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  • Whether it's from an awful breakup or a traumatic life event, some memories can haunt us for our entire lives.


  • But, what if there was a way that you could completely forget these all together?


  • Can science erase your bad memories?


  • Memory is an incredibly complex process.


  • While scientists used to believe it was like a filing cabinet and particular memories were stored in different sections of the brain, we now know this is incorrect.


  • In fact, each memory is a brain wide process.


  • If you end up remembering this video, it's because the cells in your brain are being triggered and fired.


  • Building new connections and links and literally rewiring the circuitry of your mind.


  • And this change is partially facilitated by proteins in the brain.


  • So what if the proteins aren't available?


  • Simply put, memories can't be made.


  • Seriously, scientists have tested this by giving animals drugs that prevent these proteins from forming.


  • As a result the animals have no recollection of the things that took place shortly after the drug was taken.


  • From this research, scientists actually found a way to target long term memories for deletion.


  • You see, every single time you remember a memory, your brain is once again firing and rewiring.


  • In fact, each time you reflect on a memory, you are literally physically changing that memory in your mind.


  • And each time that memory is altered a little, reflecting your current thoughts.


  • Remembering is an act of creation and imagining, meaning the more you reflect on old memories, the less accurate they become.


  • And scientists have actually quantified this change.


  • After 9/11, hundreds of people were asked about their memories of that dreadful day.

    9.11 のテロ事件の後、多くの人にこの惨事が起きた日の記憶について尋ねましたが

  • A year later, 37% of the details had changed.

    1 年後には、その答えの内容の 37 %が変わっていたのです。

  • By 2004, nearly 50% of the details had changed or gone missing.

    2004 年になる頃には 50 %が違う記憶になっていたり、忘れ去られていました。

  • And because memories are formed and rebuilt every time,


  • if you administer the protein inhibiting drug while recalling a memory, the memory can be effectively removed.


  • To test this, scientists took lab rats and played a sound for them, shortly followed by an electric shock.


  • After doing this multiple times, the rats quickly learned that if they heard the sound, a shock was soon to follow.


  • As a result, they would stress up and freeze every time they heard it.


  • Months later, these rats would still respond to the noise.


  • However, if they administered the drug first, the rats would lose the memory of the sound, and simply continue on.


  • They had lost their memory of that specific noise.


  • To be sure the drug wasn't just causing large scale brain damage, scientists repeated these experiments with multiple tones this time.


  • Both sounds would warn for a shock, and eventually the mice would fear both.


  • But if they administered the drug and played only one of the sounds, the mice would only forget that one tone, while still remaining fearful of the other.

    しかし、ここで薬を投与してそのうちの 1 つの音だけを聞かせてみたところ、その音のことだけを忘れて、もう 1 つの音は引き続き怖がり続けました。

  • Over time scientists have discovered specific drugs to target particular proteins across different parts of the brain.


  • So, if you experience a terrible emotion with a memory, then targeting a protein in the emotional regions of the brain can help to remove that connection alone.


  • Which could be an amazing tool, especially for patients suffering from something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    これは、特に PTSD(心的外傷後ストレス障害)のような症状に悩まされている患者には素晴らしいツールとなります。

  • But while these drugs are in the very early stages, the question remains;


  • if you were given a "forgetting pill" would you be willing to take it?


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Whether it's from an awful breakup or a traumatic life event, some memories can haunt us for our entire lives.


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