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So Zoe, lovely to meet you. Now, you've been filming Lil Lets' 'Becoming a Teen Campaign'
today. Everyone, well a lot of people, call you the perfect role model. Are there a lot
of pressures with that?
Definitely. It's not something I set out to do originally, but it's a nice type of pressure.
It's not something that I wake up everyday, and I'm like oh no what am I going to do?
It's a nice thing.
You've done a lot of videos, especially around body confidence as well. One of them was like
being called skinny. What kind of response did you get to that?
Mostly just people who were so reassured that they weren't the only person that was going
through the same thing, and there was also a lot of people on the other side of the spectrum
that was like I never would have thought of that before you mentioned it. Yeah, I think
a lot of people are very quick to comment on people's size and body weight, when really
that's something that should probably be avoided.
You've made it no secret that you kind of suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, things
like that. What kind of advice do you give out to people to combat that kind of thing?
I always say, it's obviously not very nice. Talk about it first. If nobody knows what
you're going through, it makes it a lot harder for you. So tell your close friends, family.
Let them know how you feel when you feel panicky, what they can do to help, but also I think
try really hard to push yourself to do things because you start to feel a lot more confident
once you've conquered something that you never thought you would do. You go on to do more,
and panic attacks don't kill you, so never let it beat you.
How have you been coping because you're at what? Four million subscribers now on YouTube
and over a million followers on Twitter. All this pressure, how do you kind of cope with that?
Sometimes it does make me go wow okay. That's a lot, and it's not something that I'm used
to, and it can make me feel quite anxious. But also I think I just enjoy it so much that
it's not really something that I have to think about too much in a negative way. So, I don't know.
It's fun. It's too fun to worry.
And there's a lot of you who are doing these kind of vlogs now. I think you're called the
Brit Crew. Is that right?
Something like that, yeah.
Is there a lot of competition between you guys about who is going to get the most views,
who is the most popular?
If anything, I would say it's completely the opposite. Like there's no competition at all.
We're all friends. We all film with each other and help promote each other. If someone's
got something coming out or a launch, we're all backing them. I think it's more of just
like friends, like holding hands and going together really, which is nice.
Now, I know that you have met One Direction. Obviously, a massive following with teenagers
especially. What was that like for you?
On the day, I think I stayed quite calm, but afterwards when I realised what I'd just done,
I did have a little bit of a freak out moment. I was like how did I just do that? But they
were really nice guys, and it was really fun.
Do you think they're good role models?
Yeah, I think they are. There's a lot of people that look up to them and the things they do,
and I think they've probably helped a lot of people.
Next for you. Obviously, you're making it in the online world as such. Would TV be something
that you would look to move into?
I don't know. I think that online is where it's all happening right now, but
I don't know. Just rolling with it.
So where can you see your channel kind of going now?
Um... I always get asked this question, and I never really have an answer because... As
it started as a hobby, and it progressed to this point, I don't really know where it's
going progress to. It's all still so new and exciting and things literally pop up, like
within seconds, and you never know what's going to happen. So I just hope it continues
to be as exciting and fun, and yeah, just keep growing.
What would you say your top five tips say for being more confident and self assured?
I would say to not care too much about negativity that anyone could be giving you. If you let
things like that get to you, then you know, it's never going to get you anywhere. Just
be happy. Have fun. Nobody's perfect. Everyone's different, but that's the great thing about
it. Nobody's the same, and what else? Smile more.
That's a good one. That's good one.
How do you deal obviously? There are a lot of people who do look up to you. How do you deal with
negativity though? Because obviously going through life, especially being a teenager,
you do have to deal with people not being so nice to you. So how do you deal with negative
side of things?
At first, it used to affect me more than it does now. I think when you hear so much. Obviously,
I get it through comments and things sometimes, but you just have to grow a bit of a thick
skin about it, and you just have to remember that those are not the people that you want
to be focusing your attention on. It's the people that love what you're doing that appreciate
everything that you do and the people that you could help support that deserve the attention.
So I think it's just a matter of having to brush it off, and be like nope, not bothering.
Now obviously, so many people look up to you as a role model. Who would you say is your
role model?
This is a difficult one, which I also get asked quite a lot. I don't ever really particularly
have one role model. I always just think it's nice to have people around me that are happy
and positive and just really supportive and they're normally my role models.
Good answer. Well, thank you very much Zoe, and good luck as well.


Zoella Interview: Top tips on how to be body confident

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