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字幕表 動画を再生する

  • hello everyone I'm ada

  • from information technology services

  • in this training session I'll have a brief introduction

  • of Panopto and its integration with Moodle

  • I will also show you how to install Panopto recorder software on a laptop

  • How to capture a lecture video and share the video to students.

  • We can use Panopto to record presentations and lectures

  • Panopto is now integrated with our Moodle system

  • It brings convenience to teachers to share the videos with students.

  • Teachers can edit the video by using Panopto web based media editor.

  • Teachers and students can easily search for a video since the content titles are searchable.

  • Some classrooms are now equipped with a laptop with build in webcam, a ceiling camera and wireless microphone that enable teachers to use Panopto readily

  • The available classroom list will be updated regularly on our Moodle support website

  • A Panopto site license is now available, all teachers and staff can install Panopto recorder on their own computers

  • Panopto is now integrated with Moodle, so we can access our Panopto account by logging in our HKU Portal

  • If you have a teacher role in the Moodle course, you will have a creator role in the Panopto folder.

  • You can make recordings and save or edit the videos in this Panopto folder

  • If you have a student role in the Moodle course, you will have a viewer role in the Panopto folder.

  • You can only view the videos in this folder

  • Teachers can add a Pnaopto block in the Moodle course and share the videos with students

  • I will show you how to add Panopto block in a Moodle course later.

hello everyone I'm ada


動画の操作 ここで「動画」の調整と「字幕」の表示を設定することができます

B1 中級

PAN001 パノプト講義動画キャプチャソリューションのご紹介 (PAN001 Introduction of Panopto Lecture Video Capturing Solution)

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