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  • welcome to your latest video weather briefing from the National Weather

  • Service in San Diego

  • in this briefing we will talk about a significant weather pattern change to

  • bring showering and windy conditions

  • this is Alex Tardy from the National Weather Service in San Diego

  • what is this weather pattern now bring the significant change looks like

  • it's gonna start on Thursday

  • upper level trough of low pressure will carve across the west coast

  • and it towards southern california this will be tapped into some tropical

  • moisture

  • the system will then close off from the rest of the jet stream

  • and a slow and stall over our region or across the Baja region

  • this will draw an gusty easterly winds

  • and possibly additional precipitation into the weekend

  • where is that tropical moisture

  • well currently here's an image showing the tropical moisture already coming up

  • from Hawaii

  • tapped into the system that is now approaching Northern California

  • what are the impacts that we are expecting for the next several days

  • Tuesday through Sunday

  • well looks like the gusty easterly winds that develop on Friday

  • from the east and gusty especially for mountains passes and foothills

  • will continue right into the weekend for the most part

  • also have fog and low clouds are mainly be from the clouds intersecting

  • the terrain the mountain slopes and foothills

  • we will have a snow level that's rather high on Thursday that'll come down

  • on Friday and Saturday to around sixty five hundred feet

  • and perhaps a little bit lower for precipitation widespread showers are

  • expected for Thursday

  • and into Friday with a chance a front showers continuing

  • over the weekend the scale for impact is shown here

  • mainly from showers and the breezy to windy conditions

  • confidence is quite high all the way through Thursday and Friday and then it

  • decreases quite a bit

  • over the weekend due to low pressure system being stalled and to our south

  • here's a look at precipitation map

  • this is the expected precipitation for the next

  • several days so primarily this will be for Thursday and Friday

  • out this forecast period widespread precipitation up a quarter to half an

  • inch

  • with amounts close to an inch a little bit more

  • for favorite areas across our mountain locations as shown here

  • here are some links that you can use for resources for

  • looking at the latest graphical hazards across our area and digital forecasts

  • for various weather parameters you can also monitor the weather

  • and look at all the rainfall gages as well on the links provided here

  • for the latest watches advisories and warnings

  • also follow us on social media this has been Alex Tardy

  • with the National Weather Service

welcome to your latest video weather briefing from the National Weather


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シャワーのような天気に変わり、時折風が強くなる - NWSサンディエゴ (Change to Showery Weather and Occasionally Windy - NWS San Diego)

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