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  • One concept for harnessing the wave energy is the oscillating water column principle.

  • The power take-off for this technology is typically an air turbine.

  • The most commonly used air turbine for this application is the Wells turbine, which we

  • will explain in this episode.

  • The water level in the chamber rises and falls with the rhythm of the waves and act as a

  • piston.

  • The air is forced forwards and backwards through the turbine and causes the rotation of the

  • turbine.

  • This generates mechanical energy that is converted into electricity by a generator.

  • The Wells turbine has a special feature - it always rotates in the same direction, regardless

  • of which direction the airflow comes from.

  • How is this possible?

  • This is feasible because of the symmetrical shape of the rotor blades.

  • As the air hits the rotor blade, most of the flow is deflected in one direction and pushes

  • the blade in the opposite direction.

  • Due to the symmetrical shape of the rotor blades, the same effect happens when the airflow

  • comes from the other direction.

  • Therefore, this Wells turbine always rotates in one direction, regardless of the airflow

  • direction and guarantees the continuous rotation of the turbine.

  • The Wells turbine must be turned on initially, the airflow alone does not get it to rotate.

  • This turbine is one of the simplest turbines for wave energy conversion.

  • It has very few moving parts, none of them are in the water, need no gearboxes, is easy

  • to maintain and achieves an efficiency between 40 and 70%.

  • This turbine was tested in several research plants under real conditions.

  • Limpet, the power plant on the Isle of Islay was the first commercial plant in operation

  • between the year 2000 and 2018.

  • It generated 500 kW with two wells turbines.

  • The Mutriku Breakwater Wave Plant in Bay of Biscay on the coast of the Basque Country

  • in Spain, started in 2011.

  • It has 16 wells turbines and supplies 250 households with energy.

  • The Wells turbine has the most operational experience and running hours of all air turbines

  • for oscillating water column concept of harnessing the wave energy.

  • It makes a small contribution to the generation of sustainable energy.

One concept for harnessing the wave energy is the oscillating water column principle.


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Harvesting the Wave Energy: The Function of Wells Turbine

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