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Kids react to viral videos
This episode: Action movie kid
Jesus Christ! Okay
Oh god! What did that kid just do
I’ve seen this
They must used some crazy apps
Great special effects
That gun, though
That’d be the coolest Lego ever
Kind of like a real gun
Kind of, yeah, you’re father probably made it
Why does he do that?
Oh yay
Is this real?
The floor is lava
The floor is really lava
That is good CG
That was crazy
A lightsaber, it’s gonna be real
Star Wars. Lightsaber. Look out
Uh… you’re gonna have to pay for that, sir
He’s just so adorable and he’s like destroying everything
Are they sure they’re teaching their kid the right message?
Okay, does he have a Superman shirt on?
Because if he does, he needs to get that whole thing straight
Remember how to use it?
He’s got the mask and cape. Oh, he’s got themes on
Oh. That’s a very tall ceiling
Hmm.. I don’t know. The father actually put the kid off the…uh…
What is he gonna do now?
Oh gosh. What did… oh gosh
You forgot your lunch!
Oh my gosh! How did he show that one?
This is genius. I need to learn how to do that
Question time
So what was that kid doing in all of these videos
Being superhero
Things that belong in action movies, pretty much
He had super powers. It was like some kind of video editing. It just looked so realistic
To have super powers, I mean that would be awesome
Awesome! I mean who wouldn’t wanna fly? Who wouldn’t wanna have a lightsaber?
So how does it feel after watching these videos?
Knowing there’s a kid out there that can really do all these things
I’ll be scared if I see him
If that was real, that would be insane. Is that real?
Oh yeah, you can totally do it. It’s totally not effects for anything
It’s totally real! Um the floor’s obviously lava
I’m gonna have to be a buzzkill
I don’t think he actually can do these things
So you’re saying this is not real?
No, no, I’m sorry Benny
Would you really have lava in your house? I mean, come on, let’s be logical right now
It’s just super animation, because Lego doesn’t blast
There’s no engineering in the Lego that enables it to do that
So do you think this is real
Tell me the truth after I say it, okay?
Yes. –Well, it’s not real
How did he do it then, huh?
If it’s not real, how is he doing all this? Do you have any idea?
I think it’s just animation
Guessing CGI?
They used this thing called the computer
And they used this thing called editing
I’m assuming it’s the dad, because the mom probably might not do that
I have heard of the videos before
The dad basically did graphics for it all
So, cause he was like a… Was he the animation guy for DreamWorks?
Well, you’re right. It is the dad
Shocker, but you know
You could tell… -Right back at you
This kid’s dad is a special effect artist
I want that dad
That’d be an awesome dad
I really wish my dad would do that
He’s good with computers, but not that good
He wins the best dad award. My dad’s second place
That really shows how much he does love his son
That he does want to do all these things with him
And that he is spending this time just to do this
So a lot of people say they wish that their parents knew how to do these special effects
So they could make videos like this
But you know, you could learn the programs and become your own special effect artists
Who wants to do that? Seriously, that’s so much brain work
That’d be really hard. I’d try but totally fail
That would be really cool. –That’d be very fun
I think I can do it. It’s not that hard
I’d love to do that. Sometimes I make movies and I pretend I’m a spy
I would like to edit in lava so that I’m jumping over lava
Cause right now, all I have is me doing pretty boring things as a spy like talking
So when this kid gets older and looks back on these videos, how do you think he’ll feel?
Awesome. –He’s probably gonna be proud of them
Oh, he’s gonna laugh
Wait, was I… did I do that?
Hopefully he’ll be proud. If he’s embarrassed, I don’t know
He should be proud
Everyone has baby videos that they’re embarrassed, but these are like cool
Wow, look what my dad did for me back then.
This is what I really wanted to do when I was a kid and look what my dad did
Do you think he’s gonna be upset when he gets older?
Why would he be mad at his dad for doing this
I think I know what he’s gonna do. When he gets older he’s gonna fart in his face
He’s gonna open his mouth, gonna turn around. Right in your mouth
That’s gross, Lucas
So they call this kid something. What is your guess on what his superhero name is?
Super kid? - Super kid
Super wagon. –Action kid
Close. They call him the action movie kid
Awe, darn it
It’s not that catchy like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman
It’s pretty good. –Action movie kid. Cute
So finally, if the action movie kid’s dad was watching this, what would you want to say to him?
Hi, adopt me
You have a special gift
Teach me how to be action movie kid
Teach all the other dads to be awesome as you
I would love for you to teach me how to do this
I want you to make me fly
I really appreciate how much time he’s spending with his kid
It’s really an important thing for a parent to do
Just to spend more time with their kid, I mean, it helps their kid become a better person
So that when they have kids, they can treat them the same way
Thanks for watching kids react
Let us know in the comments what we should react to next
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Kids React to Action Movie Kid

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