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[theme music]
[laughing creepily]
-Dental floss, Master.
-Renfield, ugh.
Go to your hole!
-Thank you, Master.
An early night.
-Is that a toffee in your mouth?
-It's, it's a very, very chewy cockroach.
-How dare you bring confectionery into this house?
What if my precious son Vlad should find them?
-It was your precious son who I stole
them from in the first place.
He's got a, he's got a whole stash in his bedroom.
-Oh he has, has he?
All right.
-Robin and I are going to have so much fun.
-The point I was trying to make is that a sleepover isn't
the most sensible idea you've ever had, Vlad.
What about your father?
-Look, I know Dad may be an evil, bloodsucking vampire,
but he's actually pretty chilled out these days.
All right, hand over the sugar.
What sugar?
-Come on, a few sweets won't hurt.
-Won't hurt?
You're a vampire.
How do you expect to bite people if you
don't have strong and healthy teeth?
-Dad, I don't want to bite people.
-Well, you will one day.
Now hand over the sweets, or I'll
book you in for a checkup with Renfield.
Sorry, dad.
What was I thinking?
I'll never eat sweets again.
I promise.
That was a narrow escape.
-Why are you smiling?
You've lost all your sweets.
-You don't grow up living with the Prince of Darkness
without picking up the old trick or two.
He set fire to my pajamas.
-I'm not sure it's wise to eat quite
so many sweets, Master Vlad.
-Not you as well, Zoltan.
My teeth are fine.
[cracking sound]
-Oh, Master Vlad.
A little toothache, eh?
We'll soon have that sorted.
Open wide.
-It's all right.
You were having a nightmare.
-What do you want?
-Your father told me to fix the door.
But I could fix you as well, if you'd like.
[zoltan growls]
-Get on, up you go.
You'll be late.
-Graham, what's happened?
-Dad, you're so gullible.
It's just my new home makeup kit.
-Robin, I thought there had been a murder or something.
-Oh, don't worry.
That could still be arranged.
-Is everything all right, Vlad?
Morning, Ingrid.
Happy birthday.
-I'm a Dracula.
I'm far too evil for birthdays.
-So you might want this card from your mother, then.
You garlic muncher.
-Language, Ingrid.
-That was cruel, even for you.
-Oh yes, I've still got it.
-It's not funny.
I need to find out what's wrong with my teeth,
preferably before our sleepover.
-Well, this book of yours isn't helping.
That is, it wouldn't be anything to do with the change,
would it?
-The change happens at the age of 16.
I've got three whole years until I start growing fangs.
-Growing fangs?
What does it say?
-Nothing important.
-When a young vampire complains of dental discomfort,
he may be about to embark on the change.
-Robin, this occurs at the age of 16.
-But can happen several years earlier.
-Do you know what this means?
I'm turning into a vampire.
[music playing]
-Gotcha, you Transylvanian vermin!
-Congratulations, Jon-o.
You're now a grade one vampire slayer.
-Yeah, yeah.
Whatever, Dad.
So when are we going camping?
You promised to take me once I got my grade one.
-Did I?
-All right.
Well, this weekend, I suppose.
[bell rings]
-Come on, let's get this all cleared away.
-For the last time, I am not a dork or an orc or a wok.
-Chill out, it's just makeup.
-Yeah, I knew that.
Just humoring you.
Quieten down!
Before there's a class detention.
And Branagh, wash that muck off your face.
-I can't believe you did that.
-Come on, it was funny.
-Stupid as well, with Van Helsing around.
-Look, maybe you should talk to your dad about your teeth.
-And tell him I'm going through the change?
Are you crazy?
-Won't he be pleased?
He'll throw a party.
Can I come?
-No. There's not going to be a party.
-How did you know?
-Where's Ingrid?
-Oh, you're having a birthday party for Ingrid.
-Well, I know she's only a pointless female, but-- oh
Ingrid, darling, happy birthday!
Really, this is all for me?
-And you thought we'd forgotten.
-Renfield's been out shopping all week.
-Oh, Dad.
It's perfect.
This is the best birthday ever.
I can't believe it.
All right, what's going on?
-Nothing's going on, my precious.
We just want you to look your best for your husband.
-I don't have a husband.
-You do now.
Renfield, introduce Adrianus.
-Unfortunately, Adrianus could not be with us today.
So he recorded this special message.
-Hello, Ingrid.
Let me introduce you to my goats.
-We're not going.
-What do you mean, we're not going?
I passed my grade one Vampire Slayer exam.
-Yeah, and then you failed it when
you made a big ninny of yourself in class.
-Well, all right.
I'll do the test again.
I mean, it wasn't exactly hard, was it?
