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  • You may find yourself in situations

  • where you need to use your Apple Watch without an iPhone.

  • While features will be limited,

  • you're still able to use some functions of the Apple Watch.

  • On the Apple Watch, you'll see a red icon

  • with a diagonal slash through the middle.

  • This indicates that the Apple Watch

  • is not currently connected to an iPhone.

  • You will have more access to functions

  • if you're running the latest watchOS

  • or if you have access to cellular services.

  • However, if you only have Wi-Fi available,

  • you will still be able to use some apps.

  • While you're connected to Wi-Fi,

  • you can receive iMessages, use Siri,

  • listen to music, and use any apps that work with Wi-Fi.

  • If you don't have any access to Wi-Fi,

  • you can still utilize a few functions.

  • If you have music or podcasts

  • that have been previously downloaded to your Apple Watch,

  • you can still listen to them.

  • You're able to monitor your heart rate and your activity.

  • You can still set any alarms and timers on your Apple Watch.

  • You can also use Apple Pay without Wi-Fi,

  • which is useful if you happen to forget your iPhone.

You may find yourself in situations


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Does Apple Watch Work Without iPhone?

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