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What's up ? This is J.t Jones from How2GetAGirlfriend.Org,
and today we're going to be talking about brotherhood.
There is a code among brothers, among men
that must be followed. I've been getting some
emails along the lines of this : Hey Jade,
I like...I like this girl but she's my best friends ex-girlfriend.
Should I go out with her? Do you think he is gonna get mad?
Hey there's this girl that my brother likes, but she's not really into him, but she's into me.
Should I date her? Do you think my brother is gonna mind?
What are you asking me for? Alright. Go ask your friend!
What is this sneaky stuff man?
Brothers always come before the girls. Alright? If you're ever gonna date a girl
who your bro is interested in,
you'd better damn well go and look him straight in the eye.
Man to man, and ask his permission if he's okay with it
and if he's not cool with it, and boom, you gotta cut that girl off.
Boom! She's off limits.
If your gonna sacrifice your... your best friend or your brother, someone close to you
just to get a girl, then you are not being
a true man, alright? A man is someone
who puts his brother's first, so I just wanted to share that with you, this is very important.
Always put your brothers first. If you ever have any situation,
where you're gonna upset your friend for the sake ofgetting a girl?
If you doing anything deceptive
or manipulative or you're lying or hiding something from your friend cause you think
you're gonna
it's gonna hurt his feelings cause he like that girl then you're not being his true friend.
Alright? So be a true friend, a good person,
be transparent and honest with your friends and always put your friends first,
alright? Because your... your friends your brothers are the ones who give you strength
the ones who are gonna be there when no else is. They're... they are the ones that
encourage... encourage you or lift you up
and after years and years and years, they're the ones you gonna call,
they're gonna be there whenever you need them.
I have a very close band of brothers, a really close, you know I don't even call them my friends, I call them my bros
because I can call them up and ask them for anything and if they are able to do it,
at the drop of a hat, they will be, Jade, I got your back. And vice versa, I'm there for them.
That's what you need to develop as a man and if you don't have that,
I greatly encourage you to develop that area of your life.
Don't be one of those guys they just has a girlfriend or fiance or wife and that doesn't even if even have like any guy friends
Alright ? As a man you need to surround yourself with other men because they... will solidify your foundation.
They will give you support and they always have your back.
Alright? So very very important message.
Don't ever stab anyone of your friends in the back, it's never ever worth it. Alright? It's never worth it. That's the message for today.
You haven't got my website yet? Go there download my book. Subscribe, like, comment and I'll see you in another video. Peace



友人が好きな女性とデートできる? (Should You Date A Girl Your Friend Likes?)

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