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  • My name is Benedict Cumberbatch,

  • and this is My Cultural Life for Harper's Bazaar.

  • What's your favourite cliché?

  • "Can't take it with you when you go."

  • Poem known by heart?

  • "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and "Ode to a Nightingale."

  • What would you say your guilty pleasure is?

  • I've got a sweet tooth, so Banoffee pie ranks quite highly.

  • What was the first record that you bought?

  • Now 24.

  • And the book that changed your life?

  • Catcher in the Rye.

  • What's your audition piece?

  • It was Ricky Roma, Glengarry Glen Ross,

  • and it was, "O what a rogue and peasant slave am I" from Hamlet,

  • if you have to do a classical and a modern.

  • Favourite, all time favourite film is very hard,

  • but I might go with Betty Draper and say Singin' in the Rain,

  • but there are lots of others:

  • Wings of Desire from Wim Wenders, and The Bicycle Thieves.

  • And your favourite villain?

  • Well, I saw it again recently...

  • I think... Heath Ledger's Joker is utterly original.

  • Who would you like to play you in film?

  • Christopher Walken,

  • it would be very funny to see what he would do to me.

  • Your favourite hour of the day?

  • Uh, dusk and dawn, transitional hours.

  • The magic hours when light changes.

  • Do you have any irrational fears?

  • No, I'm quite a rationalist.

  • I'm not superstitious, I think life is...

  • life is too full of natural wonders and logical complexities

  • to worry about illogical things.

  • A recurring dream?

  • Being abandoned in my grandmother's house on my own

  • and waking up to find everyone's gone.

  • So speaks a child who went to boarding school.

  • Abandonment issues, I think that could be it...

  • I forgive you, Mum and Dad. It's fine.

  • What's worth fighting for?

  • An awful lot. Your name, your privacy,

  • your family...

  • Certain parts, sometimes as an actor,

  • I think is worth fighting for, in sort of a metaphorical way.

  • What's your signature dance?

  • Wow...

  • The running man sometimes pops up.

  • That's definitely not my signature.

  • That's when I don't know what's good for me.

  • What's your USP?

  • Being able to fart on cue.

  • - That's impressive. - Thank you.

  • I didn't mean to do that one.

  • Money or sex?

  • Sex.

  • Apollo or Dionysus?

  • Dionysus.

  • Good cop or bad cop?

  • Bad cop.

  • Dylan or Hendrix?

  • Pass.

  • James Dean or James Stewart?

  • Oh, no!

  • That is...

  • You are, you are digging deep into my soul of split personality...

  • um, both.

  • - Optimist or pessimist? - Optimist.

  • - Minimalist or maximalist? - Minimalist.

  • Grace Kelly or Grace Jones?

  • Grace Kelly.

  • Lennon or McCartney... Lennon. Sorry, Paul.

  • And my final question is what's your fancy dress?

  • My fancy dress is a sort of

  • snoop doggy-style, 50's pimp...

  • thing going on.

  • - I bet you wear it well. Thank you. - I do, I do.

  • Been known to come out at weddings.

  • - Thank you. - My pleasure. Thank you.

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My name is Benedict Cumberbatch,


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