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So I've recently joined Instagram, and I've discovered: "Oh snap! I'm the best photographer ever!"
Well, not so much—but I do love how you can take a photo of something pretty ordinary, add a filter, and all of the sudden it becomes a lot cooler.
Which got me thinking, how great would it be if you had Instagram in real life?
Oh man, my skin looks awful today.
Why don't you just Instagram it?
What do you mean?
Oh. If you Instagram things, they look so much better.
Just cooler! I'll show you.
♪Instagram it♪
Oh my God! That is amazing. You look so much cooler.
Yeah, I know it's weird; Instagram makes everything look more retro in real life, or something."
You should try it.
♪Instagram it♪
-Look how cool I look. -I like it, I like it a lot.
You know what?
You're going to love seeing what Instagram does to food.
It's crazy.
Yeah those pancakes don't look so good.
Not so good, huh?
Now, check this out.
♪Instagram it♪
That's awesome!
Wait a minute!
What happens if you Instagram an Instagram?
♪Instagram it♪
Get f***.
Yeah, and to be fair, a lot of things on my Instagram look a lot better online than they do in real life.
Sort of like how thoughts are better in your head than when you say them out loud.
I reckon if I were a guy, I would be pretty into me.
So let me know in the comments below.
Are you ever guilty of Instagram cheating?
Do you use filters even though you know it makes it look completely different or deceptively better online than it is in real life?
Let me know and tag a friend who is most guilty of using Instagram filters for flattery.
Also I apologize about there being no video last week.
I tried to make one but it was really weird, and when I say weird, these videos are pretty bad as they are.
So if you didn't make the cut, it's really bad.
But I apologize, and to make up for it, there'll be two videos this week.
This one and then one on Sunday.
And then back to Wednesday again.
I am sorry, I know I've said it before.
But yes, I apologize.
Thank you though for your comments on my last video.
Which was about "the deadly door draft," and "people who leave the door open."
Thank you though. That really made me laugh.
I'll talk about them in porno music/comment time.
But I'll see you guys on Sunday, and I hope you're well until then.
So Natalie, tell me, what do people who make videos on the Internet do at nighttime?
Oh, they film themselves, they eat a shit load of pancakes.
Okay, it's porno music/comment time.
And I know guys, you're always constantly blown away by my special effects.
I know.
Weta (Digital) called me up and asked me to work on the latest Lord of the Rings and I was like hell no!
I've got shit videos to make online.
And you know I'm not gonna lie, I did check out a good hair day.
I made a video way before I needed to, because my hair was falling nicely.
And I can't believe that someone is cheesy as myself didn't think of that pun.
I'm gonna use that from now on.
Cause I'm Natman.



実生活にインスタグラムのフィルターを使えたら… Instagram In Real Life

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