-Oh, I see.
So grade one is too easy.
Well, let's see how you cope with grade three.
-Ooh, grade three.
-Yeah, that's right, Jon-o.
In at the deep end.
Let's see if you've got what it takes to be a real slayer.
-Sir Voz, Fluffy, and Iris, our goats.
And this is the coffin we will one day share, along
with the rest of my family, of course.
Yes, life is hard here in Transsiberia
But we know good fortune has finally come our way now
that the beautiful daughter of Count Dracula
has agreed to be my wife.
-This had better be a joke.
-I knew you'd be pleased.
-I'll pack your bags.
-This is all your fault!
-What did I do?
-You wore born.
-Look, you're not the only one with the problems.
-Ready, Jon-o?
Your first challenge.
Come on, Jon-o.
-I'm not eating worms.
-Don't be such a big girl's blouse.
-That-- this is spaghetti.
-Got you.
But you passed, well done, son.
-Does that mean we get to go camping now?
-Don't be ridiculous.
They don't give a grade three away just like that.
One challenge gone, two more to go.
-So you'll fly over tomorrow to collect her?
Splendid, splendid.
INGRID: Open up, or I'll put garlic in your slippers.
-Ingrid-- oh yes, she's very excited.
Ingrid, I'm try to talk to your husband.
-He's not my husband.
-No, but he will be.
-You just want to get rid of me!
-Of course I do.
Then it will just be me and Vladdie, forever.
-Well, I don't need Adrianus.
I've already got a boyfriend.
-Well, why the flaming torches didn't you tell me, silly girl?
I must meet him immediately.
-Well, there's always been a bit of chemistry.
But it's official-- I'm Ingrid's boyfriend.
-Pretend boyfriend, Robin, and for one night only.
-Aren't you forgetting something, Robin?
Our sleepover?
-Well, the thing is-- Ingrid is very pretty.
-But you're supposed to be my friend.
-Vlad, don't be so selfish.
If I can't prove I've got a boyfriend,
Dad's going to send me off to Transsiberia.
-Oh dear.
Send us a postcard when you get there.
-Do what you have to, Robin.
I've got plenty of other friends.
Chloe, do you want to come to my sleepover?
-Yeah, I'd love to.
-You're aware of Vlad's little fang issues, are you?
-I'm sure it's just a bit of toothache, that's all.
-Since when were vampires your specialist subject?
Still, if you know you're doing--
-Ignore her, Vlad.
You're not going to bite me.
-Hope not.
I wouldn't want to miss that.
-Challenge two, the test of nerve and bravery.
Can you retrieve all three bulbs of garlic
without being bitten by this six-foot python?
-Oh, I'm so scared.
-Well, you should be.
-Yeah, right.
What have you got in there?
A big bit of rope?
-Jon-o, steady.
You'll aggravate Monty.
-One bulb.
Two bulbs.
Three bulbs.
-That's a load, Jon-o.
That was-- wow, well done.
-Yeah, that is really a snake in that box.
Dad, I could have been dead.
-What do you think the gloves were for?
-Father, this is my boyfriend, Yuri.
-So, this is the impudent upstart
that wants to steal my daughter away from me.
-Who, me?
I wouldn't dream of it.
-Well, then, why are you wasting my time?
-Take no notice of it.
Yuri is completely devoted to me, Father.
-Well, let's see whether he is quite so devoted when he's
forced to endure ordeal by sunlight.
-Make it stop.
-Only if you give up my daughter.
I'd rather shrivel in the dust than renounce
my love for Ingrid.
-It's not even smoking.
Quite the tough cookie, Renfield.
-Yes, Master.
-Fetch the nun's breath.
-The nun's breath?
-Now for your third and final challenge--
a bloodsucking vampire is loose in the school.
Your mission, should you to choose to accept it,
is to hunt him down and slay him dead.
-Bring it on.
-So even the ordeal by feather duster cannot crush him.
Congratulations, you may kiss your prize.
I will quietly announce the good news.
-Oh, yes.
-Dad, where are you?
I'm bored of this now.
There has to be another way to spend a Friday night.
-No, no.
I'm afraid she already has a boyfriend.
Yes, I know. It's unbelievable, isn't it?
-You know, I think your dad really likes me, Ingrid.
-What are you still doing here?
-Well, your dad asked me to stay for dinner.
Reckon I'll be moving in before long.
-Listen, you mongol.
Here's the plan.
Tomorrow morning, I get an urgent call saying that you've
been slain by an angry peasant mob.
-What, you're killing me off?
-Yeah, Dad'll be gutted, and I'll be in mourning for years.
-What about us?
-There is no us.
