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  • Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 horror games that ruined our childhood for this list.


  • We're looking at various horror games that took bits and pieces of the things we loved as kids and warped them into our worst nightmares.


  • Which of these games did you find the most terrifying share your fear in the comments below Number 10?


  • My friendly neighborhood though it may not have been released just yet.


  • My friendly neighborhood is still worth mentioning due to the topic we're discussing, in case you haven't heard of this title, my friendly neighborhood puts you in the role of a repairman sent to investigate the weird oddities occurring on a puppet show.

    このタイトルを知らない人のために説明すると、「My friendly neighborhood」は、人形劇で起きている奇妙な出来事を調査するために派遣された修理工に扮することになる。

  • Hey, I'm trying to count to 10.


  • Yes, this is a survival horror game that is very heavily inspired by Sesame Street and seeing the dopey muppets get blasted to bits is admittedly hilarious.


  • Still, there's something about their blank stares and dark environments that make our stomachs churn a bit.


  • What's going on around here, Number nine Bendy and the Ink Machine, it's really dark in here.


  • First, Joey installs this ink machine over our heads.


  • If you've ever seen old cartoons from early to mid 19 hundreds, you're most likely aware of just how disturbing an adult they can get Bendy and the ink machine takes the old cartoon theme and cranks the disturbing imagery up a few notches as Henry stein, players explore an abandoned animation studio where a mysterious device brought demented versions of the studio's flagship characters to life from there, one will discover a story filled with office politics, jealousy and possibly cult rituals.


  • You won't look at Felix the cat or steamboat willie the same way ever again.


  • After playing this, the ritual must be completed soon.


  • He will hear me, He will set us free.


  • Number eight baldies, basics in education and learning problem.


  • One good one you're doing there baldies, basics was another one of those horror games that disguises itself as something far more innocent than it actually is before laying in the fear upon booting up.


  • It looks like any other entertainment game you would have seen on an M.


  • S.


  • Dos computer.


  • However one impossible question lands you in a heap of trouble with the game's titular antagonist who will chase you around school while smacking a ruler against his hand.


  • No running in the halls really.


  • It's the rough and outdated visuals that make all these basics seem more haunting than it probably is and it's most likely wide struck a chord with so many players.


  • Great job # seven Tattletale show of hands.


  • Did anyone else grow up with a furby?


  • You know, those mechanical birdlike beasts that talked to you and have their own personalities?


  • Well, if you thought those things were cute and cuddly for some reason, tattletale might change your perception.


  • The Children thought that mama would never find them as long as she couldn't see them.


  • It starts out somewhat innocent, you're a child who cannot wait for christmas.


  • So you head to the basement to open christmas presents early.


  • Honestly our eyes widened after hearing this thing Talk for the first time things get really alarming when other title tales begin to show up, especially the demented mama unit.


  • Yeah, let's just pray that furbies never become popular ever again.


  • Oh, come on Number six until dawn rush of blood.


  • Some days you just don't feel at one with yourself, do you?


  • Something about carnival rides doesn't sit well with most folks.


  • For some, it can be the moments in complete darkness for others.


  • It's the fact that you're restrained in a metal box and have no control over where it might go.


  • Russia blood combines the two fears and creates a carnival ride of terror that will make you swear off from going to another county fair ever again regardless of how colorful it may appear.


  • The game continuously puts you in dark environments as the ride breaks down and leaves you stranded in enclosed areas, giving you nothing more than a couple of shabby pistols to defend yourself.


  • It's a wild ride through and through but it can get a little too wild.


  • Number five puppy playtime.

    5位 子犬のお遊び

  • If you're seeing this, then you're trespassing.


  • Yeah, we played this little tape on loop whenever we close the factory for the day every now and again the world is given some new toy that many craze over while others get insanely creeped out by it.


  • That stuffed monkey with the Cymbals teddy ruxpin the troll dolls and not to beat a dead horse, but for bees to puppy playtime isn't going to make kids toys anymore charming either while exploring an abandoned factory owned by the playtime toy company, you'll encounter living demonic versions of the company's products at the time of this video, we've only seen the nightmare inducing huggy in chapter one and the titular antagonist, Poppy isn't a warming doll herself.


  • # four Duck season.

    # 第4位 ダックシーズン

  • Remember the days of spending hours in the living room playing the new video game, your parents got you for your birthday or christmas Duck season is a VR shooter that lets you relive those days, but this duck hunt parody is more than just a shooting gallery as it lulls you into a sense of security, you can't help but feel something is off.


  • Is it the outrageous commercials aimed at kids, is it the dopey looking dog without getting into spoiler territory will say this if home invasion movies fill you with anxiety and duck season is going to be traumatizing Number 3 to Chew Charles.


  • This is another horror game that has yet to be released, but like my friendly neighborhood, it is still worthy of being on this list For years.


  • The internet has made thomas, the tank engine into a total mem and choo choo Charles plays with those memes by sending a train with spider legs after you.

    インターネットによって「きかんしゃトーマス」は完全にミームとなり、「Choo Choo Charles」はクモの足を持つ列車を送り込んで、そのミームを利用した遊びをしています。

  • Oh my God!


  • As you try to avoid Charles, you're going to need to explore the land and gather resources to beef up your own modest train.


  • Will you be the one to put Charles out for good or will you become his next victim?


  • One man developer to Star Games hopes to have a full game out sometime in 2022 and we cannot wait to face the really deadly engine ourselves.

    Star Gamesの一人開発者は、2022年には完全なゲームをリリースすることを望んでいます。私たちは、本当に致命的なエンジンに直面するのが待ち遠しいです。

  • #2 Doki Doki Literature Club, we've all had our own desires for cute, see enemy visual novels and dating sims at one time or another, as most folks would know by now, Doki Doki Literature Club happily wears.

    #2 ドキドキ文芸部、私たちは皆、かわいい、敵のビジュアルノベルやデートシムを一度か別の欲望を持っていた、ほとんどの人々は今では知っているだろうように、ドキドキ文芸部は喜んで身に着けています。

  • It's adorable appearance on its sleeve, but some dialogue hints at the nightmarish imagery lurking underneath its facade.


  • Eventually, you're no longer in a lovable and welcoming visual novel about a high school book club.


  • You're another play thing in one of the characters disturbing games.


  • It's this left turn that caused many to flock over to Doki Doki Literature Club and it's also the reason why were immediately suspicious towards almost any anime visual novel.


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  • Number 15 nights at Freddy's um welcome to Freddy pizza, a magical place for kids and grownups alike where fantasy and fun come to life.

    ナンバー 15 nights at Freddy's um ようこそフレディピザへ!子供も大人も楽しめる、ファンタジーと楽しさが詰まった魔法の場所です。

  • Of course we have to put five nights at Freddy's at the top spot.

    もちろん、「Five nights at Freddy's」をトップに据えなければならない。

  • Say what you will about it.


  • It's played out.


  • There are too many Sequels.


  • It relies on jump scares too much.


  • Yeah.


  • We know the thing is though, that showed the potential in warping childhood memories into nightmare fuel the creepy chuck e cheese aesthetic of its characters and environment captured the internet back in 2014 and that almost immediately launched the I.


  • P.


  • Into blockbuster status.


  • To the point where we now have books, fan games and even a movie in the works had not revealed its then untapped market.


  • We probably wouldn't have gotten many of the games we've covered in this video in the mood for more awesome gaming content.


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Welcome to watch Mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 horror games that ruined our childhood for this list.


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