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Bonjour mes amis, I want to talk to you today about these fun little treat the Merveilleux
What is that? It's French for the marvelous and as you can see
these little treats are definitely marvelous. We're seeing these in
bakeries in New York and LA
but today I am going to show you how easy it is to make them at home. They are simply
meringue discs that are covered and coated and whipped cream
and the flavor variations are endless. So let's get started
I'm going to show you today how to make very vanilla merveilleux.
First we need to make our meringues, so I lined my cookie sheet with parchment
paper and I'm using a two inch round cutter
to trace circles. Do about 36 of these.
After you traced all your circles, flip the parchment sheet over.
Now you have templates that you'll be able to pipe your meringue onto.
Now lets make the meringues.
Into your mixing bowl put the meringue powder, a quarter cup of water,
and the pinch of salt.
We are going to use a whip attachment for this, if you don't have a KitchenAid mixer
or you have a hand mixer that's okay or stand mixer use a hand mixer with the
with attachment. If you don't have a whip attachment for your hand mixer
you can do this with a lot of elbow grease and a regular whisk.
Now we are going to whip this until it forms soft peaks,
on high speed.
Once your mixture gets to soft peaks begin gradually adding your granulated sugar
and your vanilla extract. Whip it until the mixture forms stiff peaks and
triples in volume. This will take a few minutes and that's ok.
After your mixture triples in volume it will be
quite stiff, you'll have peaks that look just like this. See
it stands right up. I'm going to pipeline meringue discs using a tip 1A,
which is a large round tip
and a disposable decorating. Now you are going to use the circles you've piped as
a guide
to pipe 2 inch discs. You want them to be about a quarter of an inch, between a
1/4 and a 3/8 inch high.
Just going around just like to pipe meringue discs.
Do as many as you can, again some place between 30 and 36
I'm just going to pat down any tips. I'm going bake these in a preheated 250 degree
oven, that's 250 not 350,
for 35 to 40 minutes or until they feel really firm but you don't want them to
actually brown.
After your meringues bake 35 to 40 minutes just cool them completely
on the counter, on a cooling grid of course. Now we're going to make the
vanilla whipped cream
to fill and coat our merveilleux. So into the mixing bowl
pour your heavy whipping cream and add your confectioners' sugar.
We are going to use our whip again for this because we want to be a lot of air into
this whipped cream.
Again you can do this with a hand whip
if you do not have to whip for your stand mixer
or hand mixer. Start out on a lower speed but you are
gradually going to increase it.
Once your whipped cream comes to soft peaks not stiff, we're going to add are
piping gel
and our vanilla for flavor.
We're adding piping gel because it's going to stabilize the whipped cream for
us. What that means is that
the whipped cream won't get runny or return back to its liquid form
because the piping gel is going to continue to make it strong
and stable. So you will be able to store these in your refrigerator for up to 24 hours.
And the vanilla. We're going to put the whip back on
and we're going to whip this on high until the mixture forms stiff peaks.
Coming from soft peaks too stiff peaks with whipped cream really doesn't take
very long at all.
So there you go it's quite stiff and standing straight up and that's exactly
what we want. Now we can fill
and finish our merveilleux. Fill another 16 inch disposable decorating bags
fitted with a tip 1M with the whipped cream that you made.
We're going to cover one-third of our discs with the rosette of
the whipped cream, as you can see I'm gonna do several in a row. I suggest you
do all love the first third and then put one on top.
Turn it over so the flat side is up just like if you were doing
a layer cake. Two layers of a meringue here
and then repeats with us a secondary rosette
on top of each merveilleux.
And then one final layer of meringue again turning it over
so that the flat side as up. After you build
all your merveilleux you are going to want to freeze them for 30 minutes so that they get
nice and firm will be super easy to coat.
When your merveilleux have frozen for 30 minutes they'll be nice and firm and you can
actually just pick them up just like this. The meringues are firm so you can hold
it on either side and I'm using a decorating bag
again the one that I filled with my whipped cream and the 1M tip
to pipe a little bit of my whipped cream and I'm just
very messily spreading it around the sides. You just need to scrape a thin
layer on it doesn't need to be thick
and then we are going to roll it
and are topping of choice. Here I am using
rainbow sprinkles but you can do all kinds of things like
chopped nuts or chopped candy melts, anything you like really the
the options are really endless. If you want do it a different way, a little
bit of a different way, you can just
so you don't have to refill decorating bag so often take the whip cream
right out of the bowl here instead of using it
to pipe up the sides. Either way is fine
and for this one I am going to use some
sliced almonds and just again rolling it to coat the sides.
Then I'm going to take my tip 1M
and my whipped cream to simply finish off the top
with a big rosette of vanilla whipped cream.
As you can see I only took half my merveilleux out of the freezer at one time
and that so they stay nice and hard and easy to ice and work with.
So work in batches that will make it a lot easier for you but that's how easy it is
to make this really impressive treat.
This very vanilla Mervue recipe is available for you at wilton.com
we've also got a triple chocolate merveilleux recipe and look for lots of great new
flavor combinations and ideas of merveilleux
all year long but you can just call it the marvelous.


How to Make The Marvelous Merveilleux

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