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  • Word.

  • I'm kinda worried that you want to get past these basics and into the meat of it all.

  • Hehe. literally the meat. But before you jump ahead to muscles, just hang on, relax your

  • basic sphincters, and take a little time to learn some terms. You'll be glad later. Your

  • sphincters will be fine, and when we get to muscles, they'll be easy and fun.

  • Let's begin by making sure we understand the words. You'll get lost if you don't know them.

  • At first, you may have to think for a moment to remember which means front and which means

  • back, but when you can do it this fast, you have it forever. If you need a quick reminder,

  • I've created a list of anatomy terms at

  • If you know the language of anatomy, you'll be able to figure out those long latin names,

  • and you won't have to say "What the heck is Stan talking about?"

  • Terms of Location

  • Anterior describes something that is toward the front of the body. Alternatively, posterior

  • describes something that is toward the back of the body. It also refers to the back of

  • the hand, and top of the foot. Medial is something located toward the middle of the body or away

  • from the side. The opposite is Lateral. Something that is toward the side of the body or away

  • from the middle. Superior is toward the top or above. And Inferior is toward the bottom,

  • below. Distal refers mainly to the limbs and describes something away from the center of

  • the body. Alternatively, Proximal is something closer to the center of the body. When I say

  • that something is deep, I mean that it is not visible on the surface. It's covered with

  • other volumes. However, superficial means it is visible on the surface. And similarly,

  • subcutaneous means just below the skin. Like the bony landmarks. Thanks Skelly!

  • For the full video on the Language of Anatomy, head on over to The premium

  • version shows an explanation of more terms and has a downloadable PDF that you can print

  • out.



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解剖学の言語 (The Language of Anatomy)

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