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the only way to stop Liam Neeson is caller ID
you're watching Beyond The Trailer's review of a walk among the tombstones
I never laid a hand on her...
The other two, they're the ones you gotta worry about...
They were obsessed!
these guys are monsters, non-human
How can I find them?
Yes it does seem that Liam Neeson's very particular set of skills include
threatening criminals over the phone
and to somehow not run this new formula his into the ground
taken came out in 2009 and he's still going strong
nonstop which cost just $50 million to make pulled in almost 200 million
worldwide and that's just in theaters
in fact he's pretty much created a whole genre with Pierce Brosnan and denzel
washington following suit
although I'm pretty sure denzel actually did this first with films like Man on
Fire years before Taken hit theaters
anyway Neeson also impressively capitalize on his new image by
lampooning it in the lego movie with great success
have you seen him record the dialogue? he doesn't all in one take
jumping between bad cop and good cop live! so we all know that Neeson is in good
shape so let's focus on someone who's hoping a little Neeson magic will rub
off on him
and that's Downton Abbey's dan Stevens or Dana Stevens as he is currently
listed on Box Office Mojo - Ouch
back when Stevens originally left the smash hit British TV show
ruining Christmas for many fans to boot as his final episode was the Christmas
it seemed the height idiocy but now?
well first he joined the Hollywood protection program losing so much weight
he's almost unrecognizable
and after slumming it in movies like vamps and the fifth estate
now he's making ladies swoon san shirt over in indie horror flick the guest
appearing here opposite liam neeson in a walk among the tombstones then opposite
Adam Sandler in the Cobbler
opposite Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum 3 and
also joins the ensemble cast in rorschach's directorial debut criminal activities
with john travolta and boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt
looks like Matthew Crawley is not the only one who can charm his way into the
upper-class. outside its casting a walk among the tombstone seems to be pretty
by the numbers
another popular crime series this time written by Lawrence Block
which Hollywood is hoping to turn into a franchise all Alex Cross or
Jack Reacher and it's directed by Scott Frank made some waves with the lookout
in 2007
yet mostly finds himself one of several writers credited to big blockbusters like
Minority Report, Marley and Me and the Wolverine
so will this will be remembered as helping to put dan Stevens on the
hollywood map
just another Liam Neeson movie or maybe the first of many movies about Matthew
mysterious private investigator this is a really impressive
thriller but it also happens to be wanna most disturbing films
I've ever seen and I can't really make up my mind as to whether or not
it's constructed to remind people the even like this
does exist in the world orkut irresponsible
to potentially encourage such behavior but I do know that night I saw this film
after I
I went home I couldn't go to sleep I was so haunted
by what I saw and I have to say this is one of the few times I think being a
female moviegoer
didn't give me a different experience in a male viewer
might happen that's because the intense violence towards women
she in this movie but that's not to say it goes over the top
or its sensationalized this is
very real violence which is what makes it so horrify
this explores those are you know really demented individuals out there
who just see women as meet and then really do exist
I were the things that our contributors my not being able to sleep
was the reminder that this kind even was real because after I saw the movie I
went over to CNN dot com
and there was an article about a couple a man and a woman
who jumped another woman a prisoner in a cage for two months
as a dog slash sex slaves and then of course I recall
very differently when I was little my mother told me about another story
about a woman abducted into a van in broad daylight
in a busy street Manhattan and not a single person
trying to save her and that's the kind of violence that's the kind of
horrifying real Avensis explored in this movie
goes there goes there convincingly I
deeply and you just need to be prepared to go there with it
if you're going to watch this movie and if you do you watch this movie
it really is one of the best movies Liam Neeson has ever made and it's not just
another Liam Neeson movie he's very good and the rule
he changes just not just his accent his clothes his demeanor
just enough for it to seem fraction it is fresh
he's very good and as I said it was the best Liam Neeson movies I've ever seen
he's made some very good movies now ass report dan Stevens
I don't break he's not very good I think that once the novelty you have different
he looks wears off
you realize he's just miscast I in the role that he has here
but he doesn't get the movies way it's a it's an ensemble piece
and even though Liam Neeson stands out and there's one other person who stands
actually get to in a moment
but the point i'm trying to say is that I even the supporting cast
really does a great job everyone of its the place perfectly
to create as I said really solid nifty little thriller
now the other standout believe it or not and even though he was in this movie
because he's not in the trailers
is Astro for X Factor he's also up
african-american boy in earth to echo and you know I question the acting over
north to echo and
it was that young actors falters scripts fault and it must have been the scripts
or at least an Astros case because he's so good here he plays
the kids psychic any actually manages to make a cute psychic endearing and fun to
have around instead of annoyed
and we frequently goers now that is tough to do I actually liked hanging
look forward to having him come back so I hope they actually do make more
these films and I would like to see Liam Neeson Astra
team up for the long run I think that's actually a really good do look for the
silver screen
I also have to get a shot up to writer director Scott brick message directed
very much
but that makes it all the more impressive what a good job he does here
on this film has a very strong visual voice without again
getting in the way the actual story and also some really impressive shots
this reminds me a really great Greece seventy
sa thriller not the French Connection et cetera
I just think the whole film as I say really just clicks into place and I
really enjoyed it so
I'm warning you as to the subject matter I
and what's going to be shown on screen and its terrifying film
in the climax many times during the movie particularly big climax
I couldn't I couldn't even look at the screen are so scared
but it's good it's not a cheat never cheap scare and it's never
on objectification of women this this is real
so enjoy the phone he decide to go to decide to go I think you will enjoy it
and be careful out there alright thanks for watching


A Walk Among the Tombstones Movie Review - Beyond The Trailer

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