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  • [Music] hello and greetings from Cate Breton Nova Scotia we recently spent a week road

    [音楽] こんにちは、ノバスコシア州のケイト・ブレトンからのご挨拶です。私たちは最近

  • tripping the island and what an adventure that was this was our fourth summer exploring

    、島を 1 週間ロードトリップしました。これは、

  • Nova Scotia and this time around we focused on Southern Cape Breton specifically the area

    ノバスコシア州を探索する 4 回目の夏であり、今回はケープ・ブレトン南部、特に

  • between Saint Peters and Port Hastings I think this is a really interesting area to visit

    セント・ピーターズ間 のエリアに焦点を当てました。 ポート ヘイスティングスとポート ヘイスティングス ここは非常にアクセスしやすいので、訪れるのに本当に興味深いエリアだと思い

  • because it is very accessible Port Hastings is the first town you hit if you're Crossing

    ます ポート ヘイスティングスは、カンソ コーズウェイを渡る場合、最初に出会う町です

  • via the kanso causeway the only land access point to the island so it's a logical starting

    島への唯一の陸上アクセス ポイントなので、論理的な出発

  • point and it makes a lot of sense for travelers who want to see a bit of Cape Breton Nova Scotia without

    点であり、 あまり遠くまで車を走ら せずにノバスコシア州ケープブレトンを見たい旅行者にとってはとても理にかなっています

  • having to drive too far we spent our week in southern Cape Breton doing an iconic sale


  • from Lake to Sea feasting on seafood at every meal tackling different hiking trails and


  • enjoying the warm Hospitality the island is known for so hit that subscribe button and


  • join us as we explore Southern Cape Breton travel guide


  • hello hello good morning guys so for our first activity of the day we are getting ready to


  • go on a boat tour of the Saint Peter's canal and we're gonna get to learn about their lock


  • system and how the bra door Lake flows into the ocean and you know they've got different

    システムと、ブラのドア湖がどのように海に流れ込むか について学びます。

  • tides and things like that so there's a bit of a system to get the boats to go from Lake


  • to Sea yeah and I mean this is the part of Canada we're going on a boat is practically


  • your Birthright I mean Nova Scotia is surrounded by water is considered Canada's oceans playground


  • and I can't wait for us to go out sailing today foreign

    と考えられており、今日セーリングに出かけるのが待ちきれません 外国

  • [Music]


  • Canal National Historic Site is an 800 meter title lock Canal designed to compensate for

    運河国定史跡は 800 メートルのタイトルロックです 運河

  • the tidal differences between the ocean and the lake the canal traces its history back

    は海と湖の潮の差 を補うために設計されています その歴史

  • to a traditional mikma Portage route and later affordified 17th century French Trading Post

    は、伝統的なミクマ ポーテージ ルートにまでさかのぼり、後に 17 世紀のフランス交易所 が購入できるようになりました。水門

  • the lock has Double Gates that close in a diamond shape and this is because depending

    にはダイヤモンド形に閉じるダブル ゲートがあります。これは

  • on the tides it could be the Lakeside or the ocean side that has the higher water levels

    、潮の干満に応じて湖側または海側の水位が高くなる可能性があるためです。 ter レベル

  • we did our tour through Richmond Adventure planning sailboat tours aboard the kunamara

    では、リッチモンド アドベンチャーのツアーを行いました。ケルト語で海の犬を意味するクナマラ

  • which is a Celtic word meaning Hound of the sea the tour was an hour and a half in length

    に乗ってヨット ツアーを計画しました。ツアーの長さは 1 時間半で

  • and we got to learn about the history of the canal and also hear about some of the fun


  • events that take place during the year like swim the canal [Music] foreign [Music]

    運河を泳ぐ [音楽] 外国 [音楽] など、年間を通して行われる

  • that was a lot of fun it was so much fun all right guys

    いくつかの楽しい イベント。 とても楽しかったです

  • we are back in the car because it's starting to rain we finished that tour just in time


  • and that was a lot of fun and we got to sail through the Saint Peter's Canal it was amazing


  • and uh Gordon was a fantastic guide yes very nice gentleman um couldn't have had a better


  • Captain very relaxed it's very friendly yeah the scenery was incredible and it was fascinating

    の船長はとてもリラックス できませんでした。

  • to see the procedure of how they they opened the canal Yeah so basically we were entering


  • from the Lakeside towards the ocean so first they had to stop traffic and like this bridge

    、彼らが運河をどのように開通したかを見るのは魅力的でした ええ、基本的に私たちは湖畔から海に向かって入っ

  • swings open the boat goes through and then you have these two sets of locks That Swing

    て い たので、最初に彼らは交通を止めなければなりませんでした。

  • open because obviously the water level between the lake and the ocean it's different and

