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  • I didn't know the Thailand held such a darkened tragic secret.

  • I didn't know that these animals were caught up in this hideous crime

  • I didn't know that thousands of dogs are grabbed from the streets

  • That many of them were stolen family pets

  • I didn't know that these innocent creatures are crammed into cages

  • so brutally that their bones of a break

  • So tightly that they can't move

  • and they have trapped like this, for the smuggled journey

  • which could take days

  • I didn't know how many of them suffocate ,crushed by the way to the others

  • the ones who survive the long journey would gone for days without water

  • and unbearable heat

  • I didn't know about this unimaginable cruelty

  • and neither to the majority of the people of Thailand

  • I didn't know that these desperate dogs are killed illegally for their meat

  • and they are killed in torturers ways

  • the quite of their furry is removed while they're still conscious

  • I didn't know that millions of Thai dogs have already died

  • and right now, thousands are suffering in ways I can hardly imagine

  • I didn'now the scale of this trade

  • I didn't know it was in our power to stop it

  • I didn't know that many of these dogs were rescued and sent to showers in Northeast Thailand

  • But with no government funding

  • the dogs one survivor without I help

  • now that you know, now that you know

  • now that you know

  • go to to find out how you can help, please.

I didn't know the Thailand held such a darkened tragic secret.


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リッキー・ガーヴェイ、ジュディ・デンチ、ダウントン・アビーのスターたちが、犬の肉の取引に反対する声をあげている。 (Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench and Downton Abbey stars speak out against the dog meat trade.)

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