserable not because the other guy can’t run a good meeting,

    実際 私はこう信じています

  • it’s because of MAS,

    我々は世界規模の 恐ろしく新しい疫病の 只中にいる と

  • our mindless accept syndrome, which is a self-inflicted wound.

    この病気はMASとして知られています (Mindless Accept Syndrome)

  • Actually I have evidence to prove that MAS is a global epidemic.


  • Let me tell you why.


  • A couple years ago, I put a video on YouTube,

    この「無自覚性・出席・症候群」の 主症状は

  • and in the video, I acted out every terrible conference call that youve ever been on.

    カレンダーに会議案内がポップアップすると 単純に出席を承諾してしまうことです

  • It goes on for about 5 minutes and it has all the things we hate about bad meetings.


  • There’s, uhm, there’s the moderator that has no idea how to run the meeting.

    それは不随意的反射です カレンダーがチャラン、 クリック、 チャラン

  • There are the participant who have no idea why theyre there.

    「会議に行かなくちゃ もう遅刻じゃないか」 (笑)

  • The whole thing kind of collapses into this collaborative train wreck,


  • and uh, everyone leaves really angry.

    コラボレーションはどんな企業でも 成功の鍵です

  • It’s kind of funny.

    上手な会議進行は非常にポジティブで 実行可能な結果につながります

  • Let’s take a quick look, just a little .. “Our goal today is to come to an agreement on a very important proposal


  • and as a group, we need to decide ofbloop bloop-


  • Hi, who just joined?”


  • Hi it’s Joe! I’m working from home today!”


  • Hi Joe, thanks for joining, great, I was just saying, we have a lot of people on the call that we’d like to get through,

    我々にとっては悲劇です (笑)

  • So well skip the role call and dive right in.

    悲劇なのは会議をうまく 運営できない人のせいではなく

  • Our goal today is to make an agreement on a very important proposal.

    我々のMAS 「無自覚性・出席・症候群」のせいです

  • As a group, we need to decide ifbloop bloop-


  • Hi, who just joined?

    実際 私はこのMASが世界規模の 疫病であるという証拠を握っています

  • No? I thought I heard a beep.”

    それは何故か お話しさせて下さい

  • Sound familiar? Yes, sounds familiar to me too.

    数年前 私はYouTubeに ある動画を投稿し そのなかで

  • Couple of weeks after I put that online, five hundred thousand people in dozens of countries,

    皆さんがこれまで経験したことのある ひどい電話会議を演じました

  • I mean dozens of countries watched this video.


  • And three years later, it’s still getting thousands of views every month.

    本当にひどい会議において 私たちが嫌う全ての行為を含んでいます

  • It’s close to about a million right now.

    会議の進め方を全く考えていない 司会者や

  • In fact, some of the biggest companies in the world, companies that youve heard of but I won’t name,

    何故自分が招集されたのか 全く知らない参加者がいます

  • uh, have asked for my permission to use this video in their new hire-training

    種々の崩壊がコラボレーションを 散々なものにしてしまいます

  • To teach their new employees how not to run a meeting at their company.


  • And if the numbers there, million views and it’s being used by all these companies isn’t enough proof that we have a global problem with meetings,


  • there are the many, many thousands of comments posted online after the video went up.


  • Thousands of people wrote things likeOMG that was my day today”,


  • That was my day everyday”,

    (動画)  我々の本日の目標は 非常に重要な企画について 合意に達することです

  • This is my life!”

    以下の点につき グループとして意思決定を―

  • One guy wrote, “It’s funny because it’s true.


  • Eerily, sadly, depressingly true.

    もしもし 来たのは誰だ?

  • It made me laugh until I cried,

    ジョーです 今日は在宅勤務です

  • and I cried, and I cried some more.”


  • This poor guy saidMy daily life until retirement or death.

    やあジョー 今日は来てくれてありがとう 素晴らしい

  • Sigh.”

    丁度説明していた最中だ 話を通したい人が大勢電話口にいる

  • These are real quotes and it’s real sad.


  • Common theme running through all of these comments online


  • is this fundamental belief that we are powerless to do anything other than go to meetings

    我々の本日の目標は 非常に重要な企画について 合意に達することです

  • and suffer through these poorly run meetings, and live to meet another day.

    以下の点につき グループとして意思決定を―

  • The truth is were not powerless at all.


  • In fact, the cure for MAS is right here in our hands, it’s right here in our fingertips, literally.


  • Something that I callNo MAS,”


  • which is something if I remember my high school’s Spanish means something likeEnough already make it stop!”

    違う? 着信音が聞こえた気がしたけどな (笑)

  • Here’s how NO MAS works, it’s very simple okay?


  • First of all, the next time you get a meeting invitation that doesn’t have a lot of information in it at all,

    ええ 私にもなじみ深いものです

  • click the tentative button!

    この動画をオンラインに投稿した後 数週間で

  • It’s okay, youre allowed, it’s why it’s there, it’s right next to the accept button,


  • or the maybe button or whatever button is there for you not to accept immediately.


  • Then, get in touch with the person who ask you to, uh, to the meeting,


  • Tell them youre very excited to support their work,

    そして3年後の今でも 毎月数千回 再生されています

  • uh, ask them what the goal of the meeting is.


  • Tell them, you know, youre interested in learning how you can help them achieve their goal.

    実際 世界の大企業のいくつか

  • And if we do this often enough, and we do it respectfully,

    名前は伏せますが あなたもよく聞く会社が

  • people might start to be a little more thoughtful about the way they put together meeting invitations.

    新入社員研修でこの動画を使うための 許可を求めてきます

  • And you can make more thoughtful decisions about accepting it.

    彼らに会社でしてはいけない 会議のやり方を教えるためです

  • People might actually start sending out agendas. Imagine!


  • Or they might not have a conference call with 12 people talking about a status

    再生回数100万回と 大企業で使用というだけでは―

  • when, uh, they could just do a quick email and get it done with.

    会議がグローバルな問題だとする 証拠には不足だと言うなら

  • People just might start to change their behaviour


  • because you changed yours.


  • And they just might bring your chair back too!


  • No MAS!


Picture this, it’s Monday morning, youre at the office, youre settling in for a day at work,

翻訳: Naoko Fujii 校正: Claire Ghyselen


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