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>>STUDENT: I’ve always been interested in cooking. I think it goes back to those great
memories as a child in the kitchen with my mom, and it took me a few years and a whole
other career to realize that this is what I really want to do.
At Lane Community College, I’m living my dreams: preparing healthy food, celebrating
local ingredients and sharing the bounty with others.
>>ANNC: If you have a passion for creating, a passion for cooking and a passion for serving,
a career in Culinary Arts and Foodservice Management might be for you. But don’t confuse
it with The Food Network.
This demanding program is accredited by the American Culinary Federation and goes well
beyond cooking. Our experienced instructors teach you about organization, time management,
flexibility, communication and working as a team.
Your lessons in nutrition, menu planning, purchasing and cost analysis prepare you for
a job as a chef, head cook, restaurant cook or production baker. Our graduates work in
and manage professional restaurant kitchens, supervise the staff, even run their own pastery
shops, delis, catering businesses and retail food companies.
Our Career Pathway Certificate Programs offer additional training in Baking and Pastry;
Food Preparation and Production; and becoming a Dietary Manager.
>>STUDENT: As a student in the Culinary Program, I get daily hands-on training: planning and
preparing meals right here at the college’s banquet and conference center. I also volunteer
at some local charitable events, which gives me a real connection to people from all walks
of life and a strong commitment to community service through good food.
>>ANNC: The decisions we make about growing, preparing and serving food make a difference
in how we experience food. Train in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management and discover
the unique way that you can share your passion with others.
Lane Community College. Start your career here.


Culinary Arts and Food Service Management

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