I wouldn't suck your neck if you were
the last breather on Earth.
Now get out before I vomit on you.
-I love it when you growl like that.
-Oh dear, you just killed a dinner lady.
Shame, I was looking forward to going camping.
-But Dad, you promised!
-You lost, Jon-o.
You'll never be a vampire slayer.
-Good, I don't want to be a stupid vampire slayer.
I just want to go camping.
-Oh, just go to sleep.
You're not going to bite me.
'Night, Chloe.
I know you're here somewhere.
Come on.
Talk to me.
I'm sorry, son.
I pushed you too far.
-Gotcha! Transylvanian you vermin!
So where are we going camping?
-What have you done to me?
-Congratulations, Master Vlad.
Your first bite.
What am I going to do?
-Excuse me, I'm the victim here.
What happens to me now?
-Welcome to the family, Mistress Chloe.
Daddy, it's Yuri.
He's dead.
-Of course he's dead.
He's a vampire, stupid.
-No, I mean-- he was slain on his way home this morning.
He stopped off in Paris for a bite to eat,
and he was set on by a crowd with garlic.
I can't believe it.
-I certainly can.
He's been playing chess with me all morning.
-Morning, gorgeous.
-What are you doing here?
-I couldn't leave you.
You're so special to me.
Now you can really get to know one another,
get married, and leave the castle.
To him?
I mean, great.
I think we should get betrothed right now.
-Yeah, you know.
Like, engaged.
It's a traditional Transylvanian custom.
-All right, then.
Yeah, let's do it.
-Good luck, Yuri.
-What do you mean, good luck?
It's just a simple ceremony, right?
-Prepare the surgery.
What are you doing in Robin's bedroom?
-Leave me alone.
I'm sleeping.
-But in the middle of the day?
-You best get used to it.
-Oh, no.
Not another Robin, please.
Come on, Chloe.
Up you get.
[gasps] Your neck!
-Oh, for goodness' sake, Graham.
Pull yourself together.
She's just been in Robin's makeup, that's all.
I should have guessed.
-Where are you going?
-You're running away, aren't you?
-There's no choice.
I can't stay here and bite all my friends, can I?
-But-- but, you didn't bite me.
It was Ingrid's idea of a joke.
-Yeah, that's great, Chloe.
Say goodbye to Robin for me?
You've been the best friends I've ever had.
-But I'm fine.
-You are.
I'm not.
I've still got a toothache, haven't I?
And OK, this time I didn't bite you.
But next time, I could really mess up your life.
-But running away won't solve anything.
-Chloe, I'm just a heartless vampire!
[scream in the distance]
-Are you coming or not?
ROBIN: Help me, please!
Someone help!
-Yuri, my brave and special vampire.
-Maybe not so special after all.
-An imposter!
-Ingrid, perhaps-- perhaps you should explain to your dad--
-I certainly will.
He deceived us all, Father.
I'll leave you to punish him how you see fit.
-Not so fast, you wretched girl!
You think I don't know who's behind this charade?
Pack your bags. you'll need something warm
for Transsiberia.
Ingrid's telling the truth.
I deceived her.
-I see.
Fools of us all.
-Robin's my friend!
-You've brought shame upon the family name!
You'll understand when you're a vampire like me.
-I am a vampire!
I mean, that is, I think my fangs are coming through.
-Oh, please.
-Oh, my son, dear.
Open wide.
-He hasn't got his fangs.
He's got toothache.
-Ingrid, don't ruin this precious moment.
She's right, for once.
-So, what caused the toothache, then?
I warned you, boy!
No, no!
-I tell you what, this is the life, eh, Jon-o, eh?
-Yeah, the life of a lunatic and his unfortunate son.
-Thanks for stepping in and saving me, Vlad.
-No worries.
-So, your teeth OK now?
-Yeah, turns out Renfield's actually a pretty good dentist.
-Make way for Ingrid's betrothal cake.
Are me and Ingrid back on?
-You're back on the menu if you don't pipe down, peasant.
Ingrid is to be betrothed to Adrianus.
She's preparing herself as we speak.
-Dad, she really doesn't want to get married.
-She has no choice.
My word is final.
-Master, the guest of honor is here.
-Please, call me Count.
-And where is the lovely Ingrid?
-I see-- [gasps]
-I am not marrying that.
-No, no, no.
Wait, look, look.
This is what she really looks like.
You ungrateful spawn.
That's the last time I try to find you a husband.
-Nice one, Ingrid.
-I knew you wouldn't leave me.
-Robin, two words-- dream and on.
-See what I mean?
Shared chemistry.
[theme music]


Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 1 Ep 6 "Toothache"

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