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Last night, we were taping our show
when we got the terrible news that
Robin Williams had died, and
we acted pretty much, we were stunned
And talked about it a little bit with Will Arnett here on the show
But it's an impossible thing to process, obviously
And here we are now 24 hours later
and it felt appropriate just to take a moment here
and talk about this absolutely incredible man
How he touched all of our lives
Yeah, really. –Such a fantastically funny guy and everybody knows that side of him
What I think a lot of people don't know and you're starting to hear all these stories come out
Is how he was crazily generous, he was so generous
Such a nice person
Yeah, and not just in a material way, but with his time
I mean, you know, he's spent so much time entertaining the troops
Which I didn't really know about, which means…
Cause he didn't talk about it
He didn't talk about it- He didn't talk, and he just did it
You know, he didn't do it for publicity
He did it because…
and I think the department in defense even
issued a statement in gratitude for all the work he'd done for the troops
He was generous in so many ways. He just set such a generous spirit as well
I knew Robin just in show business
and we did a few projects, benefits and things together
He'd been a guest on the show
And for my money, best talk show guest ever, probably
Just really brilliantly funny and
that's obvious to everyone, what a brilliant talent he was
But just as a quick example of what he was like
A bunch of years ago.
Five years ago I went through publicly, kind of a bump in the road and I was feeling a little low
Out of the blue,
Robin Williams buys me a bicycle
And it sounds like silly thing, you know
Like he was the first person to buy me a bicycle since my parents bought me a bicycle
When I was 35.
But I was, you know, kind of low,
and Robin loved to ride and I loved to ride
And he bought me a bicycle but this is so Robin Williams
He bought me this bicycle
and he had it delivered to my house
And it was the most absurd bicycle you've ever seen
Yeah, it looked like a Mardi Gras parade.
It did! It was beautiful It did! It was beautiful and really top-notch
Yeah, but it was bright orange and bright green and had shamrocks on it
So I called Robin up. I mean, who does that?
I didn't know him well enough to justify
this kind of… You didn't get me anything. And..
I knew you had a bike
Yeah, so I called him up and I just said,
"Robin, I'm flooded by this bike."
And all he would say is that, "Well, I knew you ride and I knew you could use it"
And he went, "Does it look ridiculous? Does it really look ridiculous?"
And I said, "Yeah, it looks ridiculous." And he went, "Good.
Do you look really stupid riding it"
And I said, "Yeah, I'm gonna look stupid" and he's like,
"Well, then that's good then."
He had just that amazing spirit of fun.
The generosity, but also the fun at the same time.
And so often, I would just look at that silly bike and think,
"What a wonderful spirit! What an amazing spirit!"
And we know now that he had his battles. He had his…
He's a… he's an…
And I think he's very courageous. I think it's particularly courageous for someone
to be that generous of spirit
in the face of that kind of depression
Just such a lovely, special man
We wanted to do one thing tonight, which is
you can talk about Robin or you can just
let him have the floor
So we put together just a couple of, a few moments
from his visits with us over the years
And we thought it might just be nice to go back
and have a visit
Let's do that right now
I had a parrot once and do not, in any form,
put them in your bedroom cause you think it'd be lovely to wake up to the parrot
Because they hear everything
And there, you'll have the bird out and it'll one day be sitting there and you'll be thinking,
"what a lovely bird!" and it'll go, "Not in the ass!"
This is the hairiest man I've ever seen in my life
It is frightening. It is an amazing thing.
I've actually been at the zoo and had monkeys go,
"what are you doing outside?"
Occasionally, I've had to do a thing where they, you know, for certain movies I've had to wax, and I had a lady…
You've done that actually? –Once.
and it was like this woman, half way through she said, "Do you mind if I take a break?"
You feel like you should have like people on your back going,
Nobody knows
the trouble I've seen,
taking the hair off Robin
So I couldn't have a stiff drink,
Or maybe have a really long talk
for the executives at NBC.
*Beep* the bastards that can't take a joke!
*Beep* the bastards that can't take a joke!
He's the best talk show guest in the world. He's Robin Williams
Thank you very much
The best talk show guest in the world
Robin, thank you for so many deliriously funny moments
and for so much happiness that you brought so many people
We'll take a break. When we come back
Damon Wayans, Jr. is here. We'll see you in a second


Conan Remembers Robin Williams, The Best Talk Show Guest In The World

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