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  • Tens of thousands of demonstrators are continuing their protest on the streets of Hong Kong,...

  • demanding China grant them... fully democratic elections.

  • With more, we turn to Paul Yi at the News Center.

  • Paul, reports are coming out that much of the city was shut down today as well.

  • And it now appears the local authorities have scaled back their heavy handed response.

  • Well, the world is closely watching and the smoke from tear gas was no where to be seen

  • on this fifth day of demonstrations. Pro-democracy leaders have set Wednesday as

  • the deadline for the Chinese government to meet their demands... or else face further

  • civil unrest. But Hong Kong′s chief executive says Beijing

  • will not back down. Our Connie Kim has the story.

  • Speaking out for the first time since demonstrations flared up over the weekend,... Hong Kong′s

  • leader called on protesters to immediately end their rallies.

  • C.Y. Leung, the country′s chief executive said China will not be backing down from its

  • position on Hong Kong, and that Beijing′s decision falls under the basic law of one

  • person, one vote. But pro-democracy demonstrators appear to

  • be standing firm, and have now demanded that Leung step down.

  • Tuesday′s protests have been relatively calm following a police crackdown Sunday in

  • which police used pepper spray and tear gas on the protesters.

  • Schools and businesses around the government complex closed as thousands block the commercial

  • district of Causeway Bay to Central′s east... and across the harbor to Kowloon′s Mong

  • Kok. Over 50 people have been injured since the

  • protests flared up on Saturday. Demonstrators are demanding universal suffrage

  • in Hong Kong′s 2017 elections and that Beijing abandon its plan to vet candidates for the

  • post of chief executive.

  • "We have a simple message. It′s that we just want democracy and a fair voting of choosing

  • our chief executive of Hong Kong." Up until now, Beijing had been nominating

  • the chief executive. China was quick to warn other nations against

  • supporting what it calls "illegal rallies".

  • "We hope that related nations show a considerate stance regarding the protest in Hong Kong

  • and do not send out a wrong message to the protesters. "

  • However, the U.S. and Britain have both said the demonstratorsrights should be protected

  • and the people of Hong Kong should be granted universal suffrage.

  • Connie Kim, Arirang News.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators are continuing their protest on the streets of Hong Kong,...


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