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  • With hits like "Squid Game", "Don't Look Up", "Bridgerton", and "Stranger Things", Netflix has long been the leader in streaming.

    「イカゲーム」「ドント・ルック・アップ」「ブリジャートン家」「ストレンジャー・シングス 未知の世界」などのヒット作を持つNetflixは、長らくストリーミングのリーダー的存在でした。

  • But in April, the company reported a drop in subscribers for the first time in a decade.


  • We're getting pretty high market penetration.


  • And that, combined with a competition, is really, you know, what we think, is driving the lower acquisition and lower growth.


  • The decline is uncharted territory for the company which is facing growing competition from other streamers.


  • They are maturing as other competitors are starting to grow.


  • Here are three strategies that Netflix might try to break free of their subscriber plateau and how these methods have worked for other streamers.

    ここでは、Netflix が加入者数の伸び悩みから脱却するために試すかもしれない3つの戦略と、これらの方法が他のストリーミング配信事業者にどのように作用したかを紹介します。

  • Oh, that... that's, that's terrific.


  • One strategy that Netflix is already working on is reevaluating how it creates and acquires content.

    Netflix がすでに取り組んでいる戦略のひとつに、コンテンツの作成・取得方法の見直しがあります。

  • We have to have an "Adam Project" and a "Bridgerton" every month and to make sure that that's the expectation of the service constantly.


  • Netflix has a wide library that continues to grow.

    Netflix は幅広いライブラリーを持っており、今も増え続けています。

  • In 2021, it released more than 500 original programs, according to people familiar with the company strategy, but it's led to a mixed bag of hits and misses for the company.


  • Netflix spends upwards of 20 billion dollars a year acquiring programming, making programming.

    Netflix は、年間200億円以上を費やして番組を調達し、番組を制作しています。

  • They don't wanna reduce that amount, but they would like to spend it a little better.


  • Consistent quality content has proven important for gaining and retaining subscribers.


  • Disney+ and HBO Max saw subscription spikes for big releases like "Hamilton" and "Wonder Woman '84", but many of those subscribers canceled their plans within six months.

    Disney+ と HBO Max は、「ハミルトン」や「ワンダーウーマン'84」などの大作映画で加入者が急増したが、その多くが6カ月以内にプランを解約しています。

  • You have to strike a balance of keeping the machine going and fresh stuff coming in without overwhelming your customer base.


  • But, yes, what you don't want, of course, are large periods between new shows coming out and/or hit shows returning.


  • Another avenue that Netflix has said they will explore is adding a cheaper, ad-supported option for subscriptions.

    Netflix が模索すると言っているもう一つの方法は、購読料に安価な広告付きオプションを追加することです。

  • Netflix has been very against advertising, against the idea of advertising.

    Netflix は、広告に対して、広告という考えに対して、とても反対しています。

  • The co-founder Reed Hastings has always said this is a platform built for the viewers, built for our subscribers; our subscribers don't want ads; ads interrupt the content.


  • Most other streamers already offer ad-supported options.


  • It's been a staple of Hulu's plans for years.

    Hulu のプランの定番になっていますね。

  • Ad-supported subscriptions make up about 59% of its base, according to data from subscriber measurement company, Antenna.


  • HBO Max began offering a 9.99 subscription with ads in June of 2021, compared to its regular 14.99 ad-free version.

    HBO Max は、通常の広告なし版14.99に対して、2021年6月より広告付き版9.99の提供を開始しました。

  • After about six months, ad-supported subscriptions made up about 8% of its base, according to Antenna.


  • And Disney+ announced that they'd release a lower-cost, ad-supported option later this year.

    そして、Disney+ は今年後半に低価格の広告付きオプションをリリースすることを発表しました。

  • A small but growing number of subscribers are choosing ad-supported plans.


  • According to Antenna, they accounted for 32% of streaming signups in 2021, compared with only 19% the year before, which translated into a small increase in subscriptions as well.

