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Movies: Iron Man 3 Interview with Robert Downey Jr.
Hey, everyone. Welcome to Fandango�s Weekend Ticket. I�m Dave
Karger. It is the week of May third and I am here at the new Iron Man
exhibit at Disneyland to commemorate the opening of Iron Man
3, starring Robert Downey Jr. INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
DAVE KARGER Of all of the Iron Man or Avengers
movies, this one is the sneakiest, I think. Do you agree?
ROBERT DOWNEY JR. That was the big idea. We thought
it was just a really big risk to take, but that�s what we�ve gotten
used to. Ya know, big risk has equaled our big rewards. And in
Iron Man 3, nothing is really as it seems.
I�ll have more of my interview with Robert Downey Jr a little bit later
in the episode, but first, let�s delve into Iron Man 3.
Intercut with Iron Man 3 footage. DAVE KARGER (CONT�D)
Now like the other two Iron Man films, Iron Man 3 contains a blend
of serious action and sly humor. Robert Downey Jr�s co-stars,
Gweneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, are both more central to the action
this time. (MORE)
And this new movie brings new characters, played by Ben Kingsley
and Guy Pearce, who are both very worthy adversaries to Tony Stark.
Now there is a huge twist involving one of the new characters, that
gives the movie a big lift about an hour in. I didn�t see it coming, at
all. If you don�t know the twist, make sure your friends do not tell
you about it, before you see the movie. Iron Man 3 is rated PG-13,
which means that some of the action sequences might be a little bit too
scary for kids under ten, but my favorite scenes in the movie are
actually involving Robert Downey Jr. and eleven-year-old actor Tye
Simkins, who plays a huge Iron Man fan who Tony Stark meets in
Tennessee. Now Robert Downey Jr., himself, also had a great time
filming these scenes. Take a look. Interview with Robert Downey Jr.
DAVE KARGER (CONT�D) My favorite scenes are with you and
Tye Simkins who plays young Harley. Oftentimes, I�m allergic to
precocious kids in movies but it really works here. Was it super fun
to do those scenes? ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
Tye�s a big deal. And there was a lot of pressure on him. He had to
kind of represent the heartland of America in a way that he can be a
little bit cocky, but he has to be the one who just sees Tony as -- a
kid fan sees him. And he really captured that and I loved working
with him. And we said a fair amount of what was written, and there was
a lot of stuff, the best stuff in our scenes that -- I just wanted to
encourage him to feel natural and free and boy did he do it.
DAVE KARGER Yeah. There�s a great moment when
Tye Simkins wants to talk about the Avengers, and you basically tell
him to get lost. Does that happen a lot to you as you�re living your
day to day life -- people wanting to come up to you and ask you these
questions? ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
I�m happy to talk about anything. I think the funny thing is, I was
saying, how can this kid get under my skin in a way that parents can
understand why is it that kids will just drill you when you�re saying,
don�t you understand daddy is a little stressed out right now. To
the point where they drive you over the edge, and then call you a
So that�s what�s going on this week at the movies. If you end up seeing
Iron Man 3 this weekend, please send us a tweet and let us know
what you thought. And be sure to join us next week when I�ll be
previewing The Great Gatsby and Peeples. Thanks so much for
watching, I�m Dave Karger...wait a second, guys. Iron Man�s been
filming me the whole time? Closing titles.
DAVE KARGER (CONT�D) So what�s your Weekend Ticket going
to be? Buy your tickets, on Fandango.


Week of 5/3/2013 - Guest: Robert Downey Jr. | Weekend Ticket | Fandangomovies

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