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What would you do if you saw a homeless person getting robbed right in front your face
We took this idea to the streets of New York City
Du is the homeless guy. These are the robbers
Let’s see what reactions we get
Oh no! Come on! No
Seriously? Come on! Don’t do that!
Put that back! Put that back!
So we’d been here for over an hour
And only one person confronted her about stealing the money
Now let’s see what happen when a guy steals the money
No! No! Put that back!
What happened man? I want buy food
No! Put that back right now!
Why? You gonna buy me food?
Put that back right now! You are a thief.
Put that back! Put that back right now!
Put that back right now! Put that back!
Do you understand what I’m saying?
Put that back right now!
I’m trying to buy food. - Put that back right now!
I respect that. You know why? Cause we are filming a social experiment
and the camera is right there.
Good thing, man! We need more people like you
Good job! -You are a hero, sir.
Thank you!
Ah! Come on!
He just took all his money out!
You took his money?
No, I didn’t. I didn’t take his money.
We’re doing a social experiment. He’s an actor.
Thank you! You save the day. Thank you!
Hey! Hey! Wow! Wow! Hey!
Thank you guys for watching. Hope you enjoy that.
Make sure that you go check out. Delond.tv
And our TV. I’ll put the link on description.
Also, make sure you go check out youtube.com/Brocialites.
These guys did the super funny remake to my new Nutella prank
The link is in the description. And I’ll put the annotation right over there. Click right there
And we’ll see you guys next time with the new video. Peace!


Stealing From The Homeless(Social Experiment)

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