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  • [indistinct chatter]

  • What's the noise?

  • [laughter subsides]

  • It's mistress boleyn, your grace.

  • Her stories of life at the french court.

  • Henry: I'm aware of one boleyn girl.

  • But she's lying-in with a certain child in her belly.

  • Well, boleyn girl,

  • Show your face.

  • What's so amusing?

  • I was merely offering my thoughts

  • On the new french king.

  • Who has such great power,

  • Yet such meager authority as a man.

  • Continue.

  • His pettiness is astounding.

  • He will bear a mortal grudge over the mildest of slights.

  • Spoiled cub with a spike in its paw.

  • Riven with resentment.

  • Unable to forgive or forget.

  • A great king,

  • A great man,

  • Rises above such things.

  • And what would you know of great men?

  • I've read enough books and heard enough talk

  • To believe I'd know one

  • If he were before me.

  • Then look about you.

  • I'm curious.

  • Do you see one here?

  • Looking, my lord.

  • Still looking, my lord.

  • Ah.

  • There. Found one.

  • [crowd murmuring]

  • Henry: So forgiveness, you say,

  • Makes a man great.

  • What else?

  • Generosity.

  • Humility.

  • The ability to recognize his match in others

  • And not be threatened by it.

  • His match in other men? Women too.

  • You believe that?

  • That women can be the match of men?

  • It's a question women have asked themselves for some time.

  • But we concede men do have some value.

  • So we accept them as equal.

  • [light laughter]

  • I find you much changed, mistress anne.

  • Then my prayers have been answered.

  • Welcome back at court.

  • My lord.

  • What?

[indistinct chatter]


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もうひとりのボーリン・ガール (4/11) Movie CLIP - 偉い人を探して (2008) HD (The Other Boleyn Girl (4/11) Movie CLIP - Looking for a Great Man (2008) HD)

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