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  • Hey guys, I'm going to make this video quick because we're losing light and I just wanted to use some natural light for once.


  • I'm in my new apartment and I wanted to go through some of your questions that you sent me on instagram and twitter and just talk about some of those things.


  • I wanted to not talk about things to do and places to go because that's not really what this video is about.


  • It's like questions about living here or questions about you know personal life or lifestyle or advice or something like that.


  • I wanted it to be more of a personal type video.


  • So that's what I'm gonna be doing today.


  • I also have a glass of green tea right here.


  • I love japanese green tea because it doesn't have any sugar in it.


  • It's not super sweet.


  • It's perfect, it's like the perfect taste.


  • Ah so good.


  • So we're gonna dive right into the questions now.


  • I'm sure you're getting this a lot, but have you started wedding planning, Love you.

    よく言われることだと思いますが、Love youさんは結婚式の準備を始められましたか?

  • Actually, I got a lot of similar questions about this.


  • I got a lot of questions about when is your wedding?


  • Did you set a date yet?


  • Are you going to have it in japan or America?


  • Um and the truth is we are not going to have a wedding as of now, I don't think we really want one just because we don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding when we can save all that money to have a family or to travel we were talking about going to europe and we were talking about going to other places in the world that we haven't been too, because we're still young, you know, I would like to have a small ceremony maybe with just friends or something here in Japan, we just moved into a new apartment.


  • Like the last thing we want to think about is finalizing our marriage, but right now I think our goal is to be officially married in december on paper, but as of right now we aren't going to have any kind of ceremony and I'm really okay with that.


  • But right now he is focusing on his job, his new job, He needs to focus on doing well and I need to focus on my stuff.


  • So yeah, we're still settling in, it's going to take a lot of organization and thinking and just getting all the paperwork and all that stuff is just going to be a lot.


  • So right now there's really no, like pressure to get all that done is Youtube your full time job.


  • If not, how do you keep it up?


  • No, Youtube, I got a lot of questions about this as well.


  • Youtube is not my full time job.


  • Youtube is just, I don't want to say it's a hobby because it's become kind of a job, it's, you know, you're constantly having to put out content.


  • I try to upload twice a week lately, I haven't been because I just moved, but I want to do that more.


  • I am still a teacher.


  • I still teach kids in Japan.


  • I don't teach adults.


  • I love teaching kids.


  • I love kids a lot.


  • I'd rather teach kids and adults.


  • I think teaching high school kids would be really cool, but I don't do that.


  • I teach ages Baby to 13 and I've been working for my company for almost five years and I love them a lot.


  • I'm not going to say who they are because that's like revealing too much.


  • But I love the job and it gives me a lot of time off.


  • This company is, it's very rare to have this much time off in an a kiowa or it's not really in a kiowa.


  • It's more of like a english after school sort of program for kids to join.


  • It's not a public school.


  • So it's more like a business I guess.


  • Yeah, I really, truly enjoy it and it gives me the time to do Youtube and they allow me to do Youtube co workers and my boss and everybody is very proud of what I do and I think that's very important when you find a job and you want to do something that you love.


  • But yeah, it's hard to juggle it really, really is definitely more challenging when you are working full time and you are trying to do this because you don't have you know the time to really create everything that you want to create.


  • How is it being a mixed race couple in Japan any weird stares.


  • Um no, I don't get any strange stares.


  • Maybe I do and I just don't know it, but I don't feel any different.


  • I think beauty is having a lot of reverse culture shock even today he's very Americanized, so I think he does a lot of things differently and people stare when he does things that are wrong I guess.


  • I feel like Japan seems to be okay with relationships like this and if they do feel any differently, they don't really come up to you and say it to your face or anything like that.


  • So uh no, I haven't found any challenges with our relationship or anything like that when it comes to living in this country, What's the toughest thing that you've been through in Japan?


  • Oh my God, there are so many tough things that I've been through, I've been through a lot and I never gave up and I feel like now is a time where I feel so good, I'm so happy with myself, I'm so happy with my life.


  • Yeah, I mean I've been through a lot of tough times but I feel like you should never give up if you really want something and what I really wanted to do was stay here and I didn't want to go home, like I said with a negative view on Japan, I didn't wanna look back in my past and be like, wow, what a horrible time it was.


  • I wanted to keep going and create the life that I was happy with.


  • I've been through horrible, horrible jobs in my life here, I've been in a very abusive relationship and I've grown from that, you know, I've moved like five or six times in Japan because of apartment problems, there's just been a lot that I've gone through, but I figured out how to get out of those situations and I've become a better and more mature person for it and I'm very lucky to be in the situation that I am now, my friends are wonderful.


