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Apparently our first guest is an internet sensation, and apparently his video has over 15 million views.
Take a look.
What did you think about the ride?
It was great.
And apparently I've never been on live television before.
But apparently sometimes I don't watch...
I don't watch the news, because I'm a kid,
and apparently every time...
apparently grandpa just gives me the remote
after we watch the Powerball.
Tell me about the ride. What'd you think about the ride?
- Well, it was great. - Why?
Because apparently you're spinning around,
and apparently every time, you get dizzy.
- Yeah. - So all you do is get dizzy.
- Is it fun? - Yeah.
And I've never, ever been on live television.
I never, ever be on live television.
- Are you excited? - Yeah.
And apparently I already went down the Super Slide.
When I went down alone, I was scared half to death.
- I just freak out. - Okay, okay.
I need his name.
And there he goes.
From Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
Please welcome five-year-old Noah Ritter.
[cheers and applause]
- This is my first time on a talk show.
- What is it, Noah? - My first time on a talk show.
Oh, man. Welcome.
[cheers and applause]
- You waving to your grandpa? - Yup.
- Yup, your grandpa's in the audience.
Hi, grandpa.
So that was your first time... it was live television,
and you got the mic, and they asked you a question.
and the word "apparently" is your favorite word, isn't it?
Yeah, but I got over it now.
I get over it now and then.
You got over it?
You don't use "apparently" anymore?
- Nope, got over it. - Okay.
And you're five years old.
And what's your new favorite word?
Hmm, "seriously".
I would have to go with "seriously".
Hey seriously! Seriously!
And so you're in kindergarten.
What are you learning in kindergarten?
Very hard to concentrate of what you're gonna learn in kindergarten.
But I think... I think they're holding me
I don't know how many hours.
Porbably like... eleven hours.
I don't know.
It was like I was in prison for ten days.
[laughter and applause]
So you're enjoying it.
Yeah, five days, that's a week.
- Yeah, so... - Ten days, year.
Now do they know... the kids in your class,
Do they know you're famous?
Nope, I only tell the big kids on the bus.
Oh, you tell the kids on the bus...
And I have to go to a different bus.
(That's) All I have to do is just go to a different bus, and then I'm home free.
And I'm like, "Why can't they just park them at my home? "
Why can't...why can't the bus driver park at my home?
He has to park at the bus stop, and I'm walking down the sidewalk,
going to my grandparents'.
I'm like, "Oh my gosh. My legs hurt".
And then when I finally get home, I'm like...
I sit down on my couch,
and.. and then that's the end of pain.



【エレンの部屋】「明らかに」が口癖の男の子 (Ellen Meets the ‘Apparently’ Kid)

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