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Hey golf fans, it's that time of year again. Herman Williams here
bringing you my annual sneak peek at the 2013 Masters practice rounds
so sit back enjoy I'll be here all day filming we're right here at the front
gate walking in right now
Obviously here at the range first thing in the morning; it's about 7:15 they open the gates
at 7am
thats Webb Simpson right there walking from the practice tee i guess he's gonna
head over to the golf course
Rickie Fowler here Mark O'Meara just been on the range for a couple minutes
right now
watch a few these early guys warm up. this is O'Meara hitting some wedges. just watch a
look at this. This is about 75 yards
and that's the worst shot he's hit. They're like six or eight feet and he's only hit like
four shots this morning. Sooo
guess where we are. First tee. Last year's champ Bubba Watson right there
ready to go
I didn't see him warm up at the range. I think he just snuck in here real quick
and got up to the first tee. He's gonna play with Ricky
I don't know whether he really warmed up or not
i think he's just gonna hop out there and crank that pink driver first thing and get the
show on the road
I'm gonna slow mo all the videos of the golf swings so the audio might kick out when we go
to slow motion
but I think it gives you some cool detail on this morning's swings
so that's a nice shot. of course it's a big hit started at the bunker on the right and just faded it a
little bit out in the middle of the fairway
It's ... right at 8 a.m. right now it's so
maybe sixty degrees started out in the fifties first thing so
maybe sun's out. it's going to be a great day this is Ricky Fowler
pound-for-pound he's one of the longer hitters out there
A good ball for him too. Just up to right, right-center so there you go the 2013 Masters
practice rounds have begun.
first two guys on the golf course are over the 10th tee this is hunter mahan
we're kinda bouncing around here real quick. They're not really a lotta guys here early this
morning. nobody at the range so I just came over to the golf course
looks like hunter is gonna go off of hole number ten and maybe just as a single. I don't see
anybody else ready to go
so yeah he's got it. of here with the fairway wood
Hole 10 is a really hard dog leg to the left
gotta start this golf ball far left. you can see the tree limbs sticking out right over there
on the left
Of course everybody remembers when Rory McIlroy found the trees there but started way
down the left side keep it hooking
don't know if he hooked that enough but it's still a good shot
all right we're back over at the first tee we've got Angel Cabrera here
former Masters Champion
Let's see who he is going to play with this morning and none of this stuff is scripted. they don't have
actual tee times
the guys at first tee really don't even know who's gonna come or when they're
gonna tee off. just kinda spur of the moment
excited to have Jose Maria Olazabal with them source watched a prayer hitters tee
obviously aiming left and planning for a cut
okay that's smashed.
that's actually over the bunker
it's not that warm at this point ok that's a 320 yard carry over that bunker
it looks like there's no room to do it from the Tee
Jose Maria joked about needing to use the ladies tees to catch up with that
He is a former Masters champion also
He's swinging pretty
well right here
this is a mouthful this is Gonzalo Fernandez Castano
I can't keep
from Spain also up
big international contingency here at Augusta every year. see what he does here
that's a beautiful flight down the left side
cut a little more than he wanted to but still ok
all rights we've got a few groups on a golf course. That guy doesn't need an introduction
got Tom Watson right here
Tom is sixty-three years young still hits it probably as good as he ever did
obviously a polite guy hamming it up with the crowd. this is Russell Henley gonna play
with Tom. actually a Macon Georgia native I guess he went to
University of Georgia graduated there won his first PGA Tour appearance
or as a PGA Tour member at the Sony Open
this is his first Masters. He hammered that out there pretty nicely
of up
this is Nathan Smith he is actually a he's a four-time mid-amateur
champion and of course that qualifies for the master so is playing in his
fourth masters with he certainly dominates
amateur golf in his age group
nice ball right straight down the center are quite as long as some nice
super long young bucks that hang out on the tour i'd
still a plenty good shot out there and now tom is gonna
hit his tee shot
and notice the length of his backswing. it hasn't shortened up over the years at all still got some
nice for a little bit beyond parallel
top you can see that leave us to lash out
sprayed spread fairway
of credit right there beside Nathan Smith ask
