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  • Apple Watch is designed to help anyone who wears it. Live a healthier life by being more active.

    Apple Watchは、身に着ける人のためにデザインされています。よりアクティブに、より健康的な生活を送りましょう。

  • From people who just want to be more active throughout their day, to those who work out a few times a week, to athletes committed to improving their performance.


  • Apple Watch brings together the capabilities of an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in one device you can wear all the time.

    Apple Watchは、一日中使えるフィットネストラッカーと高度なスポーツウォッチの機能を1つのデバイスにまとめました。

  • It can track a wider variety of activities because it's able to collect more types of data.


  • It uses an accelerometer to measure your total body movement.


  • It has a custom sensor that can measure intensity by tracking your heart rate.


  • And it uses the GPS and WiFi in your iPhone to track how far you've moved.


  • We wanted to give you the most complete picture of your all-day activity,


  • and not just highlight the quantity of movement, but the quality and frequency, as well.


  • So the Activity app on Apple Watch measures three separate aspects of movement, with a goal of helping you sit less, move more, and get some exercise.

    Apple Watchのアクティビティアプリは、座っている時間を減らし、より多く動き、運動をすることを目的とした、3つの別々の側面を測定します。

  • The Move Ring measures the calories you've burned that gives you the best overview of how active you are.


  • The Move Ring is customized to you, and you close it when you hit your personal calorie goal for the day.


  • The Exercise Ring captures the brisk activity that you've done.


  • This doesn't necessarily mean hard-core exercise. It means any activity done at the level of a brisk walk or above.


  • You close the ring when you hit the globally recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day. And it doesn't even need to be all at once.


  • The Stand Ring shows how often you have stood up to take a break from sitting, which helps you minimize your sedentary time.


  • And this may seem like a small thing, but sitting less can go a long way towards improving your health.


  • A complete ring means that you have stood for at least one minute in 12 different hours during the day.


  • There's also a dedicated Workout app to provide more detailed measurement when you need it most.


  • You can select your workout from a list of popular activities.


  • Then set a goal based on how long you want to work out, the number of calories you want to burn, or the distance you want to go.


  • And during your workout, you can see in a glance, how far, how fast, and how long you've been at it.


  • When you're done, you can end your workout, see an entire summary of your session, and earn awards for your achievements.


  • The Fitness app on the iPhone stores all your activity data, and lets you see your workout history whenever you want.


  • It also shares your data with the Health app, where it can be accessed by health and fitness-related third-party apps.


  • Over time, Apple Watch actually gets to know you the way a good personal trainer would.

    時間が経つにつれて、Apple Watchは実際に、優れたパーソナルトレーナーがするような方法であなたを知るようになります。

  • It's designed to deliver intelligent reminders to keep you motivated and on track.


  • And it can suggest goals that are personal, realistic, and, most important, achievable, which gives you a far better chance of succeeding.


  • Apple Watch is going to greatly improve the way we keep track of our activity, and change the way we look at fitness.

    Apple Watchは活動量の把握方法を大幅に改善し、フィットネスの見方を変えようとしています。

  • We think it's going to help a lot of people live a better day and a healthier life.


Apple Watch is designed to help anyone who wears it. Live a healthier life by being more active.

Apple Watchは、身に着ける人のためにデザインされています。よりアクティブに、より健康的な生活を送りましょう。

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