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  • Hello, I'm Barbara of Barbara Glaeser Photography. Welcome back to my series

  • on how to dress for a portrait.

  • today we're going to talk about how to dress for a meaningful portrait.

  • I have the most fun when I'm presented with a challenge

  • and I help my clients discover what's really meaningful for them.

  • then I can tell that story with the setting of the portrait

  • and the clothing. Carol and Ty came to me because they were celebrating 25 years

  • of marriage

  • and Ty was becoming a Deacon. They wanted me

  • to capture the love they share for each other.

  • I suggested the Franciscan monastery

  • because it's a beautiful property with lots of architecture

  • and nature. It was the perfect place to show their lifestyle

  • always being on the move, their life's work and the love they share.

  • Their clothing choices reflect the professional people that they are.

  • Her outfit is from her travels around the globe

  • and the shaw repeat the flowers on the walkway

  • and her skirt suggests

  • movement. This image says it all.

  • Rhea wanted to celebrate her family but she didn't work traditional portrait

  • looking at the camera. So this mother-daughter portrait was captured

  • of them walking along the pathway and having fun

  • at the Cathedral where her daughter goes to school.

  • The colors are bright and full of

  • springtime and also at the same time captures the spirit of their relationship.

  • You can see how they adore this girl. Many of us have special relationships

  • with our pets.

  • and we want to capture the memories of their time with us.

  • This portrait is full of symbolism. Notice the wintery background,

  • golden color of the dog, the pose

  • and the special connection between them. Sometimes the story

  • comes out slowly. Andrea told me about

  • the special connection that she has the for

  • the Far East and the bond with her and her daughter share.

  • This little girl is a the sixth generation

  • Oman princess. You can see as the story unfolds

  • in sweet and intimate ways, all those same

  • connections. This last one was a lot of fun because the girls brought the clothing

  • they wanted to bring. I didn't restrict them in any way. I just helped them coordinate

  • a little bit.

  • They wanted to capture their friendship from high school

  • and they wanted to with fun and spontaneous images.

  • I think this one really shows their friendship and fun.

  • There are many ways to tell story and I really favor

  • the subtle que's within the image. I enjoy helping my clients discover what's really important and

  • meaningful for them.

  • And then create memories that are lasting. Thanks we'll see you next time

Hello, I'm Barbara of Barbara Glaeser Photography. Welcome back to my series


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意味のあるポートレート写真を撮る方法 (How to Get a Meaningful Portrait Photograph)

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