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  • So I think it's gonna be very hard for the jury here to make sense of that.


  • Welcome to watch mojo and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 expert reactions to the amber heard johnny Depp trial within the context that we are hearing it without the context she's giving us it sounds like she's the aggressor and there's really no way around that for this list.


  • We're looking at what doctors, attorneys and other professionals have analyzed from depth.


  • He heard this naturally excludes any experts who have testified in the trial.


  • Which experts have you been following during the trial?


  • Let us know in the comments number 10 christa Haggai Remy, the co founder of the L.

    私たちは、コメント番号10 christa Haggaiレミー、Lの共同創設者で知ってみましょう。

  • A.


  • Based firm Remy Law.


  • This lawyer practices in areas such as personal injury and protecting Children who've been mistreated at school.


  • Speaking with Insider Remy argued that herd went rogue on the stand when she brought up kate moss seemingly alluding to an unproven rumor that Depp pushed the model down the stairs in the nineties.


  • Remy theorized that herds, quote attorneys did not want her to say that based on her experiences.


  • Remy noted that trauma victims often remember things in fragments.


  • Whereas hurd's testimony has been more detailed, There's a lot of narratives in her responses and that is what I am struggling with discussing Dep Remy said his smirking throughout the trial would make her cringe if he was her client and he has been doing this quite a bit during amber heard testimony.


  • She also suggested that Depp lose the colored glasses, calling them quote distracting, I think they're distracting and although it is part of his image, I don't think it works here.


  • Number nine Gerry Crotty, a former law enforcement officer.

    9番 Gerry Crotty 元警察官。

  • Gerry Crotty now serves as a computer voice stress analyzer watching depths testimony regarding a bottle and his missing finger.


  • Crotty didn't detect any stress in the actor's voice other than when he said quote shattered everywhere.


  • No stress associated with anything he's saying until he gets to the part where he talks about how it has shattered everywhere.


  • And then all of a sudden there's this extreme amount of stress analyzing another clip where heard gave a conflicting account about the finger incident.


  • Karate noticed a lot of stress in her statement, karate speculated that herd was mixing a little bit of the truth with embellishments and things she made up.


  • There's a lot of stress in that statement that she's probably sprinkling in a little bit of the truth and she's also embellishing it between the two accounts.


  • Crotty believes that depth is telling the truth about what happened to his finger.


  • However, Crotty detected more stress in depth testimony when he denied abusing heard, especially when he used the words quote, striking and quote struck both of those words caused a lot of stress.


  • Number eight.


  • Metra korean Metra korean is the founder of an entertainment law firm representing actors, directors and others in the industry following the trial closely, korean told variety quote this lawsuit was brought for johnny to win the court of public opinion, but she doesn't believe either side is going to win.

    メトラ・コリアン メトラ・コリアンは、俳優や監督など業界の人々を代理するエンターテインメント法律事務所の創設者で、裁判を間近で見ている。コリアンはバラエティーの引用で、この訴訟はジャニーズが世論に勝つために起こされたが、彼女はどちらの側も勝つとは思っていない、と語った。

  • Nevertheless, a korean told the Guardian that depth is quote definitely winning in the court of public opinion.


  • Even if some of the clips being shared, don't paint him in the most positive light.


  • Talking with the independent korean said that depth quote did really great as a witness regarding heard a korean said that quote, she has a greater chance of winning if she can show that the statement she made were true but noted that proving malicious intent is difficult.


  • Number seven dr darcy sterling, you might know this clinical social worker from the E networks famously single concerning depth.


  • He heard sterling has mainly focused on the claims of quote mutual abuse, a term that some professionals believe is a myth in the realm of domestic violence.


  • Sterling explained to Entertainment weekly that when a victim acts in self defense against a partner, it's not quote mutual abuse.

    スターリングはEntertainment weeklyの取材に対し、被害者がパートナーに対して自己防衛のために行動する場合、それは引用相互虐待ではないと説明した。

  • However, sterling added that quote abuse is not always perpetrated exclusively by one partner.


  • Throughout her 27 years as a relationship therapist, sterling often sees problems on both sides with Depp and heard sterling says, quote, both partners were egregious in their behaviors and neither seems to realize their culpability, sterling believes dep is more likely to win since he's a quote white straight, wealthy male number six Lieutenant robert Shaffer.


  • This Loveland Police Department lieutenant has worked in the field of linguistics statement analysis since 1998 listening to herd reflect on an alleged incident involving a bottle.


  • Schafer noted that the Aquaman actress seemingly has a tendency to quote abandon information that wouldn't serve her well, abandoned information, which means she'll start a thought and then not finish it and then begin a second thought with this testimony.


  • Schaefer felt heard was attempting to quote mislead the listener that doesn't mean this event didn't actually occur, but Schaefer believes it happened differently than the way heard described it, analyzing depths account of his lost finger.


  • Schaefer deduced that he was being quote generally truthful with some quote, sensationalizing the impression it was a little bit of sensationalized.


  • He was more critical of hurd's testimony is based on her word choice and use of present tense.


  • Yet Schaeffer thinks dep lied about having no substance issues on film sets.


  • I think he's lying.


  • Yeah, They might disagree with me.


  • Number five dr Jill Huntley Taylor.

    5番 ドリル・ジル・ハントリー・テイラー

  • Upon completing her PhD in social psychology, this legal analyst went on to launch taylor trial, consulting, sharing her thoughts on the trial with Entertainment weekly Taylor believes that herd could benefit from the Me Too movement although Depp was also quote making his own me to claim in an insider piece.

    社会心理学の博士号を取得した後、この法的アナリストは、エンターテインメント週刊で裁判に彼女の考えを共有し、テイラー裁判を起動するために行きました デップもインサイダー作品で主張する彼自身の私を作って引用されたが、ハーブは、Me Too運動から利益を得ることができると信じています。

  • Taylor noted that herd was taking a quote riskier approach with such extreme claims.


