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  • What's up ? This is J.T Jones from How2GetAGirlfriend.Org, and today we're going to be talking about brotherhood.

    やぁ!How2GetAGirlfriend.Org のJ.T Jones です。今日はブラザー愛についてお話します。

  • There is a code among brothers, among men that must be followed.


  • I've been getting some emails along the lines of this:


  • "Hey Jade, I like...I like this girl but she's my best friends ex-girlfriend. Should I go out with her? Do you think he is gonna get mad?"


  • "Hey, there's this girl that my brother likes, but she's not really into him, but she's into me.


  • Should I date her? Do you think my brother is gonna mind?"


  • What are you asking me for? Alright. Go ask your friend!


  • What is this sneaky stuff man?


  • Brothers always come before the girls. Alright?


  • If you're ever gonna date a girl who your bro is interested in, you'd better damn well go and look him straight in the eye.


  • Man to man, and ask his permission if he's okay with it.


  • And if he's not cool with it, and boom, you gotta cut that girl off.


  • Boom! She's off limits.


  • If youre gonna sacrifice your... your best friend or your brother, someone close to you just to get a girl, then you are not being a true man, alright?


  • A man is someone who puts his brother's first, so I just wanted to share that with you, this is very important.


  • Always put your brothers first.


  • If you ever have any situation, where you're gonna upset your friend for the sake of getting a girl


  • If you're doing anything deceptive or manipulative or you're lying or hiding something from your friend


  • cause you think you're gonna... it's gonna hurt his feelings cause he likes that girl then you're not being his true friend.


  • Alright? So be a true friend, a good person, be transparent and honest with your friends and always put your friends first, alright?


  • Because your... your friends your brothers are the ones who give you strength the ones who are gonna be there when no else is.


  • They're... they are the ones that encourage... encourage you or lift you up.


  • And after years and years and years, they're the ones you gonna call.


  • They're gonna be there whenever you need them.


  • I have a very close band of brothers, a really close... you know, I don't even call them my friends, I call them my bros.


  • Because I can call them up and ask them for anything and if they are able to do it, at the drop of a hat, they will be: "Jade, I got your back." And vice versa, I'm there for them.


  • That's what you need to develop as a man and if you don't have that, I greatly encourage you to develop that area of your life.


  • Don't be one of those guys that just has a girlfriend or fiancée or wife and that doesn't even if even have like any guy friends


  • Alright? As a man you need to surround yourself with other men because they... will solidify your foundation.


  • They will give you support and they always have your back.


  • Alright? So very very important message.


  • Don't ever stab anyone of your friends in the back, it's never ever worth it. Alright? It's never worth it. That's the message for today.


  • You haven't got my website yet? Go there download my book. Subscribe, like, comment and I'll see you in another video. Peace.


What's up ? This is J.T Jones from How2GetAGirlfriend.Org, and today we're going to be talking about brotherhood.

やぁ!How2GetAGirlfriend.Org のJ.T Jones です。今日はブラザー愛についてお話します。

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