not quite as long as Russell Henley come up to the hill girl but for other
up care next group fears looks like we've got to
Kevin Streelman up
and that scott Piercy scary there's a guy in the green shirt with plaid pants
got so
his first Masters is a RBC Canadian Open champion
a in the rear we've got Martin Kaymer
from Germany big guy long-haired
so now we've got those three good
wait for the fair way to clear out here okay I bernard langer the fourth player
that's pretty strong group bernard's Masters champ tearing it up out on the
senior tour here for a few years
Looks like Bernhard is gonna lead the group
ok test his fitness i think is 56
or close to that age looks like he's 35
still swinging really well
gonna left-center their up
trying to get up on a flat Park that's probably the smallest 4:45
so the tee shots average anywhere from hitting can
face the hill which would leave 180 19 him to hold the cast get up on a flat
will be 160 course got Angel Cabrera probably a fair Work
throw to the green after flying Bunker says Martin Kaymer
sorta below
bullet to the left there my to have better as far as he hits a diabetic at a
car that
and tackle but it's still up field a bit skeptical trip
plenty safe but a betty has to worry about
market through the fairway over their fees start our side too much
says Kevin Streelman
it's been a regular here for a few years in a row now athleticism that set up
look how straight his spine is. he gets it right to
parallel topping see how all these guys aim a little left. the right handed guys aim down the left side
if you look where their feet points to write down the left rely on
group double-crossed him so they're usually a min left right hit a little
bit or cut back to the center
every now and then you pay the penalty for quite get a ride
finest scott Piercy much that this is first Masters
think this year he shot
think they said I was looking in the guidebook to give it a shot 61 at the
Phoenix Open here
2013 so obviously he's got some game
but shorter backswing couple these other guys up
but california that's actually the best driving group squatters
on a hill sure car would get up there but he didn't quite catch
solid caricom moving quick here
this is John Senden from Australia
I like
up of colour
trucks of you know so many talk as we've got out here on the tour now
speaking of which Nicolas Colsaerts hear from Belgium
Cesar to tall athletic
European guys here they can move it no to set up on the right side
the toybox a min a little bit left the body complain that little bit of a cut
just boomed
big high ball
half learn alright though it's kinda cutting allotted
yeah it's over by the people
when go get some answers on the Tee now
of on the short sleeve so that's a
TJ Vogel of being
he played for the University of Florida he's a US Public Links Championship
and then in the sweater Steven Fox 2012 US Amateur champ
place for the university to see slide vocals gonna go first here
talk about fitness like these guys not an ounce of fat on them
think these guys are both 22
couple it up the hill right they're nice and straight pretty safe
the ball good
spice it up but he doesn't worry do it get there from the crowds for the first
time in this event just one
pretty someone down there and have a good time
freedom and Stephen Spanish there
guys don't look like they have backbones they can turn so far
I saw the ball up the middle so they're often run-up
Akosua got in this group it's easy figure these things out with the kiddies
this is Thomas Bjorn or from Denmark
he's kinda been resurgence in his career here last few years from working hard on
his game trying to get things back together
right foot switch their EC
but he still got this ball up the hill good
cactus what they're not so happy with that maybe this is david lamb from
i think is gotta cutting too much good
and also from 10 Denmark this is a store Bjorn Olson see setting up well down the
left side
can't tell through the viewfinder but I think that would like of players well I
really all through this get another hit quite likely won't easily
a little bit did
FX right Croucher Costa Rica as a pro like a redo I'll
but anyway go a long way autographed play
here we've got our from japan this is here UK Fujita
four-time winner on the Japanese tour
Japan tour 43 years old
stocky muscular build
at the toxic assets are you a slow-motion you can tell
pause store just sits there to look at a bar fight
and Fujita at age 43 we jump from there to review a chicago won a younger
players he's only 21
a believer now playing in his fifth Masters
his/her 12 wins International House collagen in the guidebook to Cassie
for his career look like so for another film in a few these events he's
actually hitting a 3-wood appears to have grown a little bit I think he was
just 5 730 something pounds couple years ago but
