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  • Hey everyone Jennifer with Tarle speech with your  two for Tuesday homophone lesson. Homophones are  


  • words that are spelled differently, they have  different meanings, but the pronunciations  


  • are exactly the same. We have a great request  today from a student. I love this one. We have  


  • guerrilla which is a small independent group that  takes part in fighting a larger established force;  


  • and gorilla a large African ape. We have three  syllables or three beats in each of these words.  


  • People may hear them a little bit differently.  I'm going to teach you two different ways to  

    人によって聞き方が少し違うかもしれません。 という2種類の方法をお教えします。

  • think about pronouncing them. But when you say itit's probably going to sound exactly the same way.


  • To say this word correctly or these words  correctly we're going to start with way number  


  • one here we're going to start with g. And to do  that the tip of your tongue is down for that g,  


  • back of the tongue is pulled way high up, air  is going to puff out, your voice box is on  


  • and moving. Then you're going  to add that uh vowel guh guh guh


  • Next you're going to move to that ril  syllable and to do this start with that r er:  

    次にrilの音節に移りますが、そのためにはr erから始めます。

  • square tense lips, tip of the tongue  is down, back of the tongue is  


  • pulled high up. Some people may flip the tongue  back. Totally fine as well. Move to that short ih  


  • sound. To do that you're going to relax  your lips your mouth is slightly open  


  • and the tip of your tongue is going to be  behind your top front teeth, it is not touching,  


  • and you're not going to be able to  see it. But it's right there. ih ih


  • And then touch the spot where your teeth meet  the skin on the roof of your mouth for that l  


  • real ril ril and then end with the schwa  

    real ril rilとなり、シュワで終わる。

  • relaxed mouth relaxed tongue uh guh ril uh gorilla

    リラックスマウス リラックスタン uh guh ril uh gorilla

  • You might hear it this way and this is  fine if this works for you ger il la


  • So to say ger we're going to start with that g and  then move to that er. Your tongue is going to say  


  • in about the same place if you make the er with  the tip of your tongue down. Or you can flip it  


  • back either it's fine. Then we're going to move  to ill. Again tip of the tongue is right behind  


  • those top teeth you can't see it, then touch the  spot where your teeth meet the skin on the roof  


  • of your mouth for that l - ill. And then end  with uh the schwa: open mouth and relax uh

    を口の中に入れて、l - illそして最後にシュワのuhで終わります:口を開けてリラックスしてuhです

  • So let's try these both we have  


  • guh ril uh gorilla gorilla gorilla  or ger il uh gorilla gorilla gorilla

    guh ril uh gorilla gorilla or ger il uh gorilla goorilla gorilla

  • They sound the same to me  again whichever is easy for you  


  • stick with that one. So let's try these again. gorilla guerrilla gorilla guerrilla gorilla guerrilla.


  • And now for a sentence, let me find my paperDid you know there is a video game called gorilla  


  • gorillas? There really is I googled it. So  give it a try people are going to notice the  


  • difference. If you found this helpful please  share us with your friends, give us a like,  


  • don't forget to subscribe, and please  check out our website


  • Thanks everyone have a great week!


Hey everyone Jennifer with Tarle speech with your  two for Tuesday homophone lesson. Homophones are  


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