  • My fiancee treats me like a queen and I feel so special and loved and cared for and my creativeness has come back, my passion and my love for everything has just been revived.


  • Yeah, I, I really appreciate the people who have supported me through everything that I've gone through and I'm proud of myself for getting to where I am today.


  • What keeps you motivated in life and when making your videos to stay motivated to make a video, it can be very difficult because you get in and out of like creative ruts and like you, you kind of have this like creative block sometimes in some weeks and you just don't want to do anything or you're exhausted because every day is just like creating something and content content content and sometimes you forget to stop and you know, just enjoy life and I feel like that's what keeps me going and motivated is to stop social media for at least a week when it comes to being motivated in life, I always picture, you know what I want, what my end goal is, what I want, my future to look like and I kind of zone in on that for a while and I really self reflect and look at where I'm at and see what I can do to challenge myself more and I feel like that's what makes keeps me motivated in life, but also don't push yourself and pressure yourself, it's not going to get you there.


  • I feel like you have to be happy with the now as well, you have to be very content and look at your situation now and be grateful for the things that you have now, not looking so far in the future because people that overthink tend to look way too far in the future, have that end goal there in arm's reach, but don't hold on to it, just self evaluate and take a look at what's going on at the moment and be grateful because that's what's going to rapidly help you move forward in life.


  • What's yours and you geez favorite thing to do together?


  • Oh God, okay, we sound like an old couple, we love filming and creating of course, like that's what we do and that's what we love to do.


  • But we currently like watching terrace house, we like coming home at the end of the day after work, exhausted taking a shower eating some good food that we cooked one of us cooked something sitting in front of the Tv and watching terrace house or Bachelor in paradise because I'm a sucker for the bachelor series and I've gotten him into it and we've just been watching it every single week, relaxing and cuddling and just watching tv having a drink or a glass of green tea or decaf coffee or whatever in some dessert or something and just watching our favorite tv shows.


  • Either that or we just like to explore.


  • We like to go for a walk.


  • We sound like an old couple really like we like to go for walks.


  • Would you like living somewhere else other than Japan?


  • Um I don't think I'm gonna be living here forever, especially when I'm old.


  • I don't want to live here when I'm old.


  • So um we may or may not go back to the States or we might travel and live somewhere else for a change like Canada or somewhere quiet and peaceful like Norway.


  • I don't know we don't really have a plan.


  • We didn't really talk about it that much but we'd always say like, oh it'd be so nice to live here.


  • I'd love to live in Canada to be honest.


  • But I don't know how hard it is to get a Visa or anything like that.


  • We need jobs and all that stuff, but to retire elsewhere would probably be like a good idea in the future.


  • But right now we're just getting started any advice for jet applicants this year.


  • This got me thinking about making a sort of short video.


  • I think the jet program application has changed a little bit.


  • I'm not sure it's been like six years since I've done the jet program.


  • So I'm sure things have changed already talked about my experience in the jet program, but I will give you guys some advice in another video.


  • So like this video and comment down below if you'd like something like that to give some kind of advice about jets and put you guys in a good mindset for that.


  • What do you love the most about your significant other?


  • What do I love the most about beauty?


  • Well, I love that he's very passionate, he's very hard working.


  • He's just a very level headed person.


  • He never gets angry, he never raises his voice at me, He's just very calm and like I can't explain it, but it just, it makes me feel a lot more leveled out, but like he's just really chill and he can handle things very well, he's just very intelligent, he knows how to duel.


  • He has a lot of skills that I don't have and I think that really intrigues me.


  • I feel like because he's japanese, I can learn a lot more about this culture, just being in a relationship with someone that is Japanese and just always continuously interested and intrigued by him.


  • So what was the toughest thing to adapt to when you got to Japan?


  • There's a lot to really adapt to in Japan, but when I first came to Japan, I was 17, so when I moved here officially, it was like, I, I kind of was used to it, I guess I've been to Japan to two other times before that.


  • So first thing that I, I had to adapt to was my surroundings, larger crowds, trains, trains or something that you really have to learn, just like living in a japanese house or apartment, there's smaller spaces, you have to learn to be more minimalistic.


  • Was there anything that made you uncertain as to whether or not you should go to Japan?


  • I feel like Japan has always been my dream, I've always wanted to live here, that's what I, I studied, studied Japanese and education because I either wanted to be a Japanese teacher in the states or I wanted to teach english in Japan and I opted for Japan because it's like I was young and I wanted to travel and I wanted to learn more about the country and all that stuff.


  • So at the time I was in a really serious relationship, I was in that relationship for about four years and we went through college together.


