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  • Hello! Jazz Hands. My tongue is red.

  • So I know we all have those days when we are running late for school or work.

  • Or whatever it may be that you have to be on time for

  • And you just don't have any time to get ready. I've been there.

  • Every single day, actually...

  • And do not get me wrong. There are multiple times where I'm running late and I wake up late.

  • And I just roll out of my bed and walk out the door as I am.

  • But sometimes I do like to look some what presentable on those days when I was running late,

  • which is why today I decided to show you guys my tips and tricks and the ways I'd like to get ready when I'm in a rush.

  • So I'm actually showing you guys three quick and easy hairstyles as well as few different outfit ideas that are basically kind of incorporating your pajamas.

  • So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video. Give me a thumbs-up if you would like to see more videos like this.

  • Let me know in the comments which hairstyle and which outfit is your favorite and which one you would wear.

  • And also if you guys have any ideas in this video, I'd love to see it on you. You can just tweet me a picture

  • with a hashtag ."Running late with Bath".

  • Because when you are running late. I am running late. We are running late together!

  • Okay. So I don't know about you guys, but I am a night- shower taker.

  • If I have to be somewhere in the morning I know there is no way I'm going to be able to throw myself into shower so I just prefer to do it at night time.

  • And it's one less thing you gotta do in the morning.

  • Another thing I recommend to do the night before school or work is to pack your bag ahead of time just because I know me when I pack my bag in a rush I always forget something. So I just like to pack my bag at night. So it's ready to go in the morning!

  • And then you can go on and hop on your bed for a nice sleep!

  • So I am guilty of waking up late very very very many times when I had to be somewhere and then realizing what time it is.

  • So I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how to get ready in a rush.

  • So my go to make-up products when I'm in a rush is BB cream or CC cream in this case. It moisturizes your skin while giving you coverage at the same time.

  • And then I just set it with a translucent pressed powder.

  • Ain't nobody got time for eye shadow, so instead of doing that I'd like to make my eyebrows kind of focal point and my make-up look by just filling them with a little bit, and then apply mascara.

  • The trick to this is to focus it on the roots of your lashes cause it kind of make you look like you've applied your eye liner when you get it.

  • But if you have the extra time and you are pro with eye liner then you can go ahead and do that as well.

  • Now for lipsticks a little trick I'd like to use of this is put is under my blow dryer for about five seconds.

  • It makes the lipstick lasts a lot longer and also makes my lips super soft.

  • And because we don't have time for real blush. We can just swipe your lipstick on your cheeks and then it looks just the same. Pretty much!

  • Now it's time for the hair!

  • So if you did not have time to wash your hair the day before, dry shampoo is going to be your bestie today.

  • So I'm just spreading in on my hair to get rid of oil. And the first quick hair style is to split you hair into three sections. Take one of the sections and braid it like normal.

  • Then take the two un-braided sections and the one braided section and braid those three together!

  • And you have a super cool detailed braid. It's very easy very fast, and I think it's adorable.

  • The next hairstyle is one of my favorites. All you're gonna do is to tease some of the hair at the top of your head and smooth it out, so you won't look cracra.

  • And then you're just gonna pull it up into a pony tail and tie it off.

  • And then you can totally accessorize how you want to. I want to just have my little bow from Forever 21.

  • And I just click that onto my pony tail and you can see teasing the hair gives it so much more volume and it makes it look like you spend more time on it then you did!

  • Now for the last hairstyle you are gonna spread your hair in half.

  • Then take the crown section, tease it, twist it, and pin it with the bobby pin.

  • And then with the two side sections in the front. You're gonna lightly twist those and braid them like normal.

  • Then just take each braid and pin it to the back of your head!

  • And Wala! We are finished! Now this is totally optional, but you can take a hair bow. I got one from Forever 21, and I just place that right back to my head, and it looks super cute.

  • Now it is time to pick out which you are going to wear for the day. My room always looks like a disaster after this step.

  • Very depressing.

  • Next step is breakfast, you know, if you have time.

  • Oh I got a little time.

  • So when running late you can't necessary go for the pancake with french toast, but I still really encourage you guys to eat something because breakfast is very very important.

  • On days when you have few extra minutes to spare and normally I'll pour myself a bowl of cereal.

  • And on occasion, I'll make myself a fruit salad the night before, so that's already for the morning. But most of time, all I really have time for is to grab a juice and a granola bar and that's about it, you know, just keep it real here.

  • And then it's the time to get my little booty out the door.

  • So here is the first outfit idea that I have for when you are running late for school. So I'm gonna be honest with you guys here. Two of the items that I'm wearing I actually wear to bed very often.

  • So it's kind of like just wearing my pajamas to school, but it's button-up shirt and a pair of black leggings.

  • But by throwing over in an over-sized knit sweater, this outfit actually looks presentable which I think is pretty awesome.

  • My little smiley grey sweater was purchased from Forever 21, and then I think it's super cute cause you can see the color peaking out of the top.

  • And nobody's got time to lace up their shoes in the morning,so these are some little zip-on boots that I got from Parkistan.

  • Outfit number two: I absolutely love this one. I just think the colors are super pretty and adorable.

  • And another thing to mention here: This shirt that I'm wearing today is actually a pajama shirt. That's right, I got it in a pajama set at Forever 21.

  • And I totally made it pass as an actual shirt. So yeah!

  • I paired it with some black leggings that are very comfortable. I don't know about you guys but every morning if I'm just not feeling good that day, I don't want to be in super tight jeans.

  • And then I'm just wearing a knit card(igan) again. That's very slouchy, very comfy, makes you feel like a blanket.

  • And then I'm wearing a beanie. Because sometimes you just need to cover up the bad hair going on.

  • Finish off with some slip-on boots,and you are good to go.

  • So I hope this video is helping for you guys, and I'll talk to you later. Bye!

Hello! Jazz Hands. My tongue is red.


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