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Up until now you've been keeping the skis parallel and just sliding down. It's now time
to meet your new best friend - the snow plough. You're going to push the backs of the skis
out and create a vee or wedge shape with the skis and that's going to give you some resistance
and the feeling of slowing down.
The easiest way to try the snow plough for the first time is down hill on the flat. You
can use a friend and all they're going to do is pull you along using the ski poles,
slide for a couple of meters and then gently push both skis (very important to make it
equal), the backs of the skis wider and wider, look them in the eyes, its going to help you
balance. Ok let's give it a go. Start to slide. I'm now simply going to push wider with the
skis. If I keep going wider I'll actually see if I can stop him from pulling me.
Give that a few goes.
We've got the snow plough dialled on the flat, it's now time to actually try it for real.
Same rules apply, remember the basics; looking forward, arms nicely in front and away from
your body and relax. Pick up a bit of momentum, let yourself go and then very, very gently
start to push the backs of the skis slightly wider. If I increase that and go slightly
bigger I'll actually come to a stop. Perfect control.
Everything is gradual - nothing is rushed. Gently push out the back of the skis and you
come to a complete stop. If you're finding you're giving yourself problems by swimming
or making any weird hand gestures or putting the poles in the snow to try and help yourself
A simple way: get rid of these things and place the hands onto the thighs and keep the
upper body nice and calm. If you watch as I'm coming down literally my chest is going
to face you all the way down. Hands there, relax the upper body and just be gentle.
Much better. Let's have another go.


Beginner Ski Lesson #1.3 - The Snow Plough

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