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  • What would happen if you started consuming Omega-3 fish oils for 30 days?


  • That's a topic I wanna educate people on because Omega-3 fatty acids are essential.


  • That means that our bodies can't make them, but we need them and 70% of the entire population is deficient in Omega-3.


  • And I'm gonna tell you why they are deficient.


  • And I'm also gonna tell you what will happen if you started putting these Oemga-3s back into the body and you can do it through several ways.


  • Fish oils, fish oil is one way.


  • I prefer cod liver oil because it also has two additional things like vitamin D and vitamin A, both which are not in fish oils.

  • You don't want to buy a fish oil based on cost because you're gonna basically get rancid fish oils and they're gonna cause more harm than good.


  • And this is because fish oils are highly susceptible to being oxidized.


  • But of course, the best thing to do is to consume actual fatty fish, sardines, grass, fed beef, organ meats and even eggs.


  • Now I will mention about, you know, like walnuts, flax seed, hemp, chia seed might say they have Omega-3, but really, they're precursors that turn into omega three fatty acids.


  • They have something called ALA and then that can convert into EPA and DHA.

    彼らはA L Aと呼ばれるものを持っており、それがEPAに変換することができる。

  • EPA primarily helps you reduce inflammation.

    また、DH A EPAは主に炎症を抑える働きがある。分かった。

  • And a lot of people have inflammation and you can have inflammation in the joints.


  • So it helps with arthritis, you can have inflammation in the heart, so it can help with your heart.


  • And then you have something called DHA, which is really good for your brain.

    それから、DH Aと呼ばれる、脳にとても良いものもある。

  • In fact, your brain is made up of 20% DH A and I'm talking about the gray matter, the cerebral cortex.

    実際、あなたの脳は20%のDH Aでできており、私が言っているのは灰白質、大脳皮質のことだ。

  • This is why fish oils are really good for memory, cognitive function, attention focus learning really good for kids.


  • Yet many kids don't consume fish or fish oils.


  • But there is a reason why your parents or your grandmother gave you cod liver oil because that's more of a well-known remedy for so many things.


  • A lot of the Nordic countries used cod liver oil back in the day when they had long winters with very low vitamin D,

  • because as we know, we don't get a lot of sun during the winter and a lot of people become depressed during the winter and they might have a worsening of their arthritis.

  • So cod liver oil is an excellent source or just consume more fatty fish through the winters.


  • Now, another interesting benefit with cod liver oil, especially for kids if you can get them to consume it, is asthma and allergies.


  • and it's a combination of just reducing inflammation in the lungs.

  • I mean, what's an allergy? It's like you have a lot of inflammation.


  • But also the vitamin D is one of the most potent anti-inflammatories.


  • And vitamin D is one of the most important things in asthma.


  • This is why if asthmatic kids get more sun, their asthma goes in remission.


  • So normally people take Omega-3 fish oils for heart problems or brain issues, but they are good for other things too.


  • So if you consume them on a regular basis, you may find one of the following symptoms disappear: dry eyes.


  • Now, you can also help dry eyes with vitamin A but also with Omega-3.


  • The next one is dermatitis, especially if your skin is scaly and dry.


  • And so when you're deficient in Omega-3, you can develop what's called age-related macular degeneration affecting your sight.


  • I already mentioned all the arthritis both rheumatoid and Osteo and arrhythmias in high blood pressure.


  • Another really interesting benefit is improving a fatty liver.


  • That's right. By taking a certain fat, you can get rid of fat in your liver.


  • Another great benefit for Omeg-3 is increase calcium absorption.


  • Now, of course, if you take the cod liver oil, you're gonna get more calcium absorption because of the vitamin D.


  • Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium by a factor of 20 times.


  • I noticed when people are deficient in calcium, they can have leg cramps, but they also have a hard time going to sleep easily.


  • They might be tired but their head can't relax or go to sleep.


  • And menstrual cramps probably a combination because of the anti-inflammatory effect.


  • But also the vitamin D can help you absorb calcium and actually reduce cramping.


  • Omega-3 fatty acids can also help you with insomnia and even decrease the risk of certain types of cancer.


  • Now, one little problem that people have with fish oils is the burping, but they do have them in capsules without the actual oil.


  • So you can get them in capsules, you won't burp with those.


  • Sometimes people are allergic to fish oils or fish or they might be vegan and don't want to consume the fish.


  • Well, you can get supplements that come from algae.


  • So that's another source because the way fish actually get their Omega-3 is through consuming phytoplankton.


  • And also there's a simple, simple test that you can do, just with the one little blood spot.


  • Just take a little drop of blood and you put it on this piece of paper, you send it in,


  • and they can evaluate how much Omega-3 is in your blood and give you the ratios of something else which I wanna touch on next like Omega-6 fatty acids.

  • And I will put a link down below of a company that will do your test and I have no kickbacks or affiliations with this company.


  • Now, this next thing is very, very, very important.


  • Take a look at this graph.


  • We're looking at soy oil.


  • We're looking at an Omega-6 fatty acid.


  • What you need to know is the Omega-6 fatty acids compete for the Omega-3 fatty acids.


  • And I think one of the big reasons why people are deficient in Omega-3 is not only because they don't consume enough omega-3 like fish oils or cod liver oil,


  • but because they consume too much of the competitor, the Omega-6, which is very, very inflammatory.


  • So that would be the soy oil, the corn oil, the canola oil, the cottonseed oil.


  • The ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids really should be like 1 to 1.

  • Most people are like 30 to 1, very heavy on the Omega-6 fatty acids.


  • But that test that I mentioned will pick this up and tell you what your ratios are.


  • One last point about these Omega-3 oils.


  • If you don't have a gallbladder or you are deficient in bile and you can't absorb these fats very easily,


  • or maybe you have some type of inflammatory condition in your gut.

  • You may want to add some type of purified bile salt as a supplement to start.


  • Not only getting more absorption of these Omega-3 fatty acids, but also getting absorption of the other fat type of vitamins that you need.


  • But I think we've really got ourselves in the situation when we started to feed our animals way more grains and getting them away from the grass-fed food,


  • because animals that are fed grains uh have significantly reduced Omega-3 fatty acids than the grass-fed.

  • And because we're on the topic of nutrition and we're talking about healthy foods, there's a fascinating study I was involved in.


  • Some of the beef that I raised on my farm to a lab, and I want to show you the results.


  • Check this video out right here.


What would happen if you started consuming Omega-3 fish oils for 30 days?


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オメガ3系魚油を30日間摂取するとどうなるか (What Happens if You Consumed Omega-3 Fish Oils for 30 Days)

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