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  • Do you want to know how to talk to girls? Or how about the best way to talk to girls


  • so they actually want to continue talking to you? Well today, I'm going to show you the best five strategies so you can have girls hanging on your every word. Stay tuned.


  • Hey,Tripp here from teaching you how to get the girl while still being your genuine self

  • and today we're talking about how to talk to girls. Is it hard for you to talk to girls?


  • Are you not sure how to really do it or what to say to be interesting?


  • Talking to a girl and actually getting her interested in what you have to say is one of the most crucial elements of attraction and getting your next date.


  • You need to know exactly what to say to her so you can get her to like you.


  • Step one is presence. The second you start talking to her, you have to be present, in the moment.


  • Don't think about what's going on inside your head or else you're going to lose the ability to continue talking to her.


  • Instead, listen to her so you'll know exactly what to say next in the flow of conversation.


  • Remaining present will help you push the conversation along as well as keep the anxiety levels down


  • and it's going to help you portray way more confidence. So for you, it's a win-win.

    自信を持って描けるようになるわあなたにとっては 双方にとってメリットがあります

  • Step two, know a little bit about everything. The more involved you are in day-to-day activities

    ステップ2 何事も少しずつ知っていこう日々の活動に関わることが多いほど

  • and the more knowledge you have, it's going to give you so much more to talk about.


  • Some of the most amazing conversation I've ever had was talking to the same person for hours about anything.


  • You connect easier and you appear way more interesting than the next guy who has nothing to say.


  • Step number three, be unpredictable. Every guy is talking about the same stuff with girls, boring stuff.

    ステップ3 予測不能になること男はみんな女の子と同じ話をする 退屈な話をする

  • "What do you do? Where are you from? What do you do?


  • Where are you from? Blah blah blah." Instead, try to be more creative.


  • Talk about subjects that don't usually come up from conversation,


  • like a fun story from your past or why Fiji is the best vacation spot you can ever go to


  • or why Snickers is the number one candy bar of all time. Yeah, I've got a million of these.


  • Step four, body language. Ninety-three percent of all communication is nonverbal, which means it's done through body language.

    ステップ4 ボディランゲージコミュニケーションの93%は 非言語的なものだ つまりボディランゲージで行われる

  • When you're talking to a girl, you're going to be more connected to her,


  • and she's going to be more interested in you when you know how to physically present yourself.


  • The biggest tip I can ever give you is to hold strong eye contact during every conversation that you ever have with a girl.


  • When you're talking, focus looking into her eyes so she can connect with every word that comes out of your mouth.


  • Last, number five, qualify. Is this girl qualified to be your next date?


  • Is she qualified to be your girlfriend? Does she meet the standards of the type of woman that you want?


  • This is the stuff you have to find out. A lot of guys forget this.


  • You should be talking to girls with the intention of getting to know them better, to see if they're good enough for you.


  • You are awesome and she should be too.


  • So what you want to do is to ask her the type of questions that you want to know about her to see if she's quality enough for you.


  • Now if you really want to master the skills of talking to girls,


  • then I have a free gift for you. It's the 10-minute Magnetic Conversation course and I want to send it to you absolutely free.


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  • It's going to teach you not only how to keep a conversation going,


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  • what to say to start a conversation and how to get her interested and attracted to you within 10 minutes.


  • So go ahead, click the link in the description box below or click the box right here


  • and I'll send it to you instantly. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video.


Do you want to know how to talk to girls? Or how about the best way to talk to girls



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