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  • Hi I'm Catie Wayne and this is Animalist - Squirrel!

  • So we've all seen the Pixar movie "Up" and if you haven't I don't know what's wrong with you...

  • We all know the lovable character the dog Doug

  • with his little translator with the speakers and it's really cute and he's all like I'm Doug and I love you and it's

  • really cute but now Doug's English translator may become a reality

  • Scandinavian inventor studio total have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise

  • ten thousand dollar through their doggie inter communication head set

  • here's how it works. The head set sits on the dog's head and electroencephalographic

  • technology records electrical

  • activity along the scalp. Nailed it! voltage fluctuations caused by ionic

  • current flow in the brain are then translated by a Raspberry Pi computer via

  • loudspeaker

  • although every mammal creates thought signals as a swarm of electrical signals dog

  • signals might

  • indicate a mental state more than a thought. So while you might learn that

  • your dog is hungry he might actually be thinking of his new toy.

  • as of right now this doggie do-Hickey is a work in progress that can only

  • distinguish two or three thought patterns such as hunger tiredness and

  • curiosity

  • chances are you can already tell when your dog is feeling this way. So the team

  • is now trying to find an algorithm that can learn deeper thoughts over time and

  • speak in short sentences like my name is Catie

  • and I love you! What would you pay to be able to talk to your dog?

  • Be sure to check out all of these awesome videos over here and subscribe down here.

  • I love you all and I'll see you next time. Bye!

Hi I'm Catie Wayne and this is Animalist - Squirrel!


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