  • If the jurors believe heard, Taylor thinks they'll seek to quote award her and punish depth if they don't buy herds testimonies though the jurors quote will punish her in taylor's eyes, quote credibility and quote evidence will be the deciding factors.


  • Taylor has also analyzed the potential messages behind wardrobe choices, sensing that herd was trolling depth by replicating his be attire.


  • Yeah, I mean, I guess trolling is the best way to put it.


  • Number four doctors, Even Ezra Cohen, the director at Principe um psychiatry.


  • Dr Cohen specializes in analyzing psychological trauma with accusations on both sides of depth.


  • He heard Cohen gave his thoughts on the mutual mistreatment debate.


  • Cohen believes quote a relationship can be mutually abusive, although the situation is difficult to untangle according to Cohen, the more powerful person in a relationship isn't always the perpetrator just because someone is physically stronger and wealthier doesn't necessarily mean they're without vulnerabilities.


  • Cohen feels that Depp has come across sympathetically to the jurors, although his quote, enormously privileged life may work against him.


  • Cohen isn't sure what the verdict will be, but thus far, he thinks Depp has successfully conveyed the toxicity of the relationship and possibly proven heard's claims false.


  • Number three Dr Louise Mahler, a body language and voice expert.

    その3 ボディランゲージと声の専門家、ルイーズ・マーラー博士。

  • Dr Louise moller studied the behavior of both actors on the stand, since both are actors though, moller noted that we may never know the whole truth that said, Mueller said, heard lacks credibility for several reasons.


  • In addition to questioning herds unusually specific recollections, Mueller argued that her breathing came off as manufactured and that her apparent tears were part of a calculated strategy.


  • It is a calculated strategy, Her high breath is trying to bring her to tears.


  • That doesn't mean the relationship was without violence.


  • But moller suspects that herd is exaggerating events.


  • Not that I'm saying that there hasn't been violence, but it's all been estimated to ridiculous extent.


  • Whereas heard came off as inconsistent, Mueller says that Depp has gotten his character down with a simple and slow delivery depth consistency has built his credibility to an extent though Mueller suspects both have chosen an act and johnny Depp has chosen a simpler act so his act is just consistency and slow.


  • Number two, Janine driver, communications expert and bestselling author, Janine driver believes there are signs of deception in hurd's testimony.

    その2 コミュニケーションの専門家であり ベストセラー作家でもある ジャニーン・ドライバーは ハードの証言に欺瞞の兆候があると見ています。

  • Driver cited herds use of present tense over past tense and the way she dropped pronouns.


  • When she accused Depp of hitting her, she drops the pronoun and when people are being deceptive Vinny people will have a change in pronouns.


  • Driver thinks depths, testimony is reliable, finding his speech and body language consistent with past interviews.


  • Driver believes some of heard statements, but she's confident that depth wasn't the aggressor in this toxic relationship.


  • She is lying through teeth in my expert opinion.


  • Similarly, another leading body language expert, Susan Constantine noted signs of trauma in depth testimony and argued that herd has been overperforming on the stand.


  • So I'm really getting a very strong grasp on his past traumas moving forward and the behavior that he's acting out is directly linked to trauma.


  • Before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions Juda Engelmayer the herald Pr founder believes death is showing studios that he can win audiences over Amber Melville Brown, the weather's law specialist.

    私たちはここで私たちのトップピックを発表する前に、いくつかの名誉あるメンションJuda EngelmayerヘラルドPrの創設者は、彼が観客を獲得することができますアンバーメルビルブラウン、天気の法律の専門家にスタジオを見せている死を信じています。

  • Thought the week off would allow hurd's testimony to sink in Pedro spirea kelly in the mentalist has put their body language under a microscope.

    1週間の休暇で ハードの証言が浸透すると思った ペドロ・スピレア・ケリーはメンタリストの中で 彼らのボディーランゲージを顕微鏡で観察しています。

  • The second reason this happens is shared grief or seeking pity which is more or less the same thing ruth glenn whatever the verdict, the N.


  • C.


  • A.


  • D.


  • V.


  • President and Ceo doesn't believe in quote mutual abuse, Jon katz quote, I want a verdict against both of them.


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  • If you're on your phone, make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Devin Stone in England, the party accused of defamation has the burden of proving that their claim is quote substantially true.


  • Now that's the opposite in the U.


  • S.


  • Where the defamed person has the burden of proving that the libelous statements are false analyzing the trial from a legal standpoint on his channel.


  • Legal Eagle lawyer Devin Stone focused on the burden of proof in the case.

    Legal Eagleの弁護士Devin Stoneは、この事件の立証責任に注目しました。

  • In 2020 johnny Depp lost a defamation lawsuit in England against news group newspapers for libel.


  • Which he initiated in response to the Sun labeling him a quote wife beater in his november 2020 opinion Justice Andrew Nicol concluded that the Sun had met its burden of proof and that the Sun's allegations that Depp engaged in unprovoked attacks and violent conduct against his then wife that caused her to be in fear for her life were true.


  • Quote on the balance of the probabilities.


  • As Stone explains in the UK, the defendant just has to prove that their claim is quote substantially true in the US.


  • The burden is much higher requiring depth to prove that heard's allegations are false and made with malice.


  • New evidence has come to light since the UK trial but Stone noted that depth faced a very steep uphill battle and that takes us to the good old US of a because what makes depths defeat so notable is that the odds of prevailing on a libel claim are much higher in England than in the U.


  • S.


  • Do you agree with our picks?


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  • Mm hmm.


So I think it's gonna be very hard for the jury here to make sense of that.


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