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  • Does Allulose bake like sugar?

  • Google's auto-generated answer  is linked to an article comparing  

  • the differences between erythritol  and allulose in the baking process  

  • published by Sweet Logic, which is a US company  that specializes in low-carb bakery products.

  • According to this article, erythritol  is easy to crystallize, and it does not  

  • caramelize the way real sugar does. And  because erythritol is a sugar alcohol,  

  • there will be a strange cooling  sensation when you eat it.

  • Allulose does not have the above  problem at all. But note that  

  • the sweetness of Allulose is only 70% of that  of sucrose, so to achieve the same sweetness,  

  • more Allulose needs to be added, and it may also  increase the volume of the finished product.

  • I searched for some food science researches on  

  • the use of allulose as baking sugar  and found some interesting studies.

  • A study published in the Journal of Food  Processing and Preservation in 2020, baked 25%,  

  • 50%, 75%, and 100% allulose pound cakes, and  a 100% sucrose pound cake as control Group,  

  • and found that as the proportion of allulose  increases, the crumb of pound cake caramelizes  

  • faster, but there is no significant difference  in the texture of these five-pound cakes.

  • Another study published in the journal  “LWTin 2021 compared cupcakes made  

  • with allulose and sucrose got similar  results. Interestingly, this study also  

  • found that allulose cakes lost water slower  in the baking process than sucrose cakes,  

  • and it usually takes a longer time  to bake to achieve the same texture.

  • But at the same time, allulose cake is also  easier to burn because it caramelizes faster.  

  • So for the bakers, managing the  baking temperature and time will  

  • be a challenge when using allulose  as sugar, but if it is handled well,  

  • the taste and texture of the finished product  can be very similar to ordinary cakes.

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Does Allulose bake like sugar?


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Can You Bake with Allulose?Does Allulose Caramelize Like Sugar? How Allulose Differ from Erythritol?

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