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  • You look at Link’s Awakening, and you go, “Yeah, this is a Zelda game.” It’s got

  • all the hallmarks. Items to gather, dungeons to delve, NPCs to question, and that iconic

  • music. But despite the familiar mechanics, and the very Link to the Past aesthetic, this

  • is one strange ocarina-summoned bird. Despite being called The Legend of Zelda, she doesn’t

  • show up in this title at all. Y’know who does? The dude from SIMCITY. And Chain Chomps.

  • And there are side-scrolling sections, complete with piranha plants and goombas. And that

  • dude Richard, from the Japanese-only Famicom Disk System titleKaeru no Tame ni Kane

  • wa Naru.” And there’s a Yoshi doll, and a goat trying to pass herself off as Princess

  • Peach, and that piece of music that keeps popping up in Mario Paint and Animal Crossing...

  • This is the fever dream of Zelda games, pure and simple. And this, more specifically, is

  • the Game Boy Color remake of same, featuring... COLOR. In fact, a whole bonus dungeon devoted

  • to COLOR, which grants the POWER OF COLOR. (Okay, so it’s just a tunic upgrade that

  • gives you either double defense or double attack.) And it’s available on your 3DS

  • via the Virtual Console! So, should you indulge in this rather off-kilter tale of a shipwrecked

  • Link, trying to awaken the Wind Fish with a series of eclectic instruments? OF COURSE

  • YOU SHOULD. Consider: the Game Boy ran on an 8-bit processor, and somehow this thing

  • managed to replicate the advancements of the 16-bit Link to the Past, despite massive hardware

  • limitations. Sure, this version removed color as a major stumbling block, but there’s

  • the matter of buttons to consider. Youve got two action buttons, which can be mapped

  • to any weapon or item you like, Start brings up the menu, Select brings up the map... and

  • if you want to save, you have to hit all four at once. (Which is a bit of a wrench on the

  • 3DS.) But once you get the hang of it, it’s as sound an adventure as Link’s ever had,

  • complete with innovations like pieces of heart (though the maximum health in this game is

  • 14 as opposed to the usual 20), combination attacks like dashjumping, and - in this version

  • - a cameraman, who documents your quest (but, unfortunately, never asks you to sayFuzzy

  • Pickles”).

  • Some have called the Legend of Zelda series a rehash-tastic series of samey experiences.

  • But while the formula in Link’s Awakening feels very similar - Obtain key to dungeon,

  • raid dungeon, obtain item instrumental in completing dungeon, beat boss, get hearts

  • - the abject strangeness lying about the periphery is enough to jostle even the most jaded gamer.

  • And with the 3DS offering a restore point, you have no excuse: Youre kinda obligated

  • to get the good ending. And oh, that ending. Link’s adventure on Koholint Island may

  • be an aberration compared to the standards of the series, but it’s certainly worth

  • appreciating in its own right. After playing enough of this game, I may have loadedBallad

  • of the Wind Fishas my new ringtone. Just for those feels. Just sayin’.

You look at Link’s Awakening, and you go, “Yeah, this is a Zelda game.” It’s got


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