still not huge is 59 I think this a 150
eighties of the wrong with religiously Tanaka through the Fair where the
that's right up just cannon from the bunker on the right side
good are howard got to ask as pro recognize what everybody David Toms
it's got to be markers out they've got the markers up from thirty not many the
guys are using it but yes on
joke that look go ahead tee off a little bit more upfront like this old buddy 02
will be long enough later on in the week in
and David's playing with Lucas Glover here the 2009 US Open champion
and know that exception I think that gives at least 25 your exemption to the
Masters so he's probably playing on this US Open exception will discover long
arse you see that sort down cutting move his downswing
obviously low leverage in swing on traffic and motor it out there
are removed from here we're gonna go over to
work just walk around Frank
Oct here for on our services are the 18th green this is actually Mark O'Mara
and it looks like under my hand caught up with them this morning to them just
talkin strategies that supports you know they've actually
you know there those guys were playing a singles I spent over two and a half
hours on the back nine so tell us how much their study in
thing parts actually get teasing the great if you look closely out there
parties were the a whole occasion scrappy
apart this is Justin Rose we've moved back over to the first tee
we have a rare face on view shot. it's kinda hard to get those with the crowds
our now moving over the system putting green watchin VJ
dual putting here got a couple
marquee players appear Steve Stricker got matt Kutcher in the background stays
the a few putts here I think what we'll do after do the putting green stuff here
march on the golf course little bit get some more video gonna try to head down
to number three week using a good camera angles there
actual play together in these groups but I'll
golf course and find some of these guys. Ok as promised here we are
number three tee and that's Charl Schwartzel
and Richard Sterne walking up so we've actually got your
2011 champion
for watch charl tee off here. I butchered his name a couple years ago didn't
even know his name
when in the tournament I don't think there's a better swing out here
smoothies it can be pulsed laser dead straight
there's just no wasted movement anything he's doing fall going
now ago Richard another really good swinger
manage two guys are just technicians in the way this morning
see how steady their bodies are just no up-and-down movement just really simple
they're both hitting driver on this hole is 350 there's not a ton a room up there but
to being fitted into play up there good
by the camp good
alright so behind them coming up here on earth roof got Rory McIlroy
be affect behind him go
Lee Westwood they've paired up together here source
turning into a really nice afternoon now the temperatures in the seventies
Rory here with a fairway wood years we mention the souls not all along
sconce or start a little stinker ish looking shot they're kinda down the
pretty straight field likely drawn up
now lease gonna go with driver
slightly over all f's the toybox still
ever try to fit a straight baller little mariel
shot is drawing there a little down the left side
very nice
I guess Rory is going to reload here with driver will figure out which one he would
rather play
get two chances to watch this smooth swing watch cut down our squad and that
pic separation between sips shores as we get so much power
you know these guys look a lot bigger on television but when you see in person
they're all really lame
really don't want this pic worries just pretty standard size guide
dark are removed up now from my number three
we've gone up to 18 it gets so crowded out here have a hard time finding
anywhere I can get good vantage points do any film saw on the back of 18 tee
box right here are so ago
Vijay and Stricker they were paired up together VJ gonna tee off first here
it's a huge hit that's a laser
work I wrong overall
I it's as beautiful as I've seen him of the two you've probably on any holiday
just looks like a sidewalk working down there being just get a feeling see the
Bunkers are way down in the background
other their within reach but they're a long way down there but it just looks so
narrow that shoot
it's probably 250 yards to put 10 feet wide to get down through the chute
fairway on a lot stricter here
but shorter backswing and other guys not quite as much wrist hinge
he leaned on that one
kind of little extra umph from the bottom that's why I'm guessing it's so far
right up there was featured a
your bus left about are thought to try something different for this year
haven't done this before this number sixty
I see task and the crowds are alongside
hola 16 grains Bo Van Pelt group Cup
