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if you guys have been on the internet and all in the last day added you have
come across something known as coney twenty twelve and this is like an online
campaign to basically raise awareness
of these despicable guy africa by the name of joseph connie now he is the
leader out something known as the lord's resistance army and the reason why he's
despicable is because he is uh... responsible for the grisly killings
tens of thousands of children prematurely kids so they are will have
people who will support them unquestioning lee and it's a tactic that
fistful you know it's only display the people throughout this reviews
uh... to to be able to
to have these soldiers that though
state in that don't question and answer leave brainwashed obviously it's is
despicable incidents now work
what this and
organization known as invisible children is doing is they're trying to raise
awareness about the situation and they've been doing so for nearly ten
years now and what they just recently did in the last day is released this
thirty minute video that explains who joseph connie ayers and what he's doing
exactly now we have a snippet of the video for you guys right now i want you
guys to watch to get a better understanding
of what joseph cody is doing in africa let's watch
because the truth is
colony of ducks kids just like gavin
for twenty six years connie has been kidnapping children interns rebel group
that our ad
turning the girls in the sex slaves
and the poison the child soldiers
he makes them usually people's faces
any forces them to kill their own parent
and this is not just a few children
it's been over thirty thousand of them
was one of those children
as if connie's crimes aren't bad enough
he is not fighting for any cards but only to maintain his power
he is not supported by anyone
and his repeated the use peace talks to rearm
again and again
different times to boot piece in the end
stern's that
this is the head prosecutor for the international criminal court
in two thousand two when the court was started their job was to find and
demanding the rest of the world's worst criminals
although there are a lot of warlords murderers and dictators in the world
the perversity of connie's crimes made him first on the court's list
on this earth died
maggie williams
by the trend is that you had the sections in one thing were crimes
committed against people
from is six oh three b_
to plan hamptons connie
the only way to the police junkie
with the rest
all right so that's a snippet of what's going on you get an idea of who joseph
cohen e_a_s_
uh... and what's incredible about this campaign is the number of people who are
already talking about it right this group invisible children is stunningly
successful yes annie i help or at least you know is asian this successful www
social media
or influencing account for
in a way like this it appears to be
like he did not only did is the scoop this cleanup backed up by anybody does
new really no i mean i'm sure he died as a religious cloak around him but it's
not as a setter
but at the same time no one is the selling motivated to be a guest of for
political reasons either
that's why you have to give invisible children credit
for saying hey you know what were motivated just by the fact of how venus
this guy is yet since topping yes absolutely hamlet
i think that the most powerful thing that this organization is doing right
now is educating people now aside from educating people date have uh... you
know another strategy two
find colony and bring him to justice and this is a part of the video where they
talk about that strategy let's watch
we are going to make josef conte
not to celebrate him
but to bring his crimes to the lines
and we're starting this year
twenty twelve
you're targeting twenty culture makers twelve policymakers
to use their power for good so they want to make a household name babe why do so
at their social media and so far they've been very successful
however regardless of how successful they've been they've received a
tremendous amount of criticism and i think it's important to bring that to
you guys as well singer fully informed
that way you can make a decision as to whether or not you want to support this
so the first criticism is how they use their funding and i want to give you
guys the exact numbers
uh... if you look at at the amount of money they received in donations it was
a total of eight point nine million dollars spent in twenty eleven one point
seven million went to their u_s_ employees to their salaries three
hundred fifty seven thousand out went to film costs now keep in mind that the
educated both their films eight hundred fifty thousand went to production costs
seven hundred fifty one thousand went to compete computer equipment
of course all of this uh... money is being used
for the films for the production and i understand it that's very expensive also
two hundred forty four thousand went to professional services
uh... and
that could include d_c_ lobbyists
uh... one point seven million went to travel expenses they travel to and from
africa and four hundred thousand yearly as spending went to office rent they're
renting in downtown san diego
now this is all public information it's available to all of its that were done
on the organization
on the two point eight million which is only thirty one percent of the donations