    Antenna によると、2021年のストリーミング契約数の32%を占め、前年は19%に過ぎなかったが、契約数も少し増加したことになります。

  • Of course, what Netflix doesn't wanna do is see a lot of their current subscribers who pay a lot of money to not have commercials decide, economically, it's a better bet to deal with some commercials.

    もちろん、Netflix が望まないのは、コマーシャルを見せないために大金を払っている多くの既存加入者が、経済的に、コマーシャルがあったほうがいいと判断することです。

  • So, they're gonna have to balance that out, but the hope is, new revenue from commercials, [and] new subscribers coming in.


  • Saving money accounts for about 30% of subscription cancellations in the U.S., according to survey data from Kantar Entertainment On Demand.


  • Offering a lower price might entice more holdouts who don't wanna pay Netflix's current lowest plan.

    低価格で提供することで、Netflix の現在の最安値プランを支払いたがらない人たちをより多く引きつけることができるかもしれません。

  • People are being very cost-conscious these days.


  • The idea that you cut the cord and save money through streaming is a little bit of a myth.


  • And the more these services go up in price, the more people will realize it's a bit of a myth.


  • The trickiest strategy Netflix wants to focus on is cracking down on password sharing, an issue that streamers have been trying to solve for years.

    Netflix が最も注力したい戦略は、ストリーミング配信者が長年解決しようとしている問題であるパスワード共有の取り締まりです。

  • Streamers have a love-hate relationship with password sharing.


  • Streamers don't wanna be the bad cop cracking down on people sharing their passwords, but at some point, it becomes so widespread that it affects the bottom line.


  • Netflix estimates that password sharing is losing them a large portion of customers.

    Netflix は、パスワードの共有により、多くの顧客を失っていると見積もっています。

  • 222 million households subscribe worldwide.


  • But the company estimates that an additional 100 million households access the service through shared passwords.


  • Viewer penetration is made up of two groups.


  • One is a group that's paying us, which is great.


  • And then there's a group of viewers that are not paying us and they're sharing someone else's account credential.


  • And we really see that second group as a tremendous opportunity.


  • Netflix already has some measures to prevent password sharing.

    Netflix では、すでにパスワードの共有を防止するための対策がとられています。

  • There's a limit on the number of profiles an account can have, and different subscription levels have caps for how many devices can be watching at a time.


  • Other streamers currently follow similar models.


  • A new method Netflix might try is adding an additional charge for accounts used in more than one household.

    Netflix が新たに試みる可能性があるのは、複数の世帯で利用するアカウントに追加料金を課す方法です。

  • They're already testing subscription models like this in Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica.


  • There are going to be customers upset.


  • People get used to getting something for free or feel like, I subscribe, I should be able to share this with my son and my daughter living in another state,


  • and so they're... they're gonna have to bedo a good job in explaining that the only way we can keep bringing you all the programming you love is to have more revenue to make it.


  • Whatever Netflix chooses to do, the industry will be watching closely.

    Netflix がどのような選択をするのか、業界は注視しています。

  • Whether Netflix is going to try to be more efficient or to use their words, "right-size their programming budgets", that has a ripple effect on the rest of the industry.

    Netflix がより効率的に、彼らの言葉を借りれば「番組予算の適正化」を図ろうとするのか、それは業界の他の部分にも波及することになります。

  • I'm sure for the rest of the industry, they're thinking, "Great, these guys have been overpaying and blowing budgets out of proportion for years, so, now, everything may actually return to some sort of sense of normal."


  • In addition to these measures, Netflix will also likely turn their attention to international markets like Asia, where streaming is still fairly new and not yet saturated.

    これらの施策に加え、Netflix は、ストリーミング配信がまだかなり新しく、飽和していないアジアなどの海外市場にも目を向けると思われます。

With hits like "Squid Game", "Don't Look Up", "Bridgerton", and "Stranger Things", Netflix has long been the leader in streaming.

「イカゲーム」「ドント・ルック・アップ」「ブリジャートン家」「ストレンジャー・シングス 未知の世界」などのヒット作を持つNetflixは、長らくストリーミングのリーダー的存在でした。

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