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  • In just a few moments, Louis will be predicting tonight's Mark Six Lottery Result for us. We shall see whether his prediction would be the same as the actual lottery result.

  • Actually, back in 2010, Louis has predicted the Hang Seng Closing Index accurately.

  • This trick should be familiar to those of you who watch Master of Play You might have seen a similar trick.

  • As to what is the difference between Louis and Moses Chan?

  • To put it simply, Moses is a handsome guy Louis is an even more handsome guy.

  • That s right. So when you see Louis perform his trick later, he s changed from predicting the Hang Seng Closing Index to the Mark Six Results Would he succeed this time?

  • Welcome to Sun Hung Kai s shopping mall APM tonight.

  • Let me introduce Louis first. He has quite a background.

  • He is the only Hong Kong magician to win and hold championship titles

  • in both the US Abbott Magic Competition and the Hungary's 6th Joker Magic International Stage Magic Competition.

  • He has made a very remarkable achievement in Hong Kong's magic history.

  • In 2010, he was honoured with the Best Stage Performer Merlin Award, known as the Oscar equivalent in the magic industry.

  • In 2011, he has achieved the World's Largest Magic Lesson and broke the Guinness World Record,

  • which was previously held by David Copperfield in 2009.

  • Back to our main question: is Louis handsomer or is Moses Chan? You can make up your mind later when he shows up in person.

  • May I ask how many of you here have bought a Mark Six ticket tonight? Let s see a show of hands. you are very quick. How many did you buy? Many.

  • let's see if you are better at this or if Louis is better at guessing the numbers

  • Everyone, it s time to give Louis a big round of applause and welcome him onto the stage. Louis! Thank you Louis.

  • Hello everyone. I am magician Louis Yan. I believe everyone is very anxious and excited right now. Just like me.

  • In 2010, I have done a very special magic trick. I predicted the Hang Seng Closing Index.

  • I was successful.

  • Today will be an even bigger challenge for me. Today, 21st June 2012, at the same location, which is APM, at 9:30pm,

  • I will be predicting the 71st Mark Six Lottery Results. The Result show has just begun.

  • Before I begin, I will explain what is going to happen. As you can see all the props and items on stage,

  • they were placed here in their positions at 8:30pm tonight.

  • Everyone here at APM can be my witness.

  • The TV will be broadcasting the Mark Six results live.

  • Here s a transparent box. There s a silver tube inside. This tube contains the answer that all Hong Kong people want to know.

  • That s right. The Mark Six numbers are placed here at 8:30pm.

  • You can't see the number right now because this is the back. My predictions are printed on the front.

  • To make sure the whole thing is fair, I have invited Mr. Gerald Ng of ONC Lawyers today as my guest and witness.

  • Gerald, could you please sign on the sealed side? Could you please sign here? Thank you,

  • So now I won t be able to exchange my 7 predicted numbers inside the tube.

  • This transparent box would make the tube even safer. I won't have any chance to change the tube later.

  • Everyone can see clearly the signature here. The Mark Six Lottery Results should be announced about now.

  • During my practice within these 6 months, I have correctly predicted 4 numbers most of the time.

  • I hope I could do better tonight. so turn to the live drawing of the Mark Six numbers now.

  • The first drawn number is 35.

  • The second drawn number is 2.

  • The third drawn number is 8.

  • The fourth drawn number is 5.

  • A lot of people have asked me Louis, how come we need to wait for the results before you can show us your predictions during a trick?

  • Can you show us your predictions before the results?

  • Today I will take up this challenge

  • As they are drawing the 6th number,

  • I can tell you

  • My predicted Special number today is 28.

  • As I have said, I am not predicting only one number today.

  • The other 6 numbers in ascending order are 2, 5, 8, 13, 17,

  • and the last one is 35.

  • I have got them all correctly, right?

  • Thank you you all!

  • Thank you. So you do not need to look at the JP but the lawyer when you watch Mark Six next time.

  • please take some pictures first.

  • I have to make a complaint to the organizer. I should have peeped at the numbers before 8:30pm, so I don t need to do this show tonight.

  • Thank you Louis!Give him a round of applause for giving us such a brilliant and successful show and achieving such a groundbreaking performance. Thank you again!

In just a few moments, Louis will be predicting tonight's Mark Six Lottery Result for us. We shall see whether his prediction would be the same as the actual lottery result.


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