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  • Today, youre reacting to

  • Cabbages? Yuck.

  • This.

  • What is this? Umwait.

  • I think I know this.

  • Baby lettuce?

  • Lettuce?

  • Salad.

  • No! Brussels sprouts. Every kid’s worst nightmare.

  • Brussels Sprouts. My favorite. I love Brussels sprouts.

  • Well. I actually like Brussels sprouts.

  • Pretty.

  • Do eat it yet.

  • I used to have them all the time but I don’t eat them anymore.

  • I think my parents make me tried at once but I refuse to eat them anymore.

  • I ate Brussels sprouts many times before. Every week.

  • They always have this kind of weird smell.

  • They smell greenie.

  • They smell like gross.

  • It’s like a flower and little tiny tiny garbage mix together.

  • I don’t like Brussels sprouts.

  • It’s time to eat it.

  • Oh no!

  • Oh no!

  • I wanna eat that one. Is this the same?

  • Oh really? Really?

  • mm…I’m like pac-man these guys are like the ghost.

  • Taste like broccoli. It’s good.

  • Ah.ha.

  • Kind of like spinach.

  • mmmit’s good. can I eat the whole thing?

  • I just like them.

  • It’s so good. oh my god. I love them so much. I don’t get how people can not like vegetables.

  • Ahuhthat is bad.

  • Theyre called Brussels sprouts.

  • I’ve tried a Brussels sprouts.

  • I heard about it but I haven’t ate it before.

  • What? I’m eating Brussels sprouts? I usually don’t like Brussels sprouts.

  • It’s my favorite vegetable. I love vegetables.

  • People complain about it doesn’t actually taste like anything. It’s nothing to complain about. Just eat it that’s make you healthy for once.

  • So do you recommend people eat Brussels sprouts?

  • Uh-huh

  • Yes. Because it’s great and healthy.

  • Yes?

  • It’s a bit like spinach. Yes.

  • Yes. Just do it. Look! It’s look how awesome it is.

  • Yes because they are wonderful.

  • Yes. I’ll recommend kids eat Brussels sprouts and every single vegetable.

  • Because theyre amazing and they taste amazing.

  • No. don’t! find another vegetable. It doesn’t taste good.

  • Every other kids disagree. Really?

  • Thanks for watching this episode of kids verses food.

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  • From one kids to another, eat your vegetables. Theyre delicious.

Today, youre reacting to


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