role in some parts but what I want to bring it was so shots gasket the ball
every group skip shots across
fired first amatures photo fucks
crouched countdown for this way accompli the Cal
first so let's listen in on the small
a guide
gonna try to get his first floor the grain would
skipped it almost to front of green
program three feet short that's pretty cool here the crowd roaring all day long
yeah here or the background right there that was from 16 to suffer or even
fairly approach shot on number seven and courses
Lee Westwood same hole just plan their way into seven
sick a complete their fronts practice rounds
are gonna move from here folks back up to the top of the hill
it's rumored Tiger Woods has been on the range
can actually I'm in the wrong place I was ready for him at number one tee
and he's got a bypass us here and run to number 10
he told us he was going to one but chose not to we've been waiting for this all day it's
actually 3:30 in the afternoon
nobody thought Tiger would play this late. Dustin Johnson teeing off on number 10 first
Now we've got Tiger Woods. what everybody has been waiting for. the crowds have tripled out here now for Tiger
you're gonna start running
solid swing
fairway wood so what I go we've got Dustin Johnson and then thats
Tian LingGuan that's with them amateur player from China
a player from China and I don't know what you were doing when you were fourteen years
old but
Tian is playing in the Masters at the age fourteen
i won asia-pacific Amateur Championship
and his youngest ever to play in the seventy-seven years at the Masters
Dustin shots and and then here's
channeling Guan in 14 and half years old actually outgrow these guys here driver
they were in fairway woods off the tee
because smooth at swingers that's a practice on their
which identical to his regular swing think it was a
18 under par the Junior World Golf Championships so is he fills out gets
older bigger it say about a better look L
watch out perfect this one works obviously it is
ten years old is he fills out gets a little stronger have links to compete
with these guys he's barely get to gaming certain issue this course
remember again
good happens for the best approach shot to the day
yeah closer than those two guys hit it
so I mean I think you know i think is secrecy knows how to score
here we've got tiger on number 11 gets the crowds are
tremendous out here just running around the golf course trying to follow this
group they're bigger than any crowds all based on risk I have enough
fine reckon get camera angle sets iron shot approach to # 11
for Tiger up
have moved up they have got to get four holes in advance those guys find a spot
so we're now on 15 tee
standing right behind the back of the tee box under the TV tower
think we've got DA points here
morning zip that right down the middle fifteen is a par-5
it is a semi blind tee shot you can't see what you hit to
he made a joke "there's the tree he was aiming at"
okay so this is actually Jason Day in yellow
it's Nick Watney
long free swing
Jason is kinda known as pretty long hitter as well
but I guess all these guys are what am i sayin there
they are all younger more athletic
bigger taller faster ok
okay come on we've all been waiting for a final I got a good location
gonna clear angle good camera angle for this. We've got Tiger Woods and his group come
into the 15th tee
it's getting dark it's later in the day many others to play at
daylight but its
its late for this time today. to be playing golf we've got down the line view
Tiger Woods 15th hole par 5 for I'll just shut up and let you watch this one
over-the-hill see the little twirl there
he likes that. grabbed the tee and we're outta here
go now
Tian Ling guan I think I read where
obvious it is aged just 14 and a half I mean great player but I think he's
he drives the ball around 250 - 260 so his probably giving up fifty yards
most these guys are x's a little bit flattish sorta backswing but keeps
on the same plane coming through as a beautiful ball for us right down the
very straight at looks extremely long but his plan to go as adjusted for miles
you measure be a 14-play with Dustin Johnson Tiger Woods
are should be prolonged Irwan to the day here
a couple years ago every show to watch dusted would like it when about 320 in
the air
so material yup
as project outcast
alright a little draw past Tiger
alright was get close to the end of our day I thought it leave it was for the
parting shot that's eleven fairway mowers st
going down the fairway
so that's it for the 2013 Masters practice rounds hope you enjoyed it
look for links down below to some of the
individual pros golf swings


Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson & more - Masters Golf Tournament Highlights 2013 Practice

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