uh... went to their actual charity program there's a couple things here in
that regard one it is that uh... whenever you look at any organization is
doing a kind of charity non-profit center
people was like oh my god i can't believe that it costs money to run your
offspring but it that's you know you have to hire people inside
now is very clear that house
what the senate of the
you know money collected ghosts of actual charity saw without thirty one
percent is a low number i'm keeping it real
here better send the one the main missions they have
is public awareness so it's not fair to discount of thirty one percent here
and say that that's the only way they spend immaturity no no
is spending money for awareness
and that's why they have the employee cost of production cost the filming cost
et cetera and like i said they've been stunningly successful in raising
awareness and in uh... silly in the president's attention
as your about to tell us
so now if you do dive into the details and is salaries are outrageously high
which is not the says we have now
that would be a different story absolutely absolutely
and you know out when it comes to what they have achieved so far
they have up basically
but please huge role in getting it
president no bother to send one hundred members of our own military to africa in
search of connie to bring in to justice
that's one of these but with this group
i've been following politics in news from you know my whole life
and i cant emma recollect the president say hey you know what
here's a hundred guys google get back tag go arrest them killed whatever it is
that doesn't hit you with
and allies our fight against terrorism oil
police such as alba block state and never heard of it but that's why this is
so incredible change because
e understand its the u_s_ usually doesn't intervene unless they're
self-interests up late right
there are some pictures here right and and i'd know that that's a very realist
perspective but it's the truth right that's how it works in the
international's sphere
if a country doesn't see that their resources are something to take
advantage of didn't really give a shit about democracy i don't buy any of that
now uh... their disagreements about that but that's my take on it
ob but look even though they've been successful in public awareness and even
the old days finally got a white house to do something about it and
by the way when they first went to politicians about the situation
alike about ten years ago when they first did their very first film
politicians basically britain brushed aside to the rockets at yahoo probably
not going to anything about this antalya i'm shocked that they're doing something
about you know kinda and i think it could be committed
the solution to come see if you have about whether
uh... it's a good idea or not because
you know people who are libertarians and also some liberals said it would say you
know what
you have is random hundred-person
you know you call it a slob to arrest them you can call it a hit squad
s_n_e_t_'s the middle of sovereign countries ago
have added cost now of course the government of uganda is okay with it yet
so i knew that obviously is a huge difference maker here
it could develop into something badly they could great great rail that's why
you guys have to be fully informed on the situation right because i think a
lot of people are just blindly supporting without really delving into
the organization and what the potential ramifications could be in the future
so one final criticism of the organization that i wanna make sure that
you guys know about
is the fact that they are supportive of the ugandan uh... military right however
members of that military have also been accused of rape and looting uh... there
was as study done by the social science research council it's a completely
independent counsel and ad being looked into invisible children and here's what
they found
invisible children a supported us against people's liberation army
both the ugandan army and the sudan people's liberation army are riddled
with accusations of rape and looting
but invisible children defense then
arguing that the ugandan army is better equipped
than that of the any under other affected countries although connie is no
longer active in uganda and hasn't been since two thousand six by their own
there now and see that in congo
so again it's a very complicated issue beaches
in order to have a realistic effect here
you've got a hackney some allies in the region so
uh... i sympathize with the the invisible saloon campaign to get those
allies saying if the job done another head
money going the wrong hands is a serious problem
and isn't really be ear able are you really able to make sure that all the
money that goes
to your knowledge of the region are going to the right place is the right
well that's really tough to tell but then if your for you know this campaign
you turn around the state
but we want to get the job done read on
because if you don't have allies of the region
you not to be able to get the job done and you don't it'll be very you know
safe and sound in your
you know affects as you sit on your couch and or do a damn fed yes right
it's not a cut and dried issue it's not a black-and-white issue
but at the same time
you know
uh... i again i'm amazed by their effectiveness
an amazing their passion
to make sure they bring this guy to justice


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