  • He was like, you know, the most serious that I've ever been in when I was in college, I think that that made me uncertain because I was trying to go to Japan even if it was for three months, that relationship at the time, my boyfriend at the time was not okay with me, going really wanted to be with me all the time and it was, it started to get really suffocating, I guess I was young and I wanted to live my dreams and it just wasn't, it wasn't supporting it, but I understood was the type of guy that wanted to get married, he wanted to be a doctor, he wanted to have kids and a wife and live close to his parents and all that stuff and I wanted something completely different.


  • So at the time I was really struggling with, do I want that life or do I want to live my dream and go to Japan and I ended up living my dream and going to Japan and just, you know, ending the relationship, I don't regret it, I don't regret it, but that did make me uncertain.


  • I feel like when you're in a relationship there's a lot of uncertainties.


  • So, um you have to do things for yourself, you have to think about yourself in the long run, especially when you're young, what Eugene's new job, does he still freelance as a photographer?


  • Um I don't really want to go into detail about DJ's job just because that's his privacy right now.


  • We need to make money and we need to pay bills.


  • He has to have a job, he has to have a full time job.


  • So that's what he's doing right now.


  • He's not home, he's at work, but in L.


  • A.


  • He did a lot of web development, He was a wedding photographer and he took a lot of portraits of actresses and models and things like that.


  • I think eventually he wants to go freelance, but currently he's going to start taking photos on the weekends and working during the week.


  • So if you guys need any photos or a photographer DM him, he does have rates just so you know, he doesn't do it for free because a lot of his photos are bomb as you guys can see like he's super professional, so he loves taking pictures of couples that's kind of like his niche when it comes to photography, but he'll also take photos of people that are traveling or portraits of models or actresses or things like that.


  • So, DM him, I feel like teaching english in Japan provides a good living.


  • Good question.


  • Um it depends on the job.


  • I think that it pays more than most jobs here in Japan.


  • I feel like you kind of need another job to live in Tokyo when I lived in Nagoya, I didn't feel like I was struggling, especially with money, but living in Tokyo has proved to be very difficult, which is why we don't want to stay in Tokyo forever.


  • We probably want to move more south.


  • It depends on your lifestyle.


  • I feel like if you live cheap you can survive.


  • Yeah.


  • Even in the states like teaching doesn't pay that much.


  • So oh my gosh, how do you feel about raising a family in Japan?


  • Any concerns?


  • Yes, I have so many concerns.


  • I do want to have kids but I also don't want to have kids.


  • I'm not sure it's so scary to live in Japan and raise Children when you're a foreigner and I just am terrified of the trains like commuting with a child.


  • I see all these moms with the child in the, what do you call it?


  • It's like a little sack, is it a sack?


  • I don't know.


  • But I see these moms that are carrying their Children, they have all these strollers on trains.


  • I feel like going to doctors and appointments would be very difficult because my Japanese is only intermediate level.


  • It's not advanced.


  • So I'm concerned about that.


  • My soon to be husband will be around all the time.


  • So I'm, I am scared.


  • That's why I'm like, do I want kids, I don't know, was it hard to learn Japanese and what advice would you give to someone who is trying, Yes, Japanese is very hard, but I enjoyed it so much when I was in college, I loved it, I love studying it.

    だからこそ、私は子供が欲しいのか、わからないという感じです。日本語を学ぶのは大変でしたか、また、これから挑戦する人へのアドバイスはありますか? はい、日本語はとても大変ですが、大学時代はとても楽しくて、勉強するのが大好きです。

  • I loved speaking it as of now, I'm kind of disappointed in myself because I'm an english teacher, we're not allowed to speak japanese at work, so I'm starting to forget a lot of it and um my fiancee is trying to push me to speak it more because he knows how bad I want to get better.


  • Now my motivation is to learn japanese so I could speak to his family Because they don't speak any English.


  • I guess my advice for learning Japanese that worked for me when I was studying and when I was really focused on it is to learn phrases.


  • What I do is I go through, you know vocab words.


  • So in my N3 or N2 textbooks, my japanese textbooks, I go through all the vocab words and I picked some words and I put in my flash cards, I use quiz lit by the way, this is not sponsored, but I use quisling, it's an app that I used to write the vocab word and the meaning and then the next card I put a sentence in english and I try to translate it to japanese in my head and then I check it so I turn it to the other side and it's all in japanese.


  • So like I try to translate things like I try to write sentences with that vocabulary word or with that grammar point and I try to remember how to say that phrase or sentence if you put it into a context and it's easy easier to remember also to be speaking in as much as possible.


  • How do you find time to travel vlog insta eat and save time for your relationship?


  • I've got a few questions about this.