    明らかに、湖と海の間の水位が異なり、 最高で最大3フィートになる可能性がある

  • at its highest it can be up to three feet so you kind of enter the lock mechanism then

    ため 、これらの2つのロックセットが 開いています。ロックメカニズムに入ると、

  • the water level either drops or Rises is and then the next set of locks opens and off you


  • go and once they had that part ready we were out out sailing so it is quite the procedure


  • but very cool to see I think that was my first time going through a lock system yeah so yeah


  • it's the thing to do if you're in this part of Cape Breton kind of like the southeastern

    、ケープブレトンの南 東海岸

  • shore yeah I would highly recommend it for sure it's just a I mean when you're in Nova


  • Scotia you got to get out on a boat and you got to explore the waters [Music] thank you

    ええ、 ノバスコシアにいるときは、外に出なければ ならないということです。 ボートに乗り、海を探索しました [音楽]

  • after the sailing tour we drove down to Iowa Dam where we stopped to have lunch at the

    セーリング ツアーの後、アイオワ ダムまで車で行き、エリシャの

  • island nest in erisha we got their fisherman platter with haddocks scallops shrimp and


  • clam strips with a side of french fries and coleslaw the portions were pretty big so you

    た。フライド ポテトとコールスローの部分かなり大きかったので、

  • can probably share the platters their menu also featured fish and chips fish burgers

    おそらく大皿を共有できます 彼らのメニューにはフィッシュアンドチップスのフィッシュバーガー

  • and breaded shrimp so you basically come here for the seafood so guys I am here with my


  • clam chowder it is so good like it's such a cold rainy day so this is exactly what I


  • wanted [Music] clams Lobster a little bit of everything and vegetables too oh there's

    。 これはまさに私 が 欲しかっ たものです

  • celery potato this is just perfect for the weather oh my gosh I have an amazing Seafood

    [音楽] あさり ロブスター 野菜も少しあります

  • fighter come check this out look at that shrimp clams haddock and last but not least scallops

    セロリポテトもあります これは天気にぴったりです そして最後にホタテ

  • and I've got three different sauces gravy homemade gravy for the fries seafood sauce

    と 3 つの異なるソースのグレービーソースを用意しました フライド ポテト用の自家製グレービー シーフード ソース

  • and then tartar sauce yeah fried scallops are my favorites they're the best guys look

    とタルタル ソース うん、フライド ホタテは私のお気に入りです

  • at that a whole lot of tartar sauce [Music]

    。 車に戻ってすごいですね。はい、その食事はどうですか、とても満足

  • amazing back in the car yes how's that meal oh so satisfying it's really our first taste


  • of the seafood that we're gonna be having while we're yeah in Nova Scotia so what a

    の本当に最初の味 です。

  • what a delightful treat it was you eat well on the island oh yeah full satisfied not not


  • gut busting but I was a nice big hearty meal and the perfect kind of food something to


  • warm us up as it's raining a little bit and we're gonna do price point as is always requested

    、少し雨が降っているので私たちを温める のに最適な種類の食べ物でした。

  • that meal was 48 yeah so twenty four dollars per person and we got the Fisherman's Platter

    食事は48でした 。 1 人あたり 24 ドルで、フィッシャーマンズ プラッター

  • the clam chowder the iced tea and ginger ale and the gravy the home and the greens and

    、クラムチャウダー、アイスティー、ジンジャー エール、グレービー、ホーム、グリーン

  • the biscuits and the crackers yeah [Music]


  • okay so this next attraction we're bringing you to it's called the Lenoir Forge this is

    を手に入れました。レノア フォージと呼ばれる、これは

  • the historical building right behind me and we've just learned that this place used to


  • be a ship's chandlery an ice house and a Tavern as well as a forge so it's had a lot of different

    は船の食器棚、アイス ハウス、酒場、鍛冶場であったことを最近 知りまし

  • uses over the years so we're going to bring you in show you some historical artifacts


  • and try not to get blown away by this wind [Music]

    し、この風に吹き飛ばされないようにしましょう [音楽]

  • twice a week during the summer months they have a blacksmithing demonstration the schedule

    夏の間は週に 2 回、鍛冶の実演があります。スケジュール

  • is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 4 pm during July and August But be sure to check for updated

    は火曜日と木曜日の午後 2 時から午後 4 時です。 7 月と 8 月

  • information before you visit they also offer a 30-minute walk-in blacksmithing experience

    訪問する前 に最新情報を確認してください

  • where participants get to make a small souvenir under the guidance of the blacksmith so aside

    。参加者は鍛冶屋の指導の下で小さなお土産を作ることができる 30分間のウォークイン鍛冶体験も提供しています

  • from the forge here at the Lenoir Forge they also have these three buildings that they


  • call shanties and they're using each of these buildings to kind of showcase what life was


