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  • Hi, my name is Michael Mooney. Were here in Montreal.

  • My buddies are sending me back to Australia

  • to get the world’s first iPhone 6 and then I’m gonna dump the bastard in a pitcher

  • of beer.

  • Shall we?

  • Why in Australia?

  • Ah, it’s because of the time-zone and the first iPhone 6 in the world will be sold in Australia, ‘cause Australia is ahead of time.

  • There's a good chance that well get there and

  • fly 22 hours and not get the phone. This could be the biggest

  • failure

  • in communications history.

  • Were in a taxi. Were heading to the Brisbane Apple store. And the reason why we are in Brisbane and

  • not in Sydney

  • is Brisbane is a smaller place and we figured Sydney would have a huge

  • line-up.

  • So were trying our luck here. Here we go, buddy. Check that out: the Apple Store folks.

  • Excuse me, guys.

  • Hi, are you two…? Youre the first in line, are you?

  • - Yeah. Can I talk to you for a second?

  • - OK Is there any way I can get the first phone off you?

  • - No What if I give you ______ thousand dollars cash?

  • - No _____ thousand dollars cash. That’s a lot of money.

  • There's nothing I can do, man. Listen, mate, I’ve got a bit of a problem. I just offered him ____ thousand dollars

  • and he won’t take it. All right, I’m gonna do that and I’ll get back to you.

  • My final offer

  • I can give you _____ thousand dollars.

  • - OK. That’s a yes? Yeah.

  • Thanks you so much. Oh my god, let’s hug this out.

  • Stay here, I’m gonna get you some money. Be beautiful forever, stay beautiful

  • for eternity.

  • Woooo, and they said said it couldn't be done.

  • Come here, you beautiful gentlemen. Let’s hug and celebrate this thing.

  • Let me buy you a drink.

  • Would you like a shot?

  • The phone is ours, gentlemen. It’s ours, thank you very much.

  • We found our pitcher of beer. Take that. ... Here it is.

  • All right, today’s the day, boys. Oh wow, that line keeps on going, like you cannot see the end of that line from here.

  • Our friends here are being interviewed because theyre the first in line

  • But what they don't know is the first one is mine. Three, two, one!

  • And were away.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, here it comes, here it goes. Thank you very much, everybody. That phone is mine. Thanks, mate.

  • We got it. But we came a long way for this bastard. Can I tell him? I can’t tell him what I’m doing, can I?

  • I’ll keep it a secret, OK. All right, boys, let’s go.

  • Let’s get this thing done. Almost finished, it’s almost done.

  • All right, beautiful. This is what we came here for. Ladies and gentlemen,

  • I’m now going to drop the world's first iPhone 6

  • into a full pitcher of beer. Three, two, one:

  • Go!

  • This feels very weird and very wrong. That can’t be good

  • 2,000 people just lined-up for this thing just now

  • and weve just dumped it in beer. I never thought I’d be doing that.

  • Oh, look at that. Did it die?

  • Yep, I think that’s it. You killed it. Check. Did you kill it? So that’s a dead phone.

  • I say it’s time to revive it. When you drop your phone in water or beer or whatever

  • it's not the liquid that makes the thing die, it's the minerals in the liquid

  • and somehow this stuff treats the minerals, works on the minerals, I don’t know,

  • I’m not a scientist. Pour the liquid into the pouch

  • and then

  • stick the phone into there. Seal it. You leave this thing in here for seven minutes

  • and then you take it out and dry the phone for 24 hours

  • and youre good to go. That's it.

  • All right, this guy’s been sitting outside for twenty-four hours drying

  • and it is dry, so I guess I’ll turn it on.

  • Please, look at that, please look at the Apple, and please see

  • that that works. What should I do with this phone? Let’s make a phone call.

  • Hang on a second. Hey, baby.

  • Hello. Yes it's me. Yeah, hi, look I just wanted to

  • She doesn’t care. She's calling me a child

  • telling me to let her sleep. OK, fine.

  • Yes, you probably should have married a real man with a real job.

Hi, my name is Michael Mooney. Were here in Montreal.


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世界初、ビールのピッチャーに捨てられたiPhone 6 (World’s first iPhone 6 dumped in a pitcher of beer)

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