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  • Washington, D.C., October, 2017.


  • After Luis Elizondo resigns from his position with a tip and leaves the Pentagon, he shares three declassified videos recorded by Navy pilots with his new colleagues at To The Stars Academy.

    ある情報をもとに職を辞し、国防総省を去ったルイス・エリゾンドは、To The Stars Academy の新しい同僚に海軍パイロットが録画した機密解除済みの3つのビデオを見せます。

  • The first object, known as Tic Tac, was caught on radar in 2004, off the USS Nimitz at an altitude of 80,000 feet.


  • As Navy F-18s approached the object, it descended to within one foot of the water in seconds.


  • We don't have this capability of dropping 80,000 feet within a matter of seconds, hitting a velocity of Mach 20.


  • So we now know that there's some kind of propulsion system that exceeds the capability of our own rocket.


  • Naval aviator lieutenant, Chad Underwood, was ordered to pursue the object in an F-18 equipped with a sophisticated FLIR video system.


  • The object looked featureless, and that's why I called it the Tic Tac.


  • It looked like a tic tac; it had no wings, no method of propulsion, and on your Forward-Looking Infrared pod, all it is is tracking heat.


  • So, you would typically see engine exhaust coming out of one of the ends of the aircraft.


  • Not seeing any of it.


  • The object was changing altitude, airspeed... things that my FLIR and my radar were having difficulty tracking.


  • And then at the end of the encounter is when you see it dart off to my left on the FLIR pod, and that's when I was like, "Whoa!"


  • "What just happened?"


  • The other two videos Elizondo brought to his colleagues at To The Stars Academy were equally groundbreaking.

    エリゾンドが To The Stars Academy の仲間に持ち込んだ他の2つのビデオも、同様に画期的なものでした。

  • Known as Gimbal and Go Fast, both videos were taken by Navy jets from the USS Theodore Roosevelt near the Florida coast in 2015.

    Gimbal and Go Fast として知られるこの2つの動画は、2015年にフロリダ沿岸付近の USS Theodore Roosevelt から海軍のジェット機で撮影されたものです。

  • All three videos show objects moving in ways that defy the known laws of physics.


  • These objects can zig zag effortlessly, defying the known laws of aerodynamics.


  • These objects can effortlessly accelerate up to 20 times the speed of sound.


  • They have no visible means of propulsion.


  • So, what could it be?


  • Well, the short answer is, we don't know.


  • The phenomena had unusual flight characteristics, unusual factors.


  • Speed, being able to hover, and move.


  • Look at that thing, dude; it's rotating.


  • The fact that the Chinese or Russians or anyone else would have that kind of capability and we wouldn't know about it is pretty slim.


  • As head of AATIP, Elizondo was able to have the videos declassified, but they had never been made public.

    AATIP の責任者として、エリゾンドはビデオの機密指定を解除させることができたが、これまで公開されたことはなかったです。

  • His involvement in To The Stars Academy offered a new opportunity to share the remarkable information collected at the Pentagon.

    To The Stars Academy への参加は、ペンタゴンで収集された驚くべき情報を共有する新たな機会を提供するものでした。

  • To The Stars, their goal was that they were gonna crack it all open, and they were going to open up the truth that the government knows about these unidentified aerial phenomena that have a technology that does not exist in terms of human production.

    To The Stars が目指したのは、すべてを打ち砕くこと、そして、人類には存在しない技術を持つ未確認飛行現象について、政府が知っている真実を明らかにすることでした。

Washington, D.C., October, 2017.


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