  • like in the area back in the day so the one we're in at the moment is the schoolhouse


  • hey Sam it's fascinating yeah it just has a very specific smell inside of here you walk

    ねえ、サム それは魅力的ですここの中の非常に特定のにおいがあなたが歩く

  • and you're like the wood the chalk it smells like being in a wood shed and it's amazing


  • to see the deaths that were used the classic chalkboard I'm old enough to have used one


  • of these I wonder if you guys have this is a like stepping back in time and you know

    はこれらの いずれかを使用するのに十分な年齢です 皆さんは、これは時間をさかのぼるような

  • what I went to a rural School in Argentina so I actually used these desks that you can


  • see here and are you serious yes yes that was wonderful oh wow and believe it or not

    ました。 ここで見る ことができます。 私たちが行動 するかどうか

  • we actually also had a stove like this that one of the students would have to eat in the

    また、このようなストーブもありました。学生の 1 人が

  • winter time no way I know I know it's hard to believe but this is I mean it feels like


  • Little House on the Prairie like that type of school yeah and yeah it's kind of nice

    大草原の小さな家のような学校のような 感じです。 ええ、

  • this isn't stepping back in time this is just reliving your childhood that's fascinating

    これは時代をさかのぼらないのはいいことです これはあなたの子供時代を追体験するだけです それは魅力的

  • we're in the next building uh-huh and as you can see it's in the dining area yes yes yeah

    です 私たちは次の建物にいます ええと ご覧のとおり、ダイニングエリアにあります はい はい はい

  • so it's meant to Showcase you know kind of utensils and just items they had in a kitchen


  • a dining area back in the day what's really capturing my attention is just the stove stove


  • and these things are built to last like this will Outlast any water and Appliance if it's


  • kept well I mean it's just so heavy duty made it's incredible you know what I'd like to

    います。よく保管されて いれば、水や電化製品よりも長持ちします。 それはとても頑丈に作られているのは信じられないほどです

  • film a stove like that one day I would too I would actually I'd use it yeah for sure

    私がいつかそのようなストーブを撮影したいことを知っています 私もそうします 私も実際にそれを使用

  • it'd be cool to you know fire it up the old-fashioned way and uh and cook you know you want to get

    します -昔ながらの方法で、ええと、料理 人は、私たちのアルゼンチン人のために私

  • me one for our Argentine home the South American one yeah we'll save up for it how's that [Music]

    にそれを手に入れたいと思っています 南米のホーム ええ、そのために節約しましょう [音楽]

  • after visiting the Lenoir Forge we continued our loop around Iowa Dam and drove to Lennox


  • passage Provincial Park this park is located on the north side of Iowa Dam so it's one


  • of the first places you come across when you drive onto the island a bit of a rainy one

    車で島に入るときに最初に出会う場所の 1 つ

  • a bit of a wet today but we have driven over to Lennox passage Provincial Park where we

    です。今日は少し雨が降っています。今日は少し雨が降っていますが、レノックス パッセージ州立公園まで車で行きました。ここで

  • can visit the Grand Deke Point Lighthouse so that's where we're bringing you along to

    グランド デケ ポイント灯台を訪れることができます。 このかわいい小さな灯台 をチェックするためにあなたを連れてきて

  • check out this cute little Lighthouse they're they're very small in this area but very I


  • don't know there's something sweet like historic and rustic and they are sweet and their locations


  • tend to be fabulous so yeah yeah we're gonna enjoy this one right here aside from being


  • home to grandik Point Lighthouse Lennox passage Provincial Park also has two kilometers of

    グランディク ポイント灯台の本拠地であることを

  • Shoreline as well as hiking trails through the forest [Music] laughs [Music]

    除け ば 、ここでこれを楽しむつもりです。

  • we then made our way back to the Groundswell Pub and Inn which also happened to be where

    グラウンドスウェルl たまたま

  • we stayed on Isle Madame this place serves up some great food and it was recommended

    マダム島に滞在していたパブとイン この場所は素晴らしい料理を提供し

  • To Us by locals over and over again so be sure to check it out if you're in the area


  • [Music]


  • bourbon maple syrup scallops like bacon every ingredient fell off and they're all combined

    バーボン メープル シロップ ホタテ ベーコンのように 材料がすべて落ちて

  • I haven't even taken a bite but I'm so excited for this I'm salivating behind the camera

    まとまり 一口も食べてないけど 興奮して カメラの後ろでよだれ

  • [Music] that's way too good where do I begin crunchiness of the bacon juiciness of the


  • scallops it absorbs the maple syrup in the bourbon


  • and then for the mains Sam got the Cajun linguine with shrimp which was divine the sauce was


  • so rich and creamy that I kept stealing bites and meanwhile I ordered the Thai green curry

    。 ハドックとライス のグリーン カレー 地元の K ブレトン

  • with haddock and rice I like this Twist on a Southeast Asian dish using local K Breton

    シーフード を使用した東南アジア料理のこのツイストが気に入って

  • seafood and now while we're talking about the Groundswell I want to mention that aside


  • from delicious food and great music they also offer a variety of accommodations you can

    、おいしい料理と素晴らしい音楽以外にも、さまざまな宿泊施設が用意されていることをお伝えしたいと思います。 から選択

  • choose between staying at the Inn where each of the rooms are named after a different song

    でき ます 各部屋の名前がビートルズの別の曲にちなんで名付けられたインに滞在する

  • by The Beatles or their two-bedroom cottage which is where we stayed the cottage is Right


  • By the Sea and it felt rustic warm and cozy plus we also got to enjoy some spectacular


  • sunrises


  • another place not to be missed in St Peter's is battery Provincial Park which can be accessed

    サン ピエトロ大聖堂で見逃せないもう 1 つの場所は、サン ピエトロ大運河からアクセスできるバッテリー州立公園

  • from the Saint Peter's Canal you just have to walk across the Lock Bridge to the east

    です。 水門橋を渡って東側に歩いて行くだけで、

  • side and you're there this Provincial Park sits on a hill overlooking Saint Peter's Bay


  • and it is home to Jerome Point Lighthouse you can enjoy some really nice panoramic views

    本拠地です 。このポイントからセントピーターズの町の

  • of the town of Saint Peters from this point plus you can watch the sailboats and fishing


  • boats make their way through the canal and out to sea the park also offers plenty of

    また、ヨットや漁船 が運河を通り、公園の海に出るのを

  • hiking trails to enjoy plus lots of campsites with epic sea views [Music]

    見ることができます。 ハイキングコース もたくさん あり、壮大な海の景色を望むキャンプ場もたくさんあります [音楽]

  • another nice activity to enjoy in Saint Peters is a walk along the Saint Peter's Coastal


  • Trail this is a 3.5 kilometer Trail one way that stretches from Saint Peter's Canal to

    トレイル に沿った散歩です。 セント ピーターズ運河からセント ピーターズ

  • River tillard along the Saint Peter's Bay the trail is on a converted Railway bed and


  • it's a grassy trail with several access points to the beach you also get some really nice

    の上にあり、ビーチへのアクセス ポイントがいくつかある芝生のトレイルです。また

  • views of battery Provincial Park and the Jerome Point Lighthouse plus it's just so nice to

    、バッテリー州立公園とジェローム ポイントの素晴らしい景色を眺めることができます

  • listen to those rolling waves and enjoy the Sea Breeze we lucked out meeting this German


  • Shepherd on the beach who wanted to play yeah yeah I'm getting him wow

    うねる 波に耳を傾け、潮風を楽しむのはとてもいいことです。ビーチでこのジャーマン

  • [Music]


  • thank you foreign

  • [Music] we also ate at the Lock Masters Pub which is located at the Brad door Lakes Inn

    会えたのは幸運でした。彼はプレーしたかったの です ブラッド ドア レイクス インにあるロック マスターズ パブで食事をしました

  • Sam got the surf and turf which came with steak and a Lobster Claw in a side of mashed

    サムはサーフ アンド ターフを食べました。サーフ アンド ターフには、ステーキとロブスター クローが添えられたマッシュポテト

  • potato swirls meanwhile I got their pan-seared scallops served with a pea and lobster risotto


  • their menu also featured all the pub food Classics plus lots of seafood pasta and the


  • best part was that they had live music in the evening foreign


  • [Music] ERS starting off with the clam chowder for appetizer looks so good we've been having

    。[音楽] 前菜のクラムチャウダーから始まるERSはとても美味しそうです。 この旅行 で

  • quite a bit of clam chowder on this trip and this one is the creamiest thickest one I have


  • seen so far it comes with clams Lobster shrimp and haddock look at that this is gonna be

    今まで見た中で最もクリーミーで濃厚なものです。アサリが入っています。ロブスター シュリンプとハドックを見て

  • good I can just tell [Music]

    ください 。 できあがり とても美味しいです じゃがいもとガーリック

  • that is how it's done that's so good it also has potato and on the side a bit of garlic

    ブレッドが添えられています わくわくするランチがあります マックとチーズが大好きです ロブスターと一緒に

  • bread my goodness I have an exciting lunch I love my Mac and Cheese you can get it with


  • lobster these are the chunks of lobster I'm getting look at that look how cheesy this

    これらはロブスターの塊です 私はそれを見ていますこれがどれほど安っぽいか見てください。これ

  • is that is gonna be the first bite

    はまったく新しいレベル の最初の一口になります。

  • whole new level it's like the Mount Everest mac and cheese really wow for the mac and


  • cheese yeah I love stir and it