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The term memory play was coined to describe this work.
I thought perhaps you wish for a gentleman call.
What did you say that?
Welcome to watchmojo.com and in this installment of mojo notes
We’ll be exploring 10 things you should know about Tennesse Williams -- the glass menagerie.
Oh. I can tell you. Things that would make you sleep. My enemy are planning to dynamite this place.
Number 10, about the author.
Born in 1911 in Columbus, Mississippi, Tennessee Williams published his first short story at 17
After university, he took up multiple jobs while honing his skills as a playwright
He found the most success with “The Glass Menagerie” and “A Streetcar Named Desire.”
Though he continued to write, health and personal problems eventually led to his death in 1983.
Number 9, influences and inspirations.
Williams’ short story entitled “Portrait of a Girl in Glass”
and screenplay called “The Gentleman Caller” serve as the two main sources of inspiration for “The Glass Menagerie
Williams’ own life also loosely shapes this four-character memory play
For instance, the character of Tom is similar to Williams while Tom’s sister Laura was likely inspired by the writer’s real-life sister Rose.
Speak Tom. She wants me to tear it down and not speaking.
You just say you’re sorry and start speaking. You’re not speaking.
Her not speaking. Is that such a tragedy?
Number 8, settings and era.
As the play’s narrator, it’s Tom Wingfield who recounts his time with his family during 1937.
The idea of getting a gentle man caller for my sister Laura began to play a more and more important part in my mother’s calculations.
While he’s telling the tale from a future point in time, the main action is based around his memories while living in an apartment in St. Louis.
Number 7, plot.
Well, I remember suggesting it would be nice to your sister if you brought home some nice young man from the warehouse.
Narrated by Tom, who is also the play’s protagonist, “The Glass Menagerie” takes us back to when he worked at a shoe warehouse to support his mother Amanda and his sister Laura
Because Laura has a limp and is extremely shy limp, Amanda worries she won’t get married.
What should I wish for, mother? Happiness.
Tom brings a colleague named Jim to meet his sister, but things don’t work out.
I’ve always treasure the souvenir.
Since he was already unhappy with his life and then is blamed for the situation with Laura and Jim, Tom ultimately leaves his family.
Didn’t you tell me that he was your best friend in the warehouse?
He is. but how did I know?
Number 6, Tom Wingfield.
Tom’s father left many years ago, so Tom feels forced to help his mother and sister
But his job at the shoe warehouse is boring and unfulfilling
he’d rather be a writer.
You think I would get crazy about the warehouse? You think I’m in love with the continental shoemakers?
You think I want to spend 55 years of my life down there in that sell Texan?
In order to escape from this dull existence, he goes out at night
Where have you been all these time? I’ve been to a movie.
Though his unhappiness later causes him to leave his family, Tom still expresses affection for his sister.
Number 5, Amanda Wingfield.
Amanda is a single mother trying to take care of her children following the departure of her husband several years ago
You know I’ve put up a solitary battle all these years. But you were my right hand power. Now, don’t fail me. Don’t fall down.
She is infatuated with the past, and especially her time as a Southern Belle, because she is unhappy with the present
But she’s very much concerned with the future, specifically that of her children: pushing Tom to be more responsible limp and desiring a husband for Laura.
What a waste for a moon. Success and happiness from the precious children. That’s what I wish for.
Number 4, Laura Wingfield and Jim O’Connor.
Though she’s the older sibling, Laura Wingfield is a fragile person with a limp
Laura, you are ill.
Instead of dealing with reality, she prefers to retreat into her own world with her glass figurines at the center.
She’s as rare and unusual as a blue rose or a unicorn and as delicate as her figurines.
If you weep, it breaks.
Her unselfish personality is in stark contrast with the rest of her family.
She’s also the character around which the plot turns. Because her mother wants a man to support her,
Laura’s eventually introduced to her brother’s colleague. How do you do?
Jim turns out to be a former high school crush and the only person who’s able to really understand and connect with Laura.
Well…I judge you to be an old-fashion type of girl. I think that’s pretty good type to be. No, I hope you don’t think I’m being too personal.
However, his engagement to another woman prevents their relationship from progressing any further.
I thought I have to explain the situation in case you misunderstood. And I hurt your feelings.
Number 3, values and themes.
The main theme of “The Glass Menagerie” explores how strongly memories and living in the past can affect people.
The play also deals with what it’s like to feel trapped, as demonstrated by Tom’s unhappiness with his job and living with his family
Why do you go to the movie all the time? I go to the movies, mother, because I like adventure. Oh, you’ll find the adventure in that career.
And the adventure is something you don’t get of my job in a warehouse.
Yet at the same time, he feels a duty to his family
Other themes dealt with in the play include the effects of denial, the pursuit of dreams and the roles of gender.
Number 2, Modern popularity.
After finding fans in several critics during its initial Chicago run in 1944
“The Glass Menagerie” helped Williams earn his first taste of success and paved the way for more success with “A Streetcar Named Desire.”
The play also spawned multiple stage performances and inspired several parodies.
You walk with your seventeen settlement colors.
Number 1, adaptations.
Though there have been radio productions of the play, the more known adaptations are its onscreen versions.
These include the 1950 film with Kirk Douglas and the 1987 Paul Newman-directed flick
But the best-received version is the Emmywinning 1973 TV movie with Katharine Hepburn and Sam Waterson.
Maybe she’s the type people call home girl.
There’s no such type and if there is, it’s a pity.
Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite piece of “The Glass Menagerie” trivia?
You know, it doesn’t take much intelligence to get yourself in the one nail up box.
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I wish you happiness and good fortune.


Top 10 Notes: The Glass Menagerie

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