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  • Where the English SlangFoodiecame from:

  • The term "foodie" originated in the early 1980s and is attributed to several sources.

  • New York writer Gael Greene is credited with first using the term in a restaurant review

  • in New York Magazine in 1980.

  • During this time, food was often portrayed as gourmet and exclusive in the media.

  • The term wasn't initially recognized by the everyday citizen and was used in more exclusive

  • circles​​​​.

  • Additionally, food journalist Paul Levy has been credited with coining the term "foodie"

  • in a 1981 article for Harper's Magazine.

  • Levy has been vocal about his role in popularizing the term​​.

  • Together, these references indicate the term "foodie" emerged as a way to describe a burgeoning

  • interest in diverse and quality food, distinct from the elite and exclusive connotations

  • of gourmet dining.

  • The term has since evolved to broadly denote someone with an avid interest in food, encompassing

  • a wide range of culinary experiences and knowledge.

Where the English SlangFoodiecame from:


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Where did the slang term foodie come from? Origin of foodie.

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