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  • Fuck! Fuck this test.

  • Could you repeat the question? Oh yes it likes some gold and road shit

  • The Constitution? Oh yeah, that's right. The Constitution. Are these exact questions from the test?

  • Yap. This is stupid.

  • What doesn't it do? Clearly articulates

  • the rights and freedoms that

  • US citizens have. It's a seven guidelines

  • for American. You can't just bs this.

  • In my word is to keep shit together

  • I don't want to insult your intelligence by telling you something like each other

  • you think they are in an hour

  • Right to love Beyonce' the first amendment that

  • where in the Constitution. I feel so American right now.

  • I don't know how I feel about that one

  • Questions on this test are like written by the first grader. I think it's that you will

  • chant USA whenever someone else starts.

  • Promise to fight for your right to party . To defend America?

  • If you're taking a tour to the White House and there's an attack on the white house

  • promise to defend the president

  • Susan B. Anthony so the first US flight

  • did she? Yap, she did.

  • She was suffragette right?

  • Susan B .Anthony,she is coolest so I wish

  • she never gave her unheated quality

  • Thanks Susan . Love you, miss you

  • I think like most Americans

  • we thought we had more knowledge about subject than we actually did

  • but we spoke passionately about the things we did not know

  • ,which is all that counts. And that is American to me.

Fuck! Fuck this test.


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アメリカ市民権試験に合格できるか? (Can You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?)

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