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  • Xiomara Contreras is no ordinary teenager.


  • If you're not hunting, you're being hunted.


  • I raised her in the frozen wilds ofgos,


  • where there is but one truth: everything wants to kill you.

    そこは周りすべてが 命を狙ってくる環境だ

  • Mara may be young,


  • but she has been preparing for this moment her entire life.

    このときのために 人生をかけて学んできた

  • Surviving's not for everyone.


  • She joins the Apex Games to right a terrible wrong,

    彼女は完全な誤りを正すために Apexゲームに参戦する

  • and anyone who stands in her way soon won't be standing at all.

    邪魔をすれば 瞬く間に倒れることになるだろう

  • Survival often comes down to luck. In your case, it came down to skill.

    サバイバルは運任せになることが多いんだ アンタの場合はそもそも実力がなかっただけだね

  • A true hunter,


  • she will get the lay of the land before engaging.

    引き金を引く前に 状況把握に努める

  • Take a gander at this.


  • Vantage knows not reveal her position until her prey has no chance at escaping.

    ヴァンテージは位置を悟られずに 獲物を完全に捉える

  • Nice kill!


  • Danger lies around every corner in the Apex Games.

    Apexゲームでは あらゆる場所が危険に満ちている

  • Let's go, Echo!

    行くよ エコー!

  • Vantage can use Echo to relocate to a more strategic position.

    ヴァンテージはエコーを使い 戦略上より優位な場所に移動する

  • Wo-hoo!


  • I'd tell you to be on your guard, but it won't matter.

    どれだけ警戒していても 無駄なこと

  • If Vantage has you in her cross-hairs, you'll never see her coming.

    ヴァンテージが照準を定めれば 彼女の姿を見ずして最期の時を迎える

  • That one's for my mom.


  • Whatever threats these Games hold, she will be ready.

    戦場にどんな危険が潜んでいようとも 彼女ならば対応可能だ

  • Time to show them what I taught you, my wild one.

    私が教えたことを 披露しなさい ワイルドワン

Xiomara Contreras is